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Jake Grovum

Reporter @PewStates' Stateline. Safety net, demographics, voting rights. Into vinyl, #bikeDC. Anti-sidewalk-biking evangelist. Married to @emmacarew.
Staff Writer — Stateline
Jul 10, 2014

RT @ChrisOpfer: By using the Senate UI bill's pay-fors, the House highway trust fund patch sets up another roadblock for #RenewUI.

May 06, 2014

Democrats on Hill send word that #renewUI hearing today will now be a press conference on Capitol steps. Say GOP "kicked" them out of room.

Apr 03, 2014

RT @tohottie24: Hold up, I though final passage #RenewUI was supposed be today!!!

Apr 03, 2014

RT @mi3sunshinez: Keeping my fingers crossed and my rt button going for all of you waiting on #RenewUI Hang in there!

Apr 03, 2014

RT @Lomawny: @EltonPRogers What's the word? Not heard much yet just walked in, but not hearing anything good on #RenewUI

Apr 03, 2014

RT @sohogrl_84: Could we get subtitles for Sen Harry Reid please so we can understand what he read? #RenewUI

Sarah Mimms

Staff Correspondent @nationaljournal covering the Senate. Ex-Hotliner. Hoya. West Coaster. Bourbon drinker. RT/MT ≠ endorsement ... blah blah blah.
Washington, D.C.
Staff Correspondent, National Journal Daily — National Journal
Mar 31, 2014

RT @SenatorReid: I'm confident Senate will pass #renewUI this week. Hopefully, House Republicans have soft hearts and strong minds and allo…

Steven Dennis

White House Correspondent + Senate Editor for CQ Roll Call. I write POTUS Operandi and edit #WGDB. Email: std@rollcall.com
Washington, DC
White House Correspondent and Senate Leadership Editor — Roll Call
May 29, 2014

"The president has not given up" on #RenewUI effort, Carney says. Hopes Congress acts.

Mar 27, 2014

The Senate voting shortly to cut off a filibuster on the motion to proceed to the #RenewUI bill

Mar 26, 2014

Rep. Southerland says *zero* people mentioned #RenewUI to him in his district roll.cl/1nYQsUr

Mar 25, 2014

Sen. Heller thanks Coats, Ayotte, Hoeven and Isakson for help in crafting #RenewUI deal

Lisa Mascaro

Covering Congress for the LA Times/Chicago Trib and others at the Tribune DC Bureau
Washington, DC
Congressional Reporter — LA Times
Apr 15, 2014

NV GOP Gov @BrianSandoval asks Boehner to vote to #RenewUI -- says state "more than capable" to handle retro benefits

Apr 10, 2014

12 Rs voted against the Paul Ryan budget, including the 3 running for #GASen and 2 pushing to #RenewUI

Apr 08, 2014

Doing math: If Congress takes its 2 wk recess w/out #RenewUI, another 142,000 will lose jobless aid -- pushing past 3m, Hoyer says

Apr 07, 2014

Senate approves #RenewUI 59-38, but it's stalled in the House.

Apr 07, 2014

It looks like it'll be 6 R senators voting tonight to pass #RenewUI bill...

Apr 03, 2014

Translating the Senate: 3 votes this afternoon, including final cloture on #RenewUI -- but final passage of #RenewUI pushed to Monday.

Apr 02, 2014

Always striking how little lawmakers know each other: Who's the GOP sponsor of #RenewUI? asked one GOPer in House. The senator from Vegas?

Apr 02, 2014

So the 4 R senators who declined to end #RenewUI filibuster after earlier voting to advance bill: Coats Corker Toomey Johnson

Apr 02, 2014

Senate about to vote this morning on #RenewUI -- likely clearing another hurdle before passage tomorrow & over to House

Mar 31, 2014

Senate taking care of biz on a Monday eve: Passes stopgap #DocFix #SGR & pushes #RenewUI over next hurdle.

Jacqueline Klimas

Capitol Hill reporter @WashTimes, @MedillSchool and @BU_tweets alum. In my spare time, I love running, cupcakes and baseball. RT does not equal endorsement.
Washington, DC
Capitol Hill Reporter — Washington Times
Jul 09, 2014

Group of Dem reps speaking on UI extension at 12:30. Though there's a new Senate bill, we've seen no action in the House. #RenewUI

Apr 10, 2014

RT @fshakir: Speaker Boehner says he doesn't have specific ideas of what he wants attached to #renewUI. Says it's White House's job to come…

Apr 03, 2014

RT @DSenFloor: The #Senate will have a series of up to 3 votes on #RenewUI starting at 230pm today.

Mar 27, 2014

This is not the end of the story, but it's an important step forward.--@SenJackReed on #RenewUI vote

Mar 25, 2014

.@SenJackReed said he looks forward to debating bipartisan bill to #RenewUI "later this week."

Mar 03, 2014

RT @CoryBooker: I will be deeply upset if it isn't done this week RT @Jasonduck75 Cory I saw a report that senate may be voting or #RenewUI

Jan 16, 2014

RT @SenatorReid: After Senators go home to hear from constituents next week, we'll vote again to #renewUI.

Jan 14, 2014

For now at least, fight to #renewUI is dead after failing two key procedural votes in the Senate today.

Reporter — Washington Post
Apr 10, 2014

Boehner dumps more ice water on idea House would take up #renewui bill passed on Senate.

Cameron Easley

Managing Editor at @RollCall. Tar Heel. Arsenal fan. Email me at cameroneasley@rollcall.com.
District of Columbia
Managing Editor — Roll Call

Niels Lesniewski

Cover the Senate for @wgdb at @rollcall. @hamiltoncollege graduate. Stroke survivor. Yes, there's an 's' niels@cqrollcall.com
Washington, D.C.
Senate Reporter — Roll Call
Apr 03, 2014

And away we go ... RT @DSenFloor: The #Senate will have a series of up to 3 votes on #RenewUI starting at 230pm today.

Mar 31, 2014

RT @DSenFloor: .@SenatorReid filed cloture on HR 3979, the vehicle for the #RenewUI bill. & Moved to proceed to S. 1737, The Minimum Wage b…

Mar 03, 2014

RT @CoryBooker: I will be deeply upset if it isn't done this week RT @Jasonduck75 Cory I saw a report that senate may be voting or #RenewUI

Arthur Delaney

@HuffPostPol reporter, @HuffPostHill & @HuffPostLive contributor w/ a Friday newsletter https://t.co/sBxOnsovx2
Washington, D.C.
Politics Reporter — Huffington Post
Apr 04, 2014

Today's jobs report doesn't do much for the #renewUI crowd.

Dec 04, 2013

RT @joshdrobnyk: Huntington Herald-Dispatch: Local woman to testify before Congress on UI benefits #renewui herald-dispatch.com/news/briefs/x1…

Greg Sargent

A blog about politics, politics, and politics
Political Blogger
Jun 10, 2014

#leadership RT @brianbeutler: So as to assure its demise? RT @StevenTDennis: R says he needs Obama to get involved in #RenewUI talks

Mar 11, 2014

RT @SenatorReid: If we can get that 1 more GOP vote for #renewUI, we can move quickly. At this stage, we don’t have that assurance, but we'…

Feb 21, 2014

----> RT @SenatorReid We'll vote again on #renewUI soon. We need 1 more Republican vote. This is important. We must keep pushing.

Rebecca Shabad

Write about $$$ @thehill. Also tweet about politics & foreign affairs. @NewhouseSU alumna. RShabad@thehill.com
Washington, DC
Staff Writer — The Hill
Mar 13, 2014

RT @SenatorReid: SUCCESS! We’ve reached a deal with a few Senate Republicans to pass #renewUI for 5 months. Persistence pays off.

Jan 06, 2014

RT @SenGillibrand: Important vote on unemployment benefits today. We must #renewUI for 1.3m Americans incl 100k #NY'ers. Will benefit US fa…

Katrina vandenHeuvel

The Nation magazine Editor and Publisher
New York
Editor and Publisher — The Nation
Jun 08, 2014

RT @PhonePAC_RenewU: Helping unemployed Americans isn't a Republian or a Democratic idea. It's an American idea #renewUI #p2 #tcot

Jun 07, 2014

RT @PhonePAC_RenewU: Helping unemployed Americans isn't a Republian or a Democratic idea. It's an American idea #renewUI #p2 #tcot

Jan 11, 2014

RT @AFLCIO: MT @RichardTrumka #RenewUI not just about those still struggling to find work - it's about spurring the economy and keeping it …

Doc Washburn

Talk show host KARN/Little Rock. Here's how I create appointment listening: https://soundcloud.com/docwashburnmornings/the-perfect-setup-to-the

Elahe Izadi

General assignment reporter @washingtonpost, writing all the things. Stand-up comic. Pronounced Eh-law-heh. News, jokes & news jokes.
Washington, D.C.
Reporter — Washington Post
Apr 03, 2014

RT @DSenFloor: If Cloture is invoked on HR3979 tonight, #Senate will vote on passage of the #RenewUI bill as amended on Monday at 530pm.

Mar 31, 2014

RT @DSenFloor: 530pm votes: Owens to 9th Circuit, Budget Point of Order, Passage of SGR bill, MTP to HR 3979, #RenewUI vehicle.

Jan 28, 2014

RT @SenDeanHeller: Will be sitting with @SenJackReed tonight for @BarackObama’s State of the Union speech. #RenewUI

Ashley Parker

I remain skeptical about Twitter.

Matt Berman

Hello! I'm the news editor @NationalJournal where I write and edit stuff but also don't at all represent any views. Email: mberman@nationaljournal.com
Washington, D.C.
Staff Writer — National Journal

Ed O'Keefe

@washingtonpost congressional reporter. @AmericanU alum. @giants fan. Upstate NY'er. @NAHJ member. RTs not endorsements. personal: @ed_okeefe
Washington, D.C.
Congressional Reporter and Contributor, PostTV — Washington Post
Mar 31, 2014

Am working on a Q&A about the upcoming #unemployment insurance vote. Have any questions you want answered? Lemme know #renewui

Heidi Moore

Editor of finance and economics and Money section for @GuardianUS. @wsj alum. Ms. Moore has a general inclination to believe the worst. -Rep. Barney Frank. Hi.
Here and there, hither and yon
Finance and Economics Editor, Guardian US — Guardian
May 29, 2014

RT @RedwoodGirl: @moorehn Why are the pols in DC being so godawful about #RenewUI? Do they realize that abandoning long-term unemployed makes things worse?

Sandy Johnson

Journalist, gardener, hiker, Nats fan. @NatPress president & COO
Washington DC
Freelance Journalist

Michael Catalini

Dad. Husband. Statehouse reporter for @AP. Alum of @NationalJournal, @BaltimoreSun. Penn State/Johns Hopkins
Trenton, N.J.
New Jersey Statehouse Reporter — Associated Press
Feb 03, 2014

RT @CoryBooker: In a few hrs I'll make my 1st speech on the Senate floor & I’ll be talking about #RenewUI. Follow along w/ @SenBookerOFC li…