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Shashank Bengali

South Asia correspondent @LATimes, covering India, Pakistan, Afghanistan & environs. Formerly based in Nairobi, Cairo & DC. Son of SoCal. Retweets are just that
South Asia Correspondent — LA Times

Kari Howard

Being the Column One editor at the L.A. Times is a perfect gig because I love good storytelling. My other love is music, and I might combine the two right here.
los angeles
Column One Editor — LA Times

Joshua Hersh

Journalist. America and the Middle East. Find me at Daily Beast, New Yorker, TNR, HuffPost, etc.
New York
Freelance Journalist and Middle East Correspondent — Huffington Post

Dan Murphy

Often reports in ME and SEA. Works for the Christian Science Monitor. Would you think your anecdotal lede was interesting if someone else wrote it?
Editor, Backchannels Blog — Christian Science Monitor

Peter Frost

Food-beverage-dining reporter @CrainsChicago. Formerly @chicagotribune, @dailypress. Father of two; beer and baseball lover; Minnesotan turned Oak Parker.
Food, Beverage and Dining Reporter — Crain's Chicago Business

Sally Ho

Chicago Tribune reporter telling you what's up.
Reporter — Chicago Tribune

Jill Rosen

Johns Hopkins media rep. Recovering reporter. Proud Baltimorean.
Baltimore, MD.
Features Reporter — Baltimore Sun
Apr 11, 2014

RT @JohnsHopkins: Touching moment as the parents of slain US diplomat Anne Smedinghoff speaks to a hall full of Hopkins alumni on her exper…

Margaret Brennan

CBS News Correspondent; Foreign policy reporter, world traveler, fmr financial anchor, @UVA alum, Connecticut Yankee. Retweets aren't endorsements
Washington, DC & airplanes
Correspondent — CBS News

Mark Barabak

Non-Academy Award winning political writer for the LA Times. Proud California native, happiest in the Sierra. Roll over Beethoven, tell Tchaikovsky the news.
Political Reporter — LA Times

David Lauter

Washington Bureau chief, LATimes/Chicago Tribune.
Washington Bureau Chief — LA Times

Joshua Partlow

Washington Post correspondent in Mexico.
Mexico City Bureau Chief — Washington Post

Marc Duvoisin

Los Angeles Times managing editor points you to best of @latimes.com and other reporting-based media. Soccer dad, physics dilettante. marc.duvoisin@latimes.com
Los Angeles
Managing Editor — LA Times

Kathleen Hennessey

White House correspondent in the LA Times/Tribune Washington Bureau. Minnesota native. Berkeley grad.
Washington DC
White House Correspondent — LA Times

Kirit Radia

ABC News Moscow correspondent, dad, Phillies fan, & gadget nut. Not necessarily in that order. Views my own. RT ≠ endorsement
Moscow Correspondent — ABC News

Mitch Potter

Toronto Star Washington Correspondent, ex-London, J'lem. Still wander there from here, posts will vary mpotter@thestar.ca
Washington Correspondent — Toronto Star

Dion Nissenbaum

Reporter at The Wall Street Journal.

Amy Resnick

Longtime, working financial journalist/fixed income/public policy nerd. Exec editor at P&I. Ex-EIC of The Bond Buyer. Opinions are my own. RTs not endorsements
New York
Executive Editor, Pensions and Investments Newspaper

Kevin Baron

Dad to my three sons. Executive editor of @DefenseOne. Fella. Doof.
Washington, DC
Executive Editor — Defense One

Craig Whitlock

Reporter for The Washington Post, covering the Pentagon, foreign affairs and the surreal.
Washington, DC
Foreign Affairs and Pentagon Reporter — Washington Post

Gordon Lubold

natsec scribe who will soon make the donuts for Defense One glubold@defenseone.com
Washington, D.C.
Senior Military Reporter — Defense One