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Jennifer Bogo

Executive editor @PopSci, specializing in (even more!) polar research, alternative energy, medical breakthroughs, and the intricacies of getting to Mars.
New York
Executive Editor — Popular Science

Bruce VanWyngarden

chop wood. carry water. read memphis flyer. listen to MGMT. breathe deeply. repeat.
Editor, Memphis Flyer

Curtis Brainard

@SciAm Blogs Editor | @CJR Contributing Editor
New York
SciAm Blogs Editor and CJR Contributing Editor — Scientific American, Columbia Journalism Review

Jenn McKee

Theater/film/books/music/TV/comedy enthusiast, @AnnArborNews entertainment reporter, and chronicler of parenting absurdities. #binders
Entertainment Reporter — Ann Arbor News

Lachlan Markay

"I seek to trace the novel features under which despotism may appear in the world..." Tips: markay@freebeacon.com
Staff Writer, Washington Free Beacon

Abbey Stone

Staff Editor @mental_floss. Currently reading, writing, and eating my way through NYC.
New York City
Staff Editor — People Magazine

Clark Boyd

Senior Producer & Reporter, The World (BBC/PRI/WGBH)

Josh Fleet

Former Associate Editor for @HuffPostRelig. Jerusalem-based writer of the @PhishTalmud. My beat: music, mysticism and matjes herring.
Jerusalem, Israel

Emily Stewart

Food and drink reporter at the Poughkeepsie Journal. @PokJournal @cunyjschool alumna

Nell Casey

Food Editor at Gothamist. whiskey drinker, animal lover, concrete jungle tiger. nell@gothamist.com

Jacqueline Nelson

Globe and Mail business reporter. Writes. Makes videos. Enjoys gifs: http://t.co/gqyWgliJeZ
Toronto, Canada
Business Reporter — Globe and Mail

Joel Johnson

Editorial Director, Gawker Media. Tweets do not yet reflect the opinions of my employers.

Barry Petchesky

Editor, Deadspin. Email is barryp at deadspin dot com.

Leah Finnegan

Editor-in-Chief, http://t.co/ss1Ryhw98U. A 45-year-old twitter dad according to @ftrain. Would you like to write for me? leah@gawker.com

Jessanne Collins

editor in chief @mental_floss magazine | author of HOW TO BE A PLAYGIRL | sister of the moon
jersey city
Editor in Chief, Mental Floss Magazine
Freelance Journalist

David Madrid

I cover Avondale, Tolleson, Goodyear, Buckeye and Litchfield Park. I also tweet stories you may find interesting. A follow isn't an endorsement.
Office in Glendale
Reporter — Arizona Republic

Dirk Hanson

neuroscience journalist
Freelance Journalist

Erin McCarthy

Reporter, podcaster, and breaking-news writer at The Wall Street Journal

Michael Roston

Senior staff editor for social media @nytimes. Star of the second screen.
Gramercy Park, New York
Staff Editor, Social Media — New York Times