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Bianca Fortis

Journalist, @RockawayTimes, @deportedvets, other projects. Focus: investigative reporting, women's issues, latin@ issues, food policy. | http://t.co/FZiaHkzKi8
Reporter and Web Editor, The Rockaway Times

Alexa Vaughn

Reporter at The Seattle Times. Retweets are not endorsements. Feel free to contact me at avaughn@seattletimes.com or (206) 919-1118.
Seattle, WA
General Assignment Reporter — Seattle Times

Maria La Ganga

Seattle Bureau Chief, Los Angeles Times
Seattle Bureau Chief — LA Times

Katie Campbell

Environment / Multimedia journalist at @KCTS9 in Seattle. I report for @EarthFixMedia and my stories are often on the PBS @NewsHour. kcampbell@kcts9.org
Seattle, WA
Reporter, KCTS 9 Seattle and EarthFix
Jul 02, 2014

RT @Reuvencarlyle: @aahearn: earthfix.kuow.org/energy/article…. And this, my friends, is what real investigative reporting that feeds democracy looks like. #waleg @NPR

Ashley Ahearn

Science/Environment reporter at KUOW and EarthFix, Seattle. Vintage motorcycle rider, hiker, board member of the Society of Environmental Journalists.
Science and Environment Reporter, EarthFix and KUOW — KUOW
Jul 02, 2014

RT @Reuvencarlyle: @aahearn: earthfix.kuow.org/energy/article…. And this, my friends, is what real investigative reporting that feeds democracy looks like. #waleg @NPR

Mai Hoang

@Yakima_Herald biz reporter (updates @shoptalkyakima). @aajaseattle president. Wife/runner/skating fan/k-drama watcher outside the office. maisurvey@gmail.com
Yakima, Washington
Business Reporter, Yakima Herald-Republic

Ted Warren

Photos, audio, and video - AP Seattle.
Staff Photographer — Associated Press

Jesse Jones

Got a problem? Get Jesse! KING5 tackles your consumer problems!

Valerie Bauman

Soon to be @Newsday reporter, Seattleite, former @AP, addicted to health & political news. Addicted to road trips.
Health Care and Marijuana Industry Reporter, Puget Sound Business Journal
Jun 17, 2014

RT @AustinJenkinsN3: #waleg ethics board grappling with the definition of "infrequent" when it comes to lobbyist-paid meals. Also questions about reporting meals

May 27, 2014

RT @WA_News_Junkie: If this #waleg OIC fiasco was not big enough, the actual ruling with Childrens Hospital is a huge story in and of itself.

May 20, 2014

RT @WA_News_Junkie: Summary. Did OIC's #1 guy try to influence an AL Judge in a HUGE case with Children's Hospital?Then putting her on leave. That's BIG. #waleg

Daniel DeMay

Government reporter for @goskagit / Skagit Valley Herald. Also tweet as @Daniel_DeMay. RT ≠ endorsement.
Mount Vernon, WA
Government Reporter, Skagit Valley Herald
Aug 27, 2014

RT @MelissaSantos1: According to @WAOSPI, 260 schools statewide -- or 11.9 percent of schools in WA -- met progress standards this year. #waleg #WAedu

Becky Bohrer

I'm The Associated Press' political and statehouse reporter in Juneau, Alaska. My e-mail is bbohrer@ap.org.
Juneau, Alaska
Juneau Statehouse Reporter — Associated Press

Kyle Stokes

Youth & Education Reporter for @KPLU. Budding Seattleite. Golden Gopher born, @Mizzou Tiger bred, and when I die, a @Twins fan dead. http://t.co/q5LOwv73o7
Education Reporter — NPR
Aug 14, 2014

WA Supreme Court rules (twice) that #waleg cuts to public employee pensions were legal. (Ruling other way could've cost $10B over 25 years.)

Aug 06, 2014

RT @cruickshank: What an amazing letter to parents VT sent under NCLB rules. Hope WA follows suit. #waedu #waleg education.vermont.gov/documents/EDU-…

Aug 01, 2014

On @YesEarlySuccess v. city #earlyed lawsuit: at state level, @secstatewa says #waleg can present intiative as either-or w/ own alternative.

May 29, 2014

What do you need to make adequate ed funding happen? Rep. @rosshunter: "I need a functioning Senate." #waleg #waedu #mccleary

May 29, 2014

.@washingtonea: #waleg efforts to fund education are there, but "we need to start running." #waedu

May 29, 2014

Rep. @rosshunter: I'm responsible, and #waleg is responsible, for getting schools enough money to build a good edu system. #waedu

May 29, 2014

Interesting point from @edvoters' Ordway: "you can't write law" in #waleg to make sure each kid's specific needs are met. #waedu #mccleary

May 29, 2014

Rep. @rosshunter gets a laugh: We need to spend enough money for a maybe-average-competency educator to do a good job. #waedu #waleg

May 29, 2014

Rep @rosshunter: In '30s, "basic ed" meant 8th gr. In the '80s, it's high school. #mccleary means #waleg needs to meet new challenge. #waedu

Apr 29, 2014

Sorry, I misquoted @rosshunter in an earlier tweet... He said "This is a *clear report about a partial plan." #waedu #waleg

Apr 29, 2014

Mincing no words, @waOSPI says #waleg fell down on #McCleary report: It "says very little, and is far from complete. It isn’t even a plan."

Apr 29, 2014

Rep. Chad @Magendanz: "The report does clarify quite a bit of funding details" in #waleg ed funding plan. #waedu #mccleary

Apr 29, 2014

.@rosshunter: Interim committee can't pass laws, and laws are best way to demonstrate agreement/plan to State Supremes. #waleg #waedu

Apr 29, 2014

At risk of comparing Rep. @rosshunter's quip with legal order, WA Supreme Court asked for "complete plan" on ed funding by tomorrow. #waleg

Apr 29, 2014

As put by @rosshunter, #waleg panel delivered "complete report of partial plan" to Court for how they'll beef up #waedu funding. #mccleary

Apr 29, 2014

We're underway in Olympia as #waleg committee charged with reporting to state's High Court on schol funding.

Apr 24, 2014

RT @cruickshank: Worth remembering that CA does not have an NCLB waiver either. State is still doing just fine without it. #waleg #waedu

Apr 09, 2014

.@waOSPI praises @OurVoiceWEA vote to support ballot initiative to lower class sizes, says #waleg needs to find funding for it. #waedu

Mar 14, 2014

Always good chatting with @afhyslop... she pointed out some ways how U.S. Dept. of Ed might flex a bit on WA's #NCLB waiver. #waedu #waleg

Lewis Kamb

Reporter for The Seattle Times.
May 09, 2014

RT @uwimpact: We are listening to @KUOW's The Record -- great segment with @katherinelong about #waleg cuts to #highered & the resulting tu…

Phuong Le

AP reporter in Seattle. Mom x2, angler, skier, tent dweller, dog owner. I cover the environment and breaking news. ple@ap.org
Environment Reporter — Associated Press
Jul 09, 2014

Clarifying: #fishconsumption rule won't be final until #waleg takes up bill in 2015 session. Could be before session ends 4/26 or later

Feb 25, 2014

RT @dgblankinship Gov. Inslee says he's reached a deal with lawmakers from both parties over teacher evaluations #nclb waiver #waedu #waleg

Caitlin Emma

@POLITICO education reporter, bone marrow donor & @UConn Husky enthusiast. Author of @Morning_Edu.
Washington, D.C.
Education Reporter — Politico

Lori Matsukawa

KING 5 News anchor and reporter for 30+ years and still considers it a privilege. lmatsukawa@king5.com. http://facebook.com/LoriMatsukawaKING5
Seattle, Washington
Anchor — KING 5 TV Seattle

Gene Johnson

Seattle-based writer for The Associated Press. Pun-free pot reporting. Get me at ejohnson@ap.org.
Reporter — Associated Press

Dave Levinthal

Senior political reporter @PublicI. Buffalo emissary, @SyracuseU alum, fake arctic explorer. Email dlevinthal@publicintegrity.org.
Washington, D.C.
Senior Political Reporter — Center for Public Integrity

Josh Farley

Multimedia journalist for @kitsapsun. Explorer. Biker. Trivia host. Canucks fanatic. From Oregon. Posts and pics will vary from the local to the geopolitical.
Bremerton, WA
City Reporter, Kitsap Sun
Mar 07, 2014

RT @MikeLindblom: Most of your WA state gas tax goes to pay debt on projects, leaving little to maintain and replace I-5, etc. #waleg http:…

Feb 26, 2014

RT @ByManuelValdes: The #WADreamAct is the first measure to become law in this #waleg legislative session.

Sharon Chan

Associate Opinions Editor/Digital @seatimesopinion @seattletimes. Op-eds wanted http://seati.ms/opedguide. Fan of @brockndanny @aaja
Seattle, WA
Associate Opinions Editor, Digital — Seattle Times
Feb 27, 2014

RT @melissasantos1: Sen. Rosemary McAuliffe, D-Bothell, plugging @seattletimes @EducationLab series on Senate floor right now. #waleg