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Jerrid Sebesta

Meteorologist/Radio contributor for @BringMN. Movie quotes and sketchy weather information. #blamejerrid #weatherskool #stupidcold #worstwinterever
Meteorologist and Contributor, BringMeTheNews
Oct 08, 2014

You're welcome! #blamejerrid RT @Ha_Fa_La: that song is not stuck in my head...thank you...

Sep 30, 2014

#winning RT @SkolLuckyIrish I got a sore throat from the seasons changing, but fortunately I was able to tweet this #blamejerrid

Sep 25, 2014

Sorry, I was late for my hot-yoga class. RT @JeanRunsMN A Lamborghini Gallardo just zipped past. Jerrid must be in town! #blameJerrid

Sep 25, 2014

They ARE bad!!! RT @d_olson5 Isn't it the Weatherman's job to inform the mosquitos that it isn't summer anymore? #blamejerrid #brutal

Sep 24, 2014

WHAT?!? RT @teacherapple87 Hubby left his phone w/our 2 year old & she bid (and won) a $15j beanie baby. 1st I blame him. 2nd I #blamejerrid

Sep 23, 2014

YES!!! Everyday! RT @SasVincent Great job today. Feeling inspired to live the dream #blamejerrid #livinthedream

Sep 23, 2014

Sorry, just seeing this now. #blamejerrid RT @mk_elsen: my mom is watching you. Can you send home an autograph? #thankjerrid

Sep 22, 2014

Ha, ZING! RT @WaldoHere any coincidence that this came out after you moved away? #BlameJerrid

Sep 13, 2014

RT @BradyJohnson21: Good chatting with @jerridsebesta tonight. Back in the old stomping grounds. Didn't win the golf tourny b/c of the wind.... #blamejerrid

Sep 10, 2014

You guys need to talk. RT @danb1003: My wife turned on the heater. Is it too early to #blamejerrid?

Sep 03, 2014

You needed a break....you're welcome. RT @MsNessa51 Lost power in Winsted while doing homework #blamejerrid

Sep 02, 2014

What about my wife? RT @kellyatlovewell The sweet thing? The entire country can #BlameJerrid. But now, your kids won't. That's success.

Sep 02, 2014

LOL, you hush. RT @aimless75 if you're going chasing tomorrow, that means the storms will be weak. #blamejerrid

Sep 01, 2014

Thanks for not kicking me while I was down. RT @TooTallTrees Yay!! We can #blamejerrid and not feel bad because you’re employed now

Aug 24, 2014

I've been banned for life by the governor. RT @EmmahBee when ya coming back to twin cities forecasting? #blamejerrid

Aug 20, 2014

RT @xtina1229: I’d ask @jerridsebesta when storms are supposed to hit the metro, but he’s always wrong. #BlameJerrid

Aug 18, 2014

Yep, 9 months of winter then this! RT @bthies04: Apparently 'humid' is the forecast for the Tropics of Minnesota. #blamejerrid

Aug 16, 2014

As usual I don't stand behind or guarantee anything I say. RT @SkolVikes_: can I ask for a refund if we get rained out? #blamejerrid

Aug 10, 2014

Good job. You don't win anything. #blamejerrid RT @joshuaesra: Meet the Parents. Excellent movie!

Aug 05, 2014

Its easy, been doing it for years. RT @PandaVike22 I have to pretend to be a meteorologist tomorrow for arbitration. #blameJerrid

Aug 04, 2014

They asked me to visit....so, DEFINITELY yes! RT @MissLambernerd The Hutch Chamber is #blamejerrid on fb. Should the citizens be concerned?

Jul 24, 2014

When has the weather ever stopped Minnesotans from drinking?!?! RT @katjo916 so much for a coupla beers on the deck after work #blameJerrid

Jul 22, 2014

RT @betsysoderlund: OH: Hipster 1: I heard that #blamejerrid got @jerridsebesta fired. Hipster 2: I only trust @svensundgaard. Hipster 3: I don't watch TV.

Jul 21, 2014

Sure! Same result, though. RT @rkayjay may we still blame you for this hot weather? #blamejerrid

Jul 19, 2014

Sounds delicious! RT @TGIFridaysMOA Stop by for a drink later. I'm sure our Crew can mix you up something. Maybe a #BlameJerrid cocktail?

Jul 15, 2014

If the record July cold doesn't kill you, the mosquitoes will. RT @PGSCarol And I'm still wearing a damn wool scarf. In July. #blamejerrid

Jul 15, 2014

Yep, that's what my wife said too. RT @SocialNetNanny @meeterica @BringMN Say what? Is this another #blameJerrid moment? Congrats!

Jul 14, 2014

59° and rain at Target Field. Well played Mother Nature, well played. #HomeRunDerby #blamejerrid

Jul 14, 2014

Ha! What would be the topic/content? RT @JoeAlv So when do we get the #BlameJerrid podcast?

Jul 13, 2014

Only if my fly is down. RT @NedFlanders1989 Wonder if Jerrid's forecast will air on the jumbotron during the #ASG so we can #blamejerrid?

Jul 11, 2014

Always! RT @BringMN are you willing to take the heat this time? (pun intended, I guess...) ;-) -erica #BlameJerrid

Jul 10, 2014

Aww, I love MG Days...enjoy! RT @beckyberry0217 At the #maplegrovedays parade and keep looking for Jerrid...guess I'm in denial #blamejerrid

Jul 10, 2014

If Justin Morneau doesn't make the ASG, I'm quitting my job. #VoteMorneau #blamejerrid

Jul 10, 2014

Deal. RT @jgatzke: If Justin #VoteMorneau doesn't get the vote to come to MN for the ASG, I will #blamejerrid

Jul 10, 2014

RT @Abbykat: @jerridsebesta "we managed to slip one past the goalie" lol sorry that is the Ulta #blamejerrid moment. #ijs

Jul 09, 2014

LOL..you're welcome. RT @christopherokey thanks to your tweet, my wife is bugging me even more to get the procedure done #blamejerrid

Jul 09, 2014

No wonder the population in Minnesota continues to grow! RT @BrianBledsoe That long Minnesota winter was good for something #blamejerrid

Jul 08, 2014

Agreed! Repayment for our crap-tastic spring. RT @srfecht This is how summer should be...mid 70s & sunny! You're not even here. #blamejerrid

Jul 07, 2014

Dang her! :) RT @m_eisenmenger: My mom saw Jerrid in Fairmont at the grocery store and did nothing about it. #disappointed #blamejerrid

Jul 07, 2014

Shhh, I'm in hiding! RT @fritzfactz: Where is Jerrid so I can blame him for wrecking my plans and garden #blamejerrid

Jul 01, 2014

RT @mntwinsforever: So I get sunburned Sunday, @jerridsebesta leaves @kare11 and it's 54 degrees today. Yup. Still #blamejerrid

Jun 30, 2014

RT @chadmcshane: @jerridsebesta we crowned you #surfking of @kare11 and now you are leaving us.........with #NoWakeZone on every lake in MN. #BlameJerrid

Jun 29, 2014

RT @J_Teichroew96: @jerridsebesta South Dakota tourism commercial before your final segment @Kare11 Coincidence? I don't think so! #blamejerrid haha

Jun 29, 2014

BHAHA! RT @k_gluth Watching @jerridsebesta disappoint us with the weather forecast for the very last time :( #blamejerrid

Jun 29, 2014

Contrary to popular belief, my wife actually likes the #blamejerrid song by @daveryankdwb...even the dew point part. #JerridConfessions

Jun 28, 2014

RT @Ride_My_Wake: The @Ride_My_Wake crew enjoyed being the @jerridsebesta entourage last night. Thanks for the laughs Jerrid! #wakesurfing #blamejerrid

Jun 27, 2014

BHAHAHA! RT @PGSCarol thanks for delivering such awesome weekend weather news on your last weekend. Said no one ever. #blamejerrid

Jun 17, 2014

...duh. RT @Oggie1983 you know when you leave every day will magically become sunny and 75. #blamejerrid

Jun 12, 2014

It'll come back as soon as I leave. RT @2howyalldoing: It's a #blamejerrid type of day @jerridsebesta bring back the warm weather

May 31, 2014

You MUST have DirecTV like me. RT @merdette My satellite isn't working because of the storms. #BlameJerrid

May 30, 2014

It'd be EPIC! RT @ObliviousDorkus: You KNOW @daveryankdwb is going to perform the #BlameJerrid song @ your going away party.

May 28, 2014

It's because Dave's a tool. RT @adamjrademacher: @daveryankdwb why does Jerrid get a blue check mark but not you? #blamejerrid

May 27, 2014

Sorry dude. RT @HistorygeekMN As soon as the grass is dry enough to start mowing, it starts to down pour five minutes later. #BlameJerrid

May 26, 2014

No, blame @CaribeDevine. RT @RogerRobertson9 hey Jerrid you not at @12News anymore but I still blame you for this week's 107F #blamejerrid

May 25, 2014

I turned it on today too. RT @Lady_wore_Black I still am going to blame you why I turned on the AC in May. #blamejerrid

May 21, 2014

No, it means #blamejerrid will never die. RT @kellyatlovewell @angelakay629 @JeanRunsMN known in MN meteorological community as job security

May 20, 2014

I'll be back by then, so the weather will be crappy. RT @marcaune: Too soon to #blamejerrid for the bad weather on 2/4/18? #SuperBowl2018

May 20, 2014

LOL, why not? RT @jsvihel can we still #blamejerrid for the blizzard on February 4th, 2018

May 20, 2014

RT @hagenr: Sources: NFL required @jerridsebesta leave town as condition of Super Bowl award. #blamejerrid?

May 19, 2014

Go 4 it RT @Princetons so is it obligatory to post pictures that were taken with you? Facebook is blowin up with jarrid cameos. #blamejerrid

May 18, 2014

RT @kellyatlovewell: Me, to my 12-year-old: "I’m kinda sad @jerridsebesta is leaving Minnesota." Her: “Who?” Me: “#BlameJerrid” Her: “OH! Bummer!” #Legacy

May 16, 2014

Anyone in Sioux Falls need a 6'6" weather-man with no marketable skills?!? #blamejerrid

May 16, 2014

RT @gufsfan: @jerridsebesta I think you're heading to SoDak because there are fewer people there to #blamejerrid.

Apr 04, 2014

RT @alibrausen: Just did a happy dance after seeing the weather forecast for next week on @kare11! I #blamejerrid :) @jerridsebesta

Apr 01, 2014

I know. This forecast makes me want to kick my own a**. RT @slindersworld Hey @jerridsebesta %@&! YOU! #blamejerrid

Mar 30, 2014

RT @supcake: 50° today, blizzard tomorrow. Even though I moved to Fargo, it's still your fault, @jerridsebesta #blamejerrid

Mar 26, 2014

The wind chill here is 18°...so, hush. RT @bthies04 it's very windy today in The Bahamas. Could you fix that? #blamejerrid

Mar 19, 2014

RT @angelakay629: Tomorrow is spring! Send your hate mail to @jerridsebesta at: #BlameJerrid c/o @kare11 Studios 8811 Olson Memorial Hw…

Mar 15, 2014

RT @janashortal: Oh great...now @jerridsebesta is "coaching" the 4A #mshsl final from the weather desk. Whoever loses, just #blamejerrid

Mar 10, 2014

Haha...never. RT @JCrosbie6182 is everyone back to waving at you with all 5 fingers again??? Lol #blamejerrid

Mar 06, 2014

Haha...my bad. RT @jjmc818: I think @jerridsebesta broke my car. It was blowing warm air in under 20 minutes! #blamejerrid

Feb 26, 2014

#Worstwinterever strikes again. RT @JennyGo_1 at home with the flu. Rundown because of this weather. #blamejerrid

Feb 20, 2014

THUNDERSNOW! RT @hakes_lisa Shortly before 7 pm the entire sky lit up a greenish color. Weather phenomenon or just a #blamejerrid moment?”

Feb 20, 2014

RT @MarisaKuha: Severe t-storm & blizzard warning in DSM. Even though I don't live in MN, I'm sure @jerridsebesta is to blame! #blamejerrid

Feb 09, 2014

Trust me, I'm always looking for an epic fail on live TV. RT @Mnpoker: @ShastaMerlot called you a chicken! #BlameJerrid

Feb 03, 2014

I'm picking up on your sarcasm. RT @57Gaughan You incorrectly forecast weather person day? Strong work. #blamejerrid #weatherskool

Dec 30, 2013

Well it HAS been winter 75% of his life. RT @asham520 You know it's bad when a 3 year old says "it's never going to be summer!" #blameJerrid

Dec 29, 2013

It's probably warmer there. RT @JasonErickson07 Its cold here, but at least we're not stuck on a boat near Antarctica. #blamejerrid

Dec 29, 2013

RT @WeberGP: @jerridsebesta why did '13 weather in MN suck so bad? Seriously reflect on it for a minute. #blamejerrid

Dec 29, 2013

Tempting. RT @braymo22: Frazier out as vikes coach @jerridsebesta in? Now I can #blamejerrid every day of the year for the rest of my life!

Dec 22, 2013

I take NO responsibility for the Vikings! RT @MarkSolheid Vikings losing? #blamejerrid

Dec 21, 2013

Not suck? That's a TALL order this time of year! RT @UrbanLeah Only back home in MN for the week, the weather better not suck. #blamejerrid

Dec 21, 2013

I ain't no grammer majer. ;) RT @AnjiNyquist that isn't ironic at all.... It's kind of a coincidence though #blamejerrid

Dec 20, 2013

Always. RT @Ally6291 so does that make winter in general your fault too?? #blameJerrid ?

Dec 19, 2013

Everybody wants a piece. RT @angelakay629: Mucinex is trying to rip off #blamejerrid and push #blamemucus…. your move, @jerridsebesta

Dec 17, 2013

It just doesn't have the same ring to it like #blamejerrid RT @TJuneau2: T-shirt weather. #praiseJerrid

Dec 16, 2013

Irrelavent...I'm hated year around. RT @meegansmith Is this the time of year you hate being a weatherman? #blamejerrid #stupidcold

Dec 14, 2013

Ha, that's a close second. RT @tmannet Jerrid what would you sing, "The #blamejerrid blues"?!

Dec 10, 2013

Um, yeah. White Memorial Day too?!? RT @AshleyGrover I think it's safe to say that we will have a white Christmas? #blamejerrid...thisonce

Dec 04, 2013

I know, I said the same thing...pff, Belinda. RT @cturbpga that is the worst 7 day forecast I've ever seen! #blamejerrid

Dec 04, 2013

PSH, I don't even have a snowblower. RT @usmcmp22: @BlueCrew21 Maybe if @jerridsebesta buys me a new one I won't #blamejerrid anymore.

Dec 04, 2013

#firstworldproblems RT @usmcmp22 This heavy, wet snow keeps clogging my snowblower, forcing me to actually shovel. #blamejerrid

Dec 03, 2013

Win/Win. RT @KAKJacobson What are the chances I hold my board meeting tomorrow in Montevideo? If I have to cancel, I'll just #blamejerrid

Dec 03, 2013

It's a balmy 35° now! RT @PaulHeggenWSMV Looking like the WARMEST temp I'll see in Minnesota next week will be around 20°F. #blamejerrid

Dec 02, 2013

RT @nicolinamom: Why must the snow hit just in time for the evening commute? I have only one thing to say #blameJerrid @jerridsebesta

Dec 02, 2013

Ha! Pretty much. RT @jjmc818 So what you're saying is those of us in the northeast metro are screwed for our evening commute? #blamejerrid

Nov 24, 2013

Psh, I take NO responsibility for the Vikings. RT @Dagny_MplsMN If the Vikings lose this, you know I'm going to #blamejerrid!

Nov 22, 2013

9 followers away from 10k...the 10,000th will get a special #blamejerrid shout-out.

Nov 21, 2013

THAT'S YOUR JOB?! RT @kelseyfinger Looks like my job of making sure pipes don't freeze at @TCFBankStadium keeps getting harder. #BlameJerrid

Nov 17, 2013

Aww shucks. RT @KATIEKmn According to Facebook it's my favorite weatherman's birthday today! #blamejerrid #alwaysblamejerrid

Nov 15, 2013

...noted. RT @darymfoell If you don't have a pic taken with #blamejerrid written on the little chalk boards you're doing it wrong.

Nov 15, 2013

I'm a little bitter I wasn't invited. RT @jtouw you see all the tweets this AM from #SMBMSP60 about you and #blamejerrid.

Nov 11, 2013

I'm not sure it ever officially ended. RT @According_to_L: 25 degrees?! Is it too early to start a #blamejerrid campaign?

Nov 09, 2013

The Gophers win and I still get blamed, geez! :) RT @jorginawangen the sun did not come out! #blamejerrid #coldgophergame

Nov 06, 2013

Don't worry, it looks exactly like it did last year. RT @legalbeagle05 I'm on a business trip and miss the first snow. #blamejerrid

Nov 04, 2013

#BlameYOU! :) RT @t_norman1223: Tuesdays "Winter Weather Advisory" better not eff with my Wednesday morning flight to Cancun. #BlameJerrid

Nov 04, 2013

RT @t_norman1223: Tuesdays "Winter Weather Advisory" better not eff with my Wednesday morning flight to Cancun. #BlameJerrid @jerridsebesta

Oct 31, 2013

Thanks for the confidence! RT @C1_4Life Said yesterday, we all would have unpacked our snowsuits. #blamejerrid

Oct 31, 2013

Good idea, but give Shaver's address. RT @angelakay629: All of Jerrid's followers should go trick or treating at his house. #blamejerrid

Oct 28, 2013

Jokes write themselves. RT @syonks3: “@Sen_B_Petersen: Jerrid predicted a two TD win for the Vikes. Insert joke here _______” #blamejerrid

Oct 23, 2013

No, we'll get Indian Summer....in May...we shall call it "the 5 days of spring". RT @teambravery Yep #BlameJerrid for no Indian Summer...

Laura Betker

@KARE11 Meteorologist. They call me the multimedia meteorologist. I think that means I do a little of everything!
Minneapolis, MN
Meteorologist — KARE 11 News
Mar 17, 2014

I say a little prayer that you all will #BlameJerrid@SchadPat: @LauraBetker @kare11 how do you sleep at night? Lol”

Mar 04, 2014

Love “@KellyMinMN: @LauraBetker Nicollet County isn't part of the WWA, you'll get all the credit if it's accurate, otherwise I #blamejerrid

Feb 21, 2014

Ha! “@MostRidic: I can handle "Texas Hooker" during the dinner hour but you went too far @LauraBetker with "Panhandle Hooker"! #blamejerrid

Dave Schwartz

Husband, Father, Tommy Boy quoter. KARE11 Weekend Sports Anchor, 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, columnist for Minnesota Hockey Magazine. Opinions are my own
Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN
Sports Anchor and Reporter — KARE 11 News
Jun 20, 2014

You were just wrong, again. #BlameJerrid RT @jerridsebesta: I did!?Huh, I must not have been listening. RT @Dave_Schwartz You told me 80°

Dec 25, 2013

He doesn't know I get 20% of his salary RT @PeterChristian: @Dave_Schwartz when do you get an award for creating the #blamejerrid phenomenon

Dec 22, 2013

Jerrid could cover better than Cook RT @jerridsebesta: I take NO responsibility for Vikings! RT @MarkSolheid Vikings losing? #blamejerrid

Amy Gustafson

Amy Carlson Gustafson A&E reporter @PioneerPress, TV fanatic, music lover, art admirer, bird watcher, mom. agustafson@pioneerpress.com/651-228-5561
Minneapolis/St. Paul
Arts and Entertainment Reporter — Pioneer Press

Ken Barlow

Meteorologist at KSTP in the Twin Cities. Mental health advocate. Always running, occasional triathlete. Tweets are my own opinions.
Twin Cities, MN
Meteorologist — KSTP Channel 5

Jana Shortal

KARE 11 News Reporter/3 time global finalist for Auntie of the year.
Jul 19, 2014

@KurtZellersMN: Now submitting my application to be @janashortal's new BFF, since @jerridsebesta is leaving. #blamejerrid” Hahahaha

Mar 15, 2014

Oh great...now @jerridsebesta is "coaching" the 4A #mshsl final from the weather desk. Whoever loses, just #blamejerrid

Belinda Jensen

Meteorologist at @kare11, cohost of Kare 11 News Saturday for 21 years, cohost of Grow with KARE, Mom of two beautiful kids.
Minneapolis, MN
Meteorologist — KARE 11 News

Sven Sundgaard

Sven Sundgaard, KARE-TV (Minneapolis-St. Paul) Meteorologist: Weather and More. Views here reflect my own & not any employer. RTs are not an endorsement.
Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S.A.
Meteorologist — KARE 11 News

Eric Perkins

KARE-TV Sports Director, K-Twin Radio Personality, https://t.co/j4ccR6yiWE
Minneapolis/St. Paul
Sports Director — KARE 11 News
May 28, 2014

RT @jerridsebesta: It's because Dave's a tool. RT @adamjrademacher: @daveryankdwb why does Jerrid get a blue check mark but not you? #blamejerrid

James Quinones

James Quinones @12News Weather Anchor. From the Southwest. Loves Maple trees and the great outdoors! Whats the weather like in your back yard? Tweet me!
Chief Weathercaster — 12 News Phoenix

Patrick Hammer

Meteorologist in the Twin Cities. Weather alerts, musings on MN Twins & Vikings and great bands. USC alum

John Smith

Meteorologist for KRQE/KASA. FSU grad. SC native. Musician, runner, skier.
Albuquerque, NM
Meteorologist — KRQE News 13 Albuquerque

Dave Berggren

Journalist. Fan. Husband. Believer. Professional comedian. @kare11
Minneapolis, MN
Multimedia Journalist — KARE 11 News

Randy Shaver

KARE-TV news anchor, Prep Sports Extra anchor, husband, father of two amazing young men, son, brother and Wayzata BB travel coach
Nov 24, 2013

RT @timmatee: @rshaver11 @93XHAMS I'm technically in Perk's hood but I'm totally on #TeamRandy from afar. PS I'm cold #BlameJerrid

Steve Ericson

News Director/Anchor for CTN Studios in Coon Rapids, Minn. and Assignment Editor for KARE 11 Television in Minneapolis.