What journalists are saying about Allen Ginsberg

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Wallace Baine

I'm a veteran arts/culture journalist in Santa Cruz, Calif.

Jarett Wieselman

TV junkie. My DVRs routinely seek restraining orders. Senior Editor, Entertainment at Buzzfeed!

Santiago Lyon

Vice President and Director of Photography. The Associated Press. Father. Husband. Races bicycles for fun.
New York
Associated Press — Director of Photography

Erik Eckholm

Father, New York Times national legal correspondent, former Beijing bureau chief.
New York
New York Times — National Legal Correspondent

Chris Klimek

Semipro aesthete; rather-less-pro athlete. Writer for @WCP/@NPR/@VillageVoice/@TheDissolve/@AirSpaceMag/@CityLab/@Slate. I teach a little boxing on the side.
Washington, DC
Freelance Journalist

Larry Ryan

'You're not an abject failure, you're just an ordinary failure' - my dad. Coming soon: http://thelongandshort.org/

Bill San Antonio

Wait, we can't stop here -- this is bat country.
Greater New York City area
Reporter, TheIslandNow.com

Kaya Burgess

News Reporter at @TheTimes in London | Deputy Editor of @TimesDiary | Run the Times #cyclesafe campaign | Views my own
London, UK
The Times — Deputy Diary Editor and News Reporter

Karen Krizanovich

From Wayne's World to Fitzrovia.
Freelance Journalist and Film Reviewer

Archie Bland

TL/DR. Senior writer at the Independent, but views my own.
Independent — Senior Writer

Ian Dunt

Editor of http://Politics.co.uk. Political editor of The Erotic Review. Does things on TV and radio. Eats with his mouth closed.
Editor, Politics.co.uk

Memphis Barker

Deputy Comment editor at the Independent, with a Tuesday @theipaper column

Molly Driscoll

Books and The Culture staff writer at the Christian Science Monitor. I love old movies and am a sucker for penguins.

Marjorie Kehe

Marjorie Kehe is the book editor for The Christian Science Monitor. Because books matter.

Jennifer Patterson

Freelance writer. Author of 52 Fights (Penguin) and creative consultant on its ABC pilot.

Jordan Breal

Fort Worth native. Travel writer for Texas Monthly. I wander around the great state of Texas for a living.

Evelyn Nieves

Cover undercovered communities and issues surrounding poverty and social justice. Also write about quirky, interesting people.
san francisco
Associated Press — Reporter

Motoko Rich

New York Times national K-12 education reporter. Back in the day: covered economics, book publishing, real estate. Still interested in all of it. WSJ, FT alum.
New York
New York Times — National K-12 Education Reporter

Carolyn King

Toronto deputy bureau chief for The Wall Street Journal.
Wall Street Journal — Toronto Deputy Bureau Chief

Adam Sternbergh

Contributing Editor: @NYMag & @Vulture Author of the suspense novel SHOVEL READY: http://www.randomhouse.com/book/225884/shovel-ready-by-adam-ster
Lowbrow Despicable
New York Times — Vulture Blogger and Features Writer, New York Times Magazine