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Connie Cass

Associated Press reporter writing about politics, polls, national issues and what it all means. ccass@ap.org
Washington, D.C.
Washington D.C. Reporter — Associated Press

Stephanie Steinberg

Assistant editor of @usnews Health & Money. Former @michigandaily EIC. “In the Name of Editorial Freedom” -- coming 2015. Info: @DailyAlumniBook views=mine
Washington D.C.
Assistant Editor, Health and Money — U.S. News & World Report

David Weigel

Roving reporter for @bpolitics. Finishing a book about progressive rock (W.W. Norton, 2015). daveweigel@gmail.com, 302-507-6806.
Washington, D.C.
Reporter, Bloomberg Politics — Bloomberg News
Washington, DC
Reporter — Washington Examiner

Kathryn Vasel

Wealth/Lifestyle/Luxury/Travel Reporter @CNNMoney

Mohammed Daraghmeh

AP Correspondent- Jerusalem
Jerusalem Correspondent — Associated Press

Roberto Ferdman

I cover food, economics, and other things for The Washington Post. Sometimes I'm funny. You can find me here: roberto.ferdman@washpost.com

Jake Coyle

Film writer for the Associated Press, Anthony Bourdain wannabe http://bigstory.ap.org/content/jake-coyle

Eric Talmadge

Pyongyang Bureau Chief for The Associated Press. On instagram at http://instagram.com/erictalmadge
Pyongyang Bureau Chief — Associated Press

Nathan Schneider

Writer on religion & tech & resistance for Nation, Chronicle, America &c., books on #God & #Occupy. Ed of @wagingnv & @ktbuddha, but the sloppy stuff goes here.
Brooklyn, New York
Contributor — Religion Dispatches

Lisa Esposito

Mom of 2 boys, 1 Labrador, wife of football fanatic, Terp-Hoya and health reporter @usnews, Views my own.
Washington, D.C.
Health Reporter — U.S. News & World Report

Kristine Crane

Health reporter @usnews and @usnewshealth. Nonfiction writer. Italianist. Views=my own
Washington D.C.
Health Reporter — U.S. News & World Report

Bill O'Reilly

Producer for MSNBC
New York City
Segment Producer — MSNBC

Dan Nowicki

Dan Nowicki is The Arizona Republic's national political reporter. He blogs at http://t.co/QGrR68QC. Retweets don't imply support of the message or messenger.
Phoenix, Ariz.
National Political Reporter — Arizona Republic

Elaine Thompson

Associated Press staff photographer
Staff Photographer — Associated Press

Alicia A. Caldwell

Covering immigration, Secret Service, DHS, guns, drugs and the like for The Associated Press in Washington. Proud Arizona Wildcat. acaldwell@ap.org
Washington, DC
Immigration and Homeland Security Reporter — Associated Press

Lachlan Markay

"I seek to trace the novel features under which despotism may appear in the world..." markay@freebeacon.com
Staff Writer, Washington Free Beacon

Matt O'Brien

@Wonkblog writer covering economics. Formerly @TheAtlantic and @tnr.

Jonathan Kaminsky

Reuters correspondent covering the Deep South, mostly. Formerly of Washington state.
New Orleans
Correspondent — Reuters

Ali Weinberg

@ABCNews Digital Journalist at State Department. Amateur accordionist. Pug enthusiast. Links & retweets aren't endorsements. Opinions are my own.
ÜT: 40.57206,-74.327759
Digital Journalist — ABC News
Oct 22, 2014

Obviously it's a tragedy whatever nationality of person is harmed in Canada shooting, but @StateDept says it's unaware of Americans affected