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Dave Weigel

Slate senior political reporter/podcaster, MSNBC talking head. Working on a book about progressive rock (W.W. Norton, 2015). daveweigel@gmail.com, 202-261-2848.
Washington, D.C.
Slate — Political Reporter
Jul 14, 2014

RT @DKThomp: Cheney Conference is brilliant forward-thnking media strategy. It finally takes #hatereads into the live-events business.

Derek Thompson

Senior editor @TheAtlantic. Work, economics, and pop culture. Thursday afternoons @hereandnow. EMAIL: dthompson[at]theatlantic[dot]com
The Atlantic — Senior Editor and Business Columnist
Jul 14, 2014

Cheney Conference is brilliant forward-thnking media strategy. It finally takes #hatereads into the live-events business.

Mike Isaac

I write about startups, venture capital and e-commerce. All DMs Accepted. mike.isaac@nytimes.com
New York
New York Times — Technology Reporter

Carl Franzen

News editor @Verge. Tweets come from the deepest, darkest place in my soul.
Brooklyn, NY
The Verge — News Editor

Caitlin Dewey

Internet culture blogger @washingtonpost. Buffalonian. Pasta-maker. “The future of journalism” -- @Slate, in a tweet that dripped with disdain.
Washington, D.C.
Washington Post — Social Media Reporter

John McDermott

Staff writer at @DIGIDAY, a digital newspaper

Christy Robinson

Digital Communities Specialist at The Dallas Morning News. Like coffee, wine, outside, family. Also at @dallasrunaround.
Dallas, Texas
Dallas Morning News — Digital Communities Specialist, Digital News Team

Lauren O'Neil

Fashion-loving geek on the weird beat, mostly.
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation — Online Host and Associate Producer, Social Media

Jessica Plautz

Travel editor @MashableTravel. Fashionably early. For everyone who's still in there trying.
New York, NY
Mashable — Travel Editor

Mat Honan

Senior writer at Wired. San Franciscan. Alabama native. Local bystander. Prolific tweeter. Bad at email. Dadcore. Loves you.
Anarchist Utopia
Wired — Senior Writer, Wired.com
Aug 10, 2013

I really need to set up @hatereads login on all my devices. You never know when you'll come across a #hatereads

Ed Bott

Award-winning author/tech journalist. Bearded, sometimes. RTs = nodding, pointing, and/or mwa-ha-ha. Velociraptor. Some links include affiliate tags.
1.4 miles high
ZDNet — Blogger
Aug 21, 2013

Thinking of writing something really stupid and posting it on Medium so I can get lots of #hatereads

Kathleen Foody

Soon-to-be education and regional biz reporter for @AP in Atlanta. Bargain shopper, politics junkie, bookworm and forever #illini.

Katie Rogers

staff editor @nytimes working on @NYTNow // pop culture junkie, hoosier, good witch. always wandering. // tell me a story: katie.rogers@nytimes.com
New York Times — Staff Editor, NYT Now

Suzanne Yada

Web nerd • Project mgmt nerd • Social media nerd • Songwriter nerd @littlespiral • Will show you where to look among the garbage & the flowers
Berkeley/Bay Area
Oct 05, 2012

RT @jaredbkeller: I am now proposing #hatereads to tag articles that are absolutely horrible but must be read out of sheer anger. Discuss.