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Tom Banse

NPR — Regional Reporter

Bio: Reporter for Northwest NPR stations. I cover breaking news and features about policy, business, science & human interest topics. RT is not an endorsement.

Location: Olympia, WA

Beats: Business and Finance, Politics, Environment, Metro Seattle

MT @KPLU: Liquor stores with high shoplifting rates could lose licenses under new law in WA state. #waleg

Dave Levinthal

Center for Public Integrity — Senior Political Reporter

Bio: Senior political reporter @PublicI. Buffalo emissary, @SyracuseU alum, fake arctic explorer. Email

Location: Washington, D.C.

Beats: Politics, U.S., Metro D.C.

Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, under $ ethics scrutiny (, spends $42K on legal fees in Q1 #waleg

Jim Brunner

Seattle Times — Politics Reporter

Bio: Seattle Times political reporter. Sloppy guitarist, baseball geek, irritable before coffee. VP Pacific NW Newspaper Guild. email:

Location: Seattle, WA

Beats: Politics, Metro Seattle

Retirement of @tomrodney shrinks #waleg interchangeable first/last-name caucus. Still have Ross Hunter, Charles Ross, Brian Blake...
GOP problem w. @tomrodney exiting 48th LD race: in 2012, the district went 61% Obama, 35.5% Romney. Also, 51% Inslee, 45.5% McKenna #waleg
RT @nfib_wa: #waleg take note, WA ranks near bottom. RT @FreeEnterprise: Chart: Top states for entrepreneurship: via…
Democrats recruit Bellevue's Shari Song to run in key Federal Way-area legislative race (by @brianmrosenthal) #waleg
Interesting to see intraparty challenges for Republican Pam Roach & Democrat Maralyn Chase. Bookend fights over moderation in #waleg?
RT @Jordan_Schrader: Sen. @pamroach1 has a challenger, and it's a fellow Republican: Rep. Cathy Dahlquist.… #waleg #w…
RT @melissasantos1: Sen Adam Kline holds his retirement gift from @pamroach1 - the senators w/ NRA lobbyist Brian Judy #waleg…
RT @ashannstew: .@TVWnews needs funding for new equipment, but some lawmakers say it's not a priority:… #waleg

Paul Monies

The Oklahoman — Energy Reporter

Bio: Reader. Writer. Data nerd. Native Scotsman. Honorary Texan & Okie. Energy reporter at The Oklahoman. (All opinions are my own.)

Location: Oklahoma City

Beats: U.S. Regional, Environment, Energy

RT @Gus_Folo_Money: Boeing spent $80K lobbying #WAleg in Oct&Nov 2013—$60 in Nov when $8.7B tax break considered. Read more:…

Kate Martin

Tacoma News Tribune — Government Reporter

Bio: Tacoma City Hall reporter for @thenewstribune. Watchdog, data digger, GIS enthusiast; Pulling back the curtain on ██████████

Location: Tacoma, WA

Beats: Politics, U.S. Regional, Metro Seattle

MT @brianmrosenthal: Today's SCOTUS ruling won't affect local/state races in Washington state… #waleg
MT @melissasantos1: Dudes need to stop telling me I look like "a woman on a mission" when I'm walking around the Capitol. #waleg

Kyle Stokes

NPR — Education Reporter

Bio: Youth & Education Reporter for @KPLU. Budding Seattleite. Golden Gopher born, Mizzou Tiger bred, and when I die, a Twins fan dead.

Location: Seattle

Beat: Education

Members of #waleg panel charged with upping WA's ed. spending will meet again on April 29: via @melissasantos1 #waedu
.@waOSPI praises @OurVoiceWEA vote to support ballot initiative to lower class sizes, says #waleg needs to find funding for it. #waedu
55 percent of WA residents have "fair amount" or "great deal" of trust in state gov't, says @galluppoll #waleg #wagov
RT @BhamSD: Superintendent Dr. Baker's Op-Ed on the recent #waleg session: no cuts, but not enough $$ for education
If @usedgov pulls WA's #waiver from much-maligned #NCLB, the state could be a "test case" for others #waedu #waleg
To comply with high court's ed funding order, #waleg will have to make "substantial cuts" in the rest of the budget
RT @AustinJenkinsN3: The Capitol campus has a different look this Monday after Sine Die. #waleg
Where the fate of WA's #NCLB waiver now stands, and why it matters on @KPLU #waedu #waleg
RT @cruickshank: One reason why #waleg rejected teacher evaluation bill: nobody could defend reliance on standardized testing. #waedu http:…
Always good chatting with @afhyslop... she pointed out some ways how U.S. Dept. of Ed might flex a bit on WA's #NCLB waiver. #waedu #waleg
Some wins in #waleg on education, says @GovInslee, but "diisappointments" on funding and teacher evaluations #waedu
WA's #NCLB waiver appears lost after #waleg fails to reach a deal on a teacher evaluation bill: #waedu
Washington public schools will get almost $60M more, but no cost of living raise for teachers in #waleg budget deal:
RT @melissasantos1: State one step closer to requiring 24-credit diploma for high school graduation #waleg #waedu
WA U.S. Senators @PattyMurray & @CantwellPress join Dems' climate change all-nighter by @KPLUBellamy #waleg
Bill in #waleg seeks renewal of WA's canine rivalry, requiring @UWAthletics and @GonzagaBulldogs to play annually
RT @RachelAPOly: Pics by @ElaineMThompson of @GovInslee joining 'walking school bus' in Seattle this morning: #waleg
"Big deal" if Wash. loses #NCLB waiver? Depends how much money constitutes "a lot" to you: via @melissasantos1 #waleg
State #pot czar says legal #marijuana can't get too cheap. If it does, heavy use rises: via @gabrielspitzer #waleg
How often do Wash. state reps dine out on lobbyists' dime? #WAleg bill demanding answer to that question appears dead

Austin Jenkins

Capitol Reporter, Northwest News Network

Bio: Capitol reporter @nwnewsnetwork. Statehouse, state government, politics. Thoughts are my own. RT is not an endorsement Olympia, WA

Location: Olympia, Washington

Beats: Politics, U.S. Regional, Metro Seattle

Youth access to marijuana remains a concern under legalization:… #waleg #marijuana
Coming up at 7 and 10pm on @TVWnews "Inside Olympia" exit interviews with Justice Jim Johnson and Senator @traceyeide #waleg #wasupremecourt
"I am staying in the House." House budget chair @rosshunter quashes rumors he would run for #waleg Senate seat being vacated by @tomrodney
Outright ban on meals unlikely since "infrequent" meals are allowed in the law. Timeline for new rule: possibly next fall #waleg
Hodgin also suggests free meal practice in Olympia has become anything but "infrequent." Offers list of synonyms: rare, sporadic, few #waleg
Citizen Richard Hodgin filed ethics complaint over meals. Says #waleg more worried about their "food security" than that of low income.
Washington Senate Majority Leader Tom Won't Seek Re-Election… #waleg
If @traceyeide retirement dimmed Dems chance of winning back Wash Senate, then @tomrodney retirement puts control of Sen back in play #waleg
BREAKING: Sen Majority Leader Tom announces to @WashingtonMCC that he will not run for re-election due to personal health and family. #waleg
After fatalities nationwide, Washington regulators target party buses:… #waleg #partybus
Following lead of House, Senate panel votes 4 to 3 to increase Senator per diem to $120/day during session:… #waleg
WA Senate F&O cmte votes 4 to 3 to raise session per diem to match House at $120/day up from $90/day. First per diem raise since 2005 #waleg
Washington's New 24/7 Sobriety Program Runs Into Snags:… #waleg
The Capitol campus has a different look this Monday after Sine Die. #waleg
Thanks @MarkWrightKING5 for having me on to wrap up the #waleg session on @king5seattle "Inside Politics"…
#WALEG Adjourns With No Action On Medical Marijuana, Gas Tax:…
"Big wins" but "a lot left undone" says @GovInslee at post sine die news conference #waleg #wagov
Washington legislature has adjourned sine die after a 60-day election year session #waleg
RT @BradShannon2: #WaLeg on verge of adjourning session on time for only 12th time since yearly sessions began in 1980. Look it up: http://…
Levy swap already in play for 2015 for K12/McCleary response say lawmakers. But @GovInslee panned it on campaign trail #waleg
House budget chair Hunter says "things that are not agreed to by both sides are not in this budget." #waleg
RT @KPLU: $60 million to public schools, no COLA for teachers — Budget Deal Struck In Washington Legislature #Waleg
WA House and Senate will soon sign budget conference report then race to pass budget off both floors today, final day of session #waleg
WA budget deal: more $ for K12, no teacher COLAs and tax break closures and extensions (except pot) left out in bipartisan truce #waleg
Facing Ethics Charge, Washington Lt. Gov. Wants Legal Defense Fund:… #waleg
House budget chair Hunter in wings moments ago: "We're working out final details and I expect that we'll be going home tomorrow" #waleg
House Transpo chair Clibborn confirms what senate said re gas tax pkg this session: "Our issue is put to bed for now" #waleg
Senate MCC caucus leaders all but declare gas tax package dead for session. Partisan blame game begins. #waleg
Senate R leader Schoesler says "big picture" budget issues are settled and on time departure is still possible #waleg
9th Order effort fails. Ds outvoted #waleg
Senate R leader Schoesler says these two issues are being worked with House and asks members to reject 9th Order. Roll call vote now #WaLeg
Minority Senate Ds try 9th order effort to bring homeless housing and veterans in-state tuition bills to floor. #waleg
RT @KPLUMEHOST: Doesn't look like #waleg will crack down on lobbyist-paid meals. @AustinJenkinsN3 at 8:06: http://t…
RT @KPLUMEHOST: @ 7:04: @AustinJenkinsN3: #waleg near end+@gabrielspitzer: nat'l attn for WA probation http:…
Inslee, Teachers' Union Clash Over Evaluation Measure:… #waleg
.@GovInslee wants lawmakers to send him testing/teacher eval bill to keep fed waiver/$. Teachers' union rally outside against it #waleg
.@GovInslee calls on #waleg to send him veterans in state tuition bill. House/Senate can't agree on whose bill goes to Gov.
In Great Recession WA lost 189k not 205k jobs. State economist: Recession wasn't as deep in WA as thought. Job recovery is now 193K #waleg
WA Employment Security announces state has "recouped" Great Recession job losses of 189,000. Still 221,900 looking for work. #waleg
From @hereandnow: Washington State Approves Financial Aid For Undocumented Students:… #waleg
House Democrats - on heels of Senate Democrats - propose to close 4 tax exemptions to fund teacher COLAs and early learning. #waleg
Washington Senate Includes Nearly Two Dozen Tax Breaks In Budget Plan:… #waleg
Senate budget writer Andy Hill unveils supplemental budget. Says it is not "a second bite at the apple" meaning no major rewrite #waleg
RT @brianmrosenthal: If you want to spend your lunch hour watching @AustinJenkinsN3, @jcamden and me talking about #waleg, well, you can: h…

Adam Lynn

Tacoma News Tribune — Courts Reporter

Bio: Adam Lynn writes about criminal and civil courts in Pierce County, Wash., and likes to photograph Tacoma and its environs.

Location: Tacoma, Wash.

Beat: Crime and Justice

RT @jmartin206 The most important juvenile justice reform you didn't hear about this #waleg session

Mark Morey

Online Content Manager, Yakima Herald-Republic

Bio: Online content manager @yakima_herald. Interests: social media, emergency services, nonprofits, crisis communications.

Location: Yakima, Wash.

Beat: U.S. Regional

RT @Jim_Brunner: Big loss for us and #waleg coverage MT @awgarber My last tweet as S. Times reporter. New job as Seattle Police media advi…

Drew Mikkelsen

KING 5 TV Seattle — South Bureau Chief

Bio: KING-5's South Bureau Chief. Husky/SF Giants fan. Family man. Retweeting is not an endorsement.

Location: Olympia, WA

Beat: Metro Seattle

US and WA flags lowered at Capitol in Olympia for #530slide victims #waleg
When the Sen. Minority Leader is on Maury Island & you need her on-camera, hop on the ferry. #notabaddayforit #waleg
WA Sen. Minority Leader, Sharon Nelson, "incredibly optimistic" D's will regain control of Senate w/out Sen. Rodney Tom in Olympia. #waleg
State Utilities/Transpo. Comm. wants new regulations for party busses. Chaperones needed for 21 & under trips, no double-deckers. #waleg
.@GovInslee signing budget. Says he's "very disappointed and frustrated" more $ wasn't generated for K-12. #waleg
Drone bill NOT on @GovInslee's list of bills to be signed at 10am. He has until tomorrow to veto, otherwise it becomes law. #waleg
Gov. has 2 days to sign bill to limit use of drones. @GovInslee says bill has "complex issues." #Waleg
Budget negotiators signing #waleg budget. Sen Hill says it's an agreement "Most people are pretty happy with."
Latest medical marijuana reform bill would close dispensaries. Lobbyist says that's great news for black market pot dealers #waleg
Your gas tax won't be going up, but lots of other #waleg issues are still up in the air. One day til session ends.
Special session? @GovInslee says he doesn't talk about overtime when the game's still in the 4th quarter. #waleg session ends tomorrow.
Sen. Michael Baumgartner, R-Spokane, introduces #waleg bill to require Gonzaga and U-Dub play each other in hoops every year. #waleg
#waleg Sen Tracey Eide (D) won't run for relex. My fav quote of hers: "I don't know what the hell I'm voting for!"…
WA lawmakers (House) will vote this am on whether bottled water should face a sales tax to pay for schools. #waleg
Seattle woman makes emotional plea on abortion bill to #waleg. @KING5Seattle 530pm.
Parents of man killed in SWAT standoff in Seattle asking legislators to give families a way to get help for mentally ill loved ones #waleg
.@govinslee is meeting with R's this afternoon about potential transportation pkg. Says no "breakthru" but "serious" discussions #waleg
.@govinslee met w/ Boeing machinists 2day. Says they're "not overly subtle" about how difficult the vote was.He says he respects that #waleg
.@govinslee says there's no reason lawmakers should go to a special #waleg session.
Not many press conferences like this at #waleg. These folks are not happy with Gov.'s death penalty moratorium.…
"I don't want revenge,I want justice." Gov's death penalty moratorium criticized in Oly by loved ones of murder victims.@KING5Seattle #waleg
Woman whose mother was killed: "We deserve justice." She's upset Gov. Inslee didn't consult them about death penalty moratorium #waleg
R's and D's from Olympia have found a place to work together: a gun range. My story on the Legislative Shootout at 5pm @KING5Seattle #waleg

Ethan Chung

Deputy Editor, 425 Magazine and South Sound Magazine

Bio: Deputy editor @425magazine + @southsoundmag. @spjwash prez. I write about #food #travel #health. I want to tell your story:

Location: Seattle/Bellevue/Tacoma/Hilo

Beats: Arts and Entertainment, Health, Travel, Food and Dining, Metro Seattle

RT @brianmrosenthal: Proud to share a byline with @awgarber for the third day in a row: Our step-back on what #waleg 2014 left for 2015 htt…

Katherine Long

Seattle Times — Higher Education Reporter

Bio: Higher education reporter, The Seattle Times. Email:

Location: Seattle, WA

Beats: Metro Seattle, Education

RT @CouncilofPresWA: .@GovInslee, @UW, & legislative leaders at the dedication of @UWBothell's new STEM building, Discovery Hall! #waleg ht…
RT @melissasantos1: Sen. Rosemary McAuliffe, D-Bothell, plugging @seattletimes Education Lab series on Senate floor right now. #waleg
RT @brianmrosenthal: RT @elliotsuhr: Gov. Inslee signs the Real Hope Act into law. First bill to be signed this session. #dreamact #waleg h…

Gene Johnson

Associated Press — Reporter

Bio: Seattle-based writer for The Associated Press. Pun-free pot reporting. Get me at

Location: Seattle

Beat: Metro Seattle

RT @AP_Phuong: After 60-day session, large number of bills left for dead as #waleg adjourned. @LisaBaumann

Kathleen Cooper

Tacoma News Tribune — Business Reporter

Bio: Reporter for The News Tribune, covering big business and real estate. Wife. Mom of a pre-schooler. Stepmom of a teenager. Tired. Happy. (Work: 253-597-8546)

Location: Tacoma, Wash.

Beat: Business and Finance

RT @Jordan_Schrader: From #waleg budget deal: Tacoma gets its $400,000 to help fund a UW law school campus.

Kirsten Kendrick

Morning Edition Host, KPLU

Bio: Sports nut. Jazz fan. Humor lover. Local host for NPR's Morning Edition on KPLU-FM, Seattle/Tacoma.

Location: Seattle, Washington

Beat: Metro Seattle

#waleg adjourns with major issues left unresolved. @AustinJenkinsN3 reports at 8:04:
At 7:04: in-depth wrap-up from @AustinJenkinsN3 on #waleg adjourn + @kystokes on budget bickering at @SeattleSchools:
#waleg adjourns with major issues left unresolved. @AustinJenkinsN3 reports at 6:04:
At 5:04: in-depth wrap-up from @AustinJenkinsN3 on #waleg adjourn + @kystokes on budget bickering at @SeattleSchools:
#Waleg has adjourned. Listen to @KPLU 5-9a for reports from @AustinJenkinsN3 in Olympia:
RT @AustinJenkinsN3: Washington legislature has adjourned sine die after a 60-day election year session #waleg
RT @KPLU: $60 million to public schools, no COLA for teachers — Budget Deal Struck In Washington Legislature #Waleg
Doesn't look like #waleg will crack down on lobbyist-paid meals. @AustinJenkinsN3 at 8:06:
Doesn't look like #waleg will crack down on lobbyist-paid meals. @AustinJenkinsN3 at 6:06:
At 5:04: @AustinJenkinsN3 on end looming for #waleg + @gabrielspitzer on nat'l attn for WA probation reform:

Donna Blankinship

Associated Press — Reporter

Bio: Reporter for The Associated Press. Lives in Bellevue, works in Seattle. Beats: education, philanthropy, science. Mom of a college student.

Location: Seattle

Beats: Science, Health, U.S. Regional, Metro Seattle, Education

RT @RachelAPOly: King County substance abuse board wants Legislature to hike minimum age to buy tobacco in Washington to 21 #waleg
MT @melissasantos1 @GovInslee vetoes drone regulations, puts 15-month moratorium on state agency drone use #waleg
MT @melissasantos1 Inslee unhappy with how little $$ the Legislature put toward education this year. Says #waleg "chose to punt" #WAedu
US ed official: WA #nclb waiver not dead despite #waleg inaction on teacher evaluation bill (from @AP)…
Legislature passes few key bills, leaves many dead (from @AP) #waleg…
RT @RachelAPOly: My updated story and photo gallery from tonight's #waleg adjournment:
RT @thenewstribune: State budget includes money for Tacoma law school #waleg
MT @RachelAPOly WA House passes budget on a 85-13 vote. #waleg Adds money for classrooms, #STEM scholarships, early learning, mental health
Maybe he should wait until they do some work MT @melissasantos1 Gov giving flowers to #waleg mbrs working in Senate
In-state tuition veteran bill stuck in Legislature (from @AP) #waleg…
In-state tuition veteran bill stuck in Legislature (from @AP) #waedu #waleg…
RT @RachelAPOly: Welcome to day 54 of the #waleg. There's a 5 p.m. deadline today for all non-budget-related bills to be voted off the floo…
Inslee to keep pushing teacher-evaluation bill (from @AP) #waedu #waleg…
Looks like Bob is reading email RT @RachelAPOly Bob the cat helps @ByManuelValdes file video at the AP Olympia office
Good explanation of waiver talk in #waleg MT @tacomaupdates Expected impact of loss of NCLB waiver would be on Tacoma
Bipartisan deal in works on WA teacher evaluations: More details here.… #waedu #waleg
Update coming soon, but governor's office says bill within a few days MT @itsonlywords When will we know the details? #waleg #waedu
Gov. Inslee says he's reached a deal with lawmakers from both parties over teacher evaluations, #nclb waiver #waedu #waleg
Another WA education funding plan joins the mix (from @AP) #waedu #waleg…

Brian M. Rosenthal

Seattle Times — State Government Reporter

Bio: @SeattleTimes state government reporter. Especially interested in politics/policies regarding mental health, guns & social services.

Location: Seattle, Washington

Beats: Health, Politics, Metro Seattle

MT @TVWnews Live at 12pm w/ Legislative Ethics Board discussing how often #WAleg legislators should get free meals:…
New @USPIRG report: WA is 18th in government spending transparency (gets a B). TX is 4th (with an A-)… #waleg #txlege
From the weekend: Gains, frustrations for state’s mental-health system in legislative session… #waleg
Here's an issue I didn't think about during #waleg 2014: Wash. regulators targeting party buses… (by @AustinJenkinsN3)
Just in: A group seeking to reduce public-school class sizes will announce the launch of a 2014 statewide initiative on Monday. #waleg
Former appointed state Sen. Nathan Schlicher trying to return to Legislature:… (by @Jordan_Schrader) #waleg
Today's big U.S. Supreme Court ruling won't affect local/state races in Washington state, per state agency:… #waleg
Remember our story on huge backlog for disability services? (…). #WALEG starting to address it:…
RT @Jordan_Schrader Federal Way Dem Roger Freeman announces he's running for a 2nd term in the House, not for the Senate. #waleg
Proud to have shared @awgarber's last 3 Seattle Times bylines:,, #waleg
Great @PotReporter story on the state of medical marijuana after lawmakers failed to act this session:… #waleg
Lt Gov Owen on #waleg '14: “Nobody was saying we struck gold. It was about a hope that we can find it in the future"…
Proud to share a byline with @awgarber for the third day in a row: Our step-back on what #waleg 2014 left for 2015…
Well, this place seems somewhat emptier today than last night. Thanks for following along for #waleg 2014:
Caption this: Washington State Patrol vehicles line the road to the state Capitol on the day after #waleg 2014
Inslee on failure of medical-marijuana bill: "Frankly it seemed to me there was some changing of minds that went on." #waleg
Inslee on #waleg: "In a short session, we had some big wins in education and healthcare but there's a lot left to do"
The 2014 session of the Washington State Legislature is officially over. #waleg
RT @BradShannon2: #WaLeg on verge of adjourning session on time for only 12th time since yearly sessions began in '80…
RT @ashannstew: Lawmakers lining up at House and Senate doors. They'll meet in the middle to adjourn #waleg 2014.
Horse-trading at its finest: State House votes 96-0 to approve Senate version of veterans bill; Senate votes 41-8 to OK homeless bill #waleg
Our full story on #waleg 2014: "As legislative sessions go, this was largely a forgettable one":… (with @awgarber)
Just in: The state House is about to vote on the heretofore stalled bill giving in-state tuition to out-of-state veterans. #waleg
With four hours left in #waleg 2014: The governor is in the (washington state) house.
The Washington state House just voted 85-13 to OK the bipartisan supplemental budget plan that adds $155 million to state spending. #waleg
Just confirmed: The oil-transportation bill, like the teacher-eval bill and Joel's Law (mental-health commitments) is all but dead, #waleg
The first @seattletimes take on today's bipartisan deal on supplemental state operating budget:… (by @awgarber) #waleg
RT @TVWnews: TVW will cover budget agreement signing live:… #waleg
Just in: State lawmakers will meet at 12:30 p.m. today to formally sign the budget proposal that negotiators have agreed to. #waleg
Just got call from reader demanding to know if #waleg would finish on time. First time I've seen a real person care (politicos don't count)
A rare Garber/Rosenthal byline: Hope dwindling on key policy measures as state Legislature nears session’s end… #waleg
My story with @awgarber on the state of #waleg on day 59 of this year's 60-day legislative session:…
For the first time, an appointee of Gov. Jay Inslee has resigned due to opposition from state Senate:… #wagov #waleg
.@PamRoach1 just gave me a preview of her forthcoming book. She says she will call the press "a gaggle of geese on a kernel of corn." #waleg
Literally would not be possible to have better weather for the countdown to the end of #waleg 2014. Wow.
WA House ed chair Sharon Tomiko Santos says she has not heard the teacher-evaluation bill will be brought to the floor for a vote. #waleg
State House GOP Leader Dan Kriastiansen says lawmakers met until 5 a.m. last night/this morning and came close to agreement on budget #waleg
Full house in weekly GOP presser on second-to-last day of #waleg 2014. Lawmakers say they're close to budget deal
State Senate GOP Leader Mark Schoesler on budget talks: "The big picture is put to bed and they're down to the many, many details." #waleg
If we buy all of these out today, does that mean #waleg is required to finish on time?
WA Sen budget chair Andy Hill on if #waleg will finish on time or go to special session: "I haven't notified my landlord" about extra time
Blog post: Washington state lawmakers OK compromise bill to seal "great majority" of juvenile court records… #waleg
Bills to address meals gifted by lobbyists to state lawmakers appear to have died in #waleg:… (by @AustinJenkinsN3)
Just another day at #waleg --> RT @MarikaLilly: Well, isn't this lovely? Thanks for the beautiful music Navy Sailors.
Epic kicker on hilarious @jcamden piece: "The hobgoblin of consistency rarely haunts the minds of legislators"… #waleg
RT @melissasantos1 From the weekend: Legislature still divided on changing teacher evaluations #waleg #waedu
Washington State Transportation Secretary Lynn Peterson sits down for an interesting Q&A with @awgarber:… #waleg
From yesterday by AP: State Senate passes bill aimed at merging medical and recreational marijuana systems… #waleg
Just in: Lawmakers agree to give themselves another wk on bills related to veterans tuition, homeless funding… #waleg
New headline on today's story: "Olympia politicians' egos may kill veterans bill everyone likes"… #waleg
RT @RachelAPOly Democrats calling for a roll call vote on whether or not to adjourn. This is the most excitement I've seen all day #waleg
The state Senate is adjourning for the night, preventing the chance of any more fun on this, the second-to-last day before cutoff. #waleg
One of the healthier meals of cutoff week. RT @melissasantos1 Press Corps dinner at press table in the senate #waleg
Blog post: Final approval given for bill to take away guns from domestic abusers:… #waleg
Only in Olympia: A bill supported by Gov. Inslee and every single member of #waleg may still die due to squabbling:…
Most important news out of the presser --> MT @melissasantos1: Photo of press corps waiting for @govInslee.
Homeless advocates are ringing a bell at the Capitol thousands of times today to symbolize those in the state without shelter. #waleg
Overheard from a state rep to a staffer just now: "There are so many people here right now! And I don't know who they are." #waleg
RT @melissasantos1 SB 6145 to make the Ostrea lurida the WA state oyster passes House 94-4. #waleg
Washington State House going to the floor now to debate and vote on its proposed supplemental budget. #waleg
As expected, the Senate budget panel just passed Joel's Law (making invol commitment easier) after amending the start date to 2017. #waleg
With 13 days left in #waleg 2014, the state House held zero committee hearings and voted on three minor bills before adjourning today.
New Sen teacher-eval bill is similar to what failed last mo. Unexpected bc #waleg had appeared to reach deal last wk:…
How exactly will Washington's state Dream/Real Hope Act be implemented? @KatherineLong explains:… #waleg #WAedu
RT @Jordan_Schrader Senate committee's Angel-Hobbs power sharing turns contentious over homelessness money:…#waleg
More on state Senate Law & Justice panel approving this #waleg session's lone politically feasible gun-control bill:…
Famously media-quiet state House Speaker Frank Chopp will meet this afternoon with reporters for the first time this session. #waleg
We have reached the point in #waleg when the Legislative Meeting Schedule includes committee mtgs for "interim planning." The end is nigh.
Inslee on agreement to fund more mental-health beds: "It's going to be a bipartisan success. It's a good thing." #waleg #wagov
Seattle Times story --> RT @awgarber State House Dems propose closing tax breaks to pay for education #waleg…
RT @elliotsuhr: Gov. Inslee signs the Real Hope Act into law. First bill to be signed this session. #dreamact #waleg
RT @ashannstew Watch @GovInslee sign bill to give financial aid to immigrant children: #waleg #DREAMact
Photo: State House Democrats now rolling out their #waleg supplemental budget proposal
State Sen. Andy Billig, influential Democrat on education issues, says Inslee's proposal is "logical solution"… #waleg
Inslee on making state test scores part of teacher evaluations: "Doing nothing is not an option if we want to preserve that funding." #waleg
AP: State Senate Democrats propose to end $100 million in tax breaks to support education #waleg
Seattle Times reporter @awgarber: Washington State Senate proposes $96 million increase in state spending #waleg…
If you want to spend your lunch hour watching @AustinJenkinsN3, @jcamden and me talking about #waleg, well, you can:…
Nice @Crosscut roundup of a contentious suicide prevention bill currently being debated in Olympia:… #waleg
State Sen. Tim Sheldon, a conservative Potlatch Democrat, pens op-ed on why he supported the state Dream Act:… #waleg
Gov. Jay Inslee plans to sign the Dream/Real Hope Act on Wednesday at 2 p.m., per news release. #waleg #wagov

Erika Niedowski

Associated Press — Reporter

Bio: Rider of bikes, wearer of hoodies, noticer of things, reporter of stories for The AP. I also play hockey.

Location: Providence, RI

RI calamari officially jealous. RT @ByManuelValdes: BREAKING: Legislature OKs bill designating official oyster for Washington state. #waleg

Thanh Tan

Seattle Times — Multimedia Editorial Writer and Columnist

Bio: Journalist! Multimedia producer/writer/columnist with @SeaTimesOpinion. Likes: storytelling, film, food, music, health, outdoors, ladyhood. Need to know/tell.

Location: Seattle, WA

Beats: Opinion and Editorial, Metro Seattle

BLOG: As #WALeg extends #financialaid to #dreamers, #Congress should reconsider #immigration reform @seatimesopinion
Photo: Beating the drum. Today’s #SeattleTimes editorial: More work to do to end #sextrafficking in...
Bipartisan experiment fails. @SeaTimesOpinion BLOG: #WALeg #transportation co-chairs, allies turn against each other
RT @SeaTimesOpinion: Editorial: #WALeg #WASenate must protect people w/ #disabilities in #supportedliving settings. Pass #HB1574 #HB2634. h…
Updated: Status of anti-#trafficking bills in #WALeg. Less than a week before sine die.… via @seatimesopinion
Time running out for #WALeg to pass anti-#trafficking bills. Status check on the blog: via @SeaTimesOpinion
Today's @SeaTimesOpinion editorial: #Washington's #homeless are victims of legislative malpractice. #WALeg
RT @k8riley: No brainer: Former sex workers/victims should be able to have arrest records cleared to rebuild lives. #waleg…
RT @SeaTimesOpinion: #WALeg: Give #sextrafficking victims a chance to clear their #criminal records, rebuild lives. Our editorial: http://t…
RT @brianmrosenthal: Gov. Jay Inslee plans to sign the Dream/Real Hope Act on Wednesday at 2 p.m., per news release. #waleg #wagov

Andrew DeMillo

Associated Press — Capitol Correspondent, Little Rock Bureau

Bio: I'm the Capitol Correspondent for the Little Rock bureau of The Associated Press, a new dad, an avid runner and an unapologetic UGA fan.

Location: Little Rock, AR

Beat: Politics

Attn: #arleg RT @ElaineMThompson: Keep calm and sine die RT @RachelAPOly: for sale outside of the #waleg gift shop
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