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Lydia Polgreen

New York Times Deputy International Editor polgreen@nytimes.com
New York, NY
New York Times — Deputy International Editor

Jack Schofield

Tech journo who covered IT for the Guardian (1983-2010), the Jack in Ask Jack, and a jackdaw who tweets fun links about photography, Lego, advertising, art etc
London, England
Guardian — Computer Editor and Blogger

Felix Gillette

staff writer for Bloomberg Businessweek; longform writing on advertising, media, tech, crime, etc.

Brian Fitzgerald

@WSJD deputy editor. @SetonHall Pirate. Commuting pro. I met Bono. It's okay to call me Fitzy. Proof: fitzy at wsj dot com https://www.rebelmouse.com/BryFitz/
Middlesex, NJ
Wall Street Journal — Deputy Technology Editor

Jonathan Morris

Devon blow-in. Drawing lines in the sea/writing lines for the BBC. My views, not its. Curator of @alltheswnews @surfhamsfc insty: mo_jo_90
BBC — Reporter

Christopher Mims

Science, tech correspondent at Quartz
Baltimore, New York
Wall Street Journal — Technology Columnist

Andrew Springer

Leading social at @ABC News. @Columbiajourn + @GWUReligion alum. West Virginian. @Pirates Fan. Lover of Mountains. andrew.v.springer[at]http://abc.com
New York, NY
ABC News — Senior Editor, Social Media

Brian Indrelunas

Rockin' da tweetz since 2008. Digital Editor, News and Metrics at @MyDesert and a @Cronkite_ASU and @FlinnScholars alum. BFF: @G3K.
Palm Springs, Calif.
Palm Springs Desert Sun — Digital Editor

Mat Honan

Senior writer at Wired. San Franciscan. Alabama native. Local bystander. Prolific tweeter. Bad at email. Dadcore. Loves you.
Anarchist Utopia
Wired — Senior Writer, Wired.com

Maria Vultaggio

Breaking News reporter at International Business Times. Retweets≠endorsements. Email: m.vultaggio@ibtimes.com

Rachel Burden

Presenter BBC Radio 5Live Breakfast, mother of 3, wife of 1
Salford and beyond
BBC — Presenter, BBC Radio 5 Live Breakfast

Patrick Wilson

Reporter at The Virginian-Pilot @PilotNews covering Norfolk. 757-222-3893 patrick.wilson@pilotonline.com
Norfolk, Va.
Virginian-Pilot — Reporter

Alex Fitzpatrick

Homepage Director @TIME. I serve at the pleasure of the Internet. alex.fitzpatrick@timeinc.com
New York City
Time Magazine — Homepage Director

Angela Kim

Social Media Editor at Yahoo, former public radio producer, food blogger, shutterbug, wanderluster... Opinions here are my own.
Los Angeles
Yahoo — Social Media Editor

Michael de la Merced

Striving towards polymathy. merced at nytimes dot com.
New York, NY
New York Times — Finance Reporter

Ellen Killoran

Let the rail splitter awake
New York City
International Business Times — Media & Culture Editor, US

Steve Silberman

Investigative reporter for Wired & other magazines, writing a book about autism/neurodiversity for Avery/Penguin 2015. One of @Time's selected science tweeters.
San Francisco
Freelance Journalist

Paul Whitelaw

Cloth-eyed cultural gatekeeper: BBC Scotland, BFI Screenonline, Broadcast, Courier, Empire, Guardian, Metro, Radio Times, Scotsman/Scotland On Sunday.

Deborah Yetter

Editorial writer, The Courier-Journal

David Rose

Q13 FOX News Anchor in Seattle. On TV a lot. Lives to catch bad guys. Take myself way too seriously sometimes. Says strange and funny things on air when tired.
Seattle, Wa
Q13 Fox Seattle — Anchor