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Eli Kintisch

Contributing Correspondent, Science Magazine

Bio: Correspondent, Science mag. Author, Hack the Planet. RT =/= endorsement

Location: Washington, DC

Beats: Science, Environment

RT @brianmagi: Science+learning are awesome. I talk about OH in my atmo chem class as a "detergent". Then I read this:… via @elikint
Does the Sky Have a Faulty Filter?
. Atmospheric scientist Laura Pan of the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colorado, says the ozone measurements are just a suggestion of OH levels in the troposphere, not proof. “You need to

Joseph N DiStefano

Philadelphia Inquirer — Deals Columnist and Blogger

Bio: Philadelphia Inquirer - Has more kids than you -

Location: Bloomberg: NH BLG_PHILLYDEAL

Beats: Business and Finance, Opinion and Editorial, Metro Philadelphia

Philly trails as tech start-up center: Says RJMetrics, citing Meetup data
Philly trails as tech start-up center
, Minneapolis, Boulder and (separately) Denver, Colo., and Portland, Ore., rank higher. Even Pittsburgh isn't far behind (#23). (Foreign cities including London, Toronto, Tel Aviv are also big concentrations of
Philly trails as tech start-up center, says RJMetrics, mining Meetup data: via @phillydotcom
Philly trails as tech start-up center
, Minneapolis, Boulder and (separately) Denver, Colo., and Portland, Ore., rank higher. Even Pittsburgh isn't far behind (#23). (Foreign cities including London, Toronto, Tel Aviv are also big concentrations of

Gerry Shih

Reuters — Technology Reporter

Bio: Reuters tech reporter

Location: San Francisco

Beats: Technology, Metro San Francisco, Media

RT @pourmecoffee: 24 years ago today @NASA_Hubble was launched. Take a look at these top 100 images taken since…
Top 100 Images | ESA/Hubble
Collision leaves giant Jupiter bruised Credit: NASA, ESA, Michael Wong (Space Telescope Science Institute, Baltimore, MD), H. B. Hammel (Space Science Institute, Boulder, CO) and the Jupiter Impact Team

Bob Finn

Medscape Medical News — Executive Editor

Bio: Medical and science journalist. Executive Editor for MS Discovery Forum

Location: Pleasant Hill, CA

Beats: Science, Health, U.S.

#MS Research Roundup: Human v mouse microglia; Teva Setback in Generic Copaxone Fight; Motley Fool Loves Biogen Idec
MS Research Roundup: April 23, 2014
its own issues, including expense and variability, countered neuroscientists Linda Watkins, Ph.D., of the University of Colorado at Boulder and Mark Hutchinson, Ph.D., of the University of Adelaide in

Stephanie Ogburn

Climate Science Reporter, ClimateWire

Bio: Writer: science, environment, agriculture. Member, SEJ

Location: Denver, Colo.

Beats: Science, U.S., Environment

Key cloud and energy monitoring instrument for @noaa @NOAASatellites weather & climate satellite ready
first JPSS-1 satellite instrument is ready for installation
-scale events like El Niño and La Niña. The CERES instrument is built by Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems in Redondo Beach, Calif., and will be shipped to Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp. in Boulder

Dave Mann

Texas Observer — Editor

Bio: Editor of The Texas Observer and die-hard Philadelphia sports fan.

Location: Austin, Texas

Beats: Politics, U.S. Regional

The inside story of how a prosecutor handles death penalty case. @TexasObserver #longform story by @MauriceChammah.
To Kill? Or Not to Kill?
of the nation’s death row inmates. “Prosecuting a death penalty case through a verdict in the trial court can cost the prosecution well over $1 million dollars,” the report quoted Boulder County

Giselle Greenwood

Houston Business Journal — Managing Editor

Bio: Managing Editor with Houston Business Journal. Read breaking news @HOUBizJournal

Location: Houston

Beats: Business and Finance, Metro Houston

Houston's full of a bunch of sourpusses, apparently. Study finds that Tx cities have no humor.
University of Colorado Humor Research Lab ranks Houston, other Texas cities among least funny in nation
the researchers) based out of the University of Colorado at Boulder conducted the most comprehensive scientific study of humor to date, according to the HuRL. Researchers used criteria such as the

Alex Morales

Bloomberg News — Energy Reporter

Bio: @BloombergNews reporter covering climate change, renewable energy and U.K. energy policy. Retweets are not endorsements. Opinions are my own.

Location: London

Beats: Weather, Politics, United Kingdom, Energy

El Nino Risk Increases as Pacific Gets Warmer: Carbon & Climate
Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colorado, said in an April 14 interview. “The odds are pretty good that we are going to have a substantial event.” In 1997-98, the strongest El Nino in records back to 1950

Jamelle Bouie

Slate — Staff Writer

Bio: @Slate writer. Former @theprospect, @thedailybeast. The real racist. Email me: I have a newsletter.

Location: Washington, D.C.

Beats: Opinion and Editorial, Politics, U.S., Metro D.C.

This is just a hilarious missing of the point:…
It’s not just wing-nuts! Slate gets liberal opposition to the Common Core all wrong
, rightwingers have proclaimed opposition to the Core for the most ridiculous reasons. Ken Libby, a doctoral student of education at University of Colorado-Boulder, has collected many of the most bizarre theories

Helen Bennett

City Editor, New Haven Register

Bio: News hound and city editor at the New Haven Register. Adjunct keeper of the new generation of reporters at Southern Connecticut State University

Location: New Haven, Connecticut

Beats: Politics, U.S. Regional

RT @SavetheSound: #Ocean acidification threatens to scramble marine life on a scale almost too big to fathom. Learn more @seattletimes…
The Seattle Times
 emerged. Instead of tiered jungles of branching, leafy reefs or a watery Eden of delicate corals arrayed in fans, she saw mud, stubby spires and squat boulder corals. Snails and clams were mostly gone, as

Pamela Colloff

Texas Monthly — Senior Editor

Bio: Executive Editor at Texas Monthly, staff writer, and crime buff. Die-hard believer in longform journalism.

Location: Austin, TX

Can't wait to read! MT @MauriceChammah: My latest for @TexasObserver on death penalty and a DA' s agonizing choice…
To Kill? Or Not to Kill?
of the nation’s death row inmates. “Prosecuting a death penalty case through a verdict in the trial court can cost the prosecution well over $1 million dollars,” the report quoted Boulder County

Melissa del Bosque

Texas Observer — Staff Writer

Bio: Staff writer at the Texas Observer magazine. Me encanta cumbia, poesia y fronteras.

Location: Austin,Texas

Beats: Opinion and Editorial, U.S. Regional

RT @MauriceChammah: My latest for @TexasObserver on the death penalty's decline and a DA' s agonizing choice.… #longreads
To Kill? Or Not to Kill?
of the nation’s death row inmates. “Prosecuting a death penalty case through a verdict in the trial court can cost the prosecution well over $1 million dollars,” the report quoted Boulder County

Stacy Vogel Davis

Associate Editor, Milwaukee Business Journal

Bio: Associate editor covering retail, restaurants & tourism for @bizjournalMKE

Location: Milwaukee, WI

Beats: Business and Finance, Travel, U.S. Regional, Food and Dining

RT @AlisonBauterMBJ: Did you see the good news about @thegoodjobs? ICYMI: @Gener8tor #startup closes $350,000 fundraising round…
Gener8tor startup The Good Jobs closes $350,000 fundraising round
development staff, hire a Web developer and expand its marketing tools and reach, targeting image-conscious employers in "lifestyle cities" like Austin,Texas; Boulder, Colo.; and Portland, Ore., Nimke said

Amy Guth

RedEye Chicago — General Manager, RedEye and Metromix

Bio: RedEye, Metromix general manager. WGN Radio host.

Location: Chicago

Beats: Arts and Entertainment, Technology, Metro Chicago, Media

RT @HuffPostGreen: The world's highest peak is only getting more treacherous, thanks to climate change
Climate Change Likely To Make Everest Even Riskier
Arctic and Alpine Research at the University of Colorado, Boulder. "The danger in mountaineering is a combination of what's going on in the natural world and what the climbers are doing," Pfeffer said

Maureen Ryan

Huffington Post — TV Critic

Bio: I'm the television critic for The Huffington Post. Ultimate Netflix Guide Previous TV coverage

Location: Chicago or thereabouts

Beats: Arts and Entertainment, Opinion and Editorial, Metro Chicago

The Making of "Fangasm: Supernatural Fangirls," Part One - The Untold Stories
is trying to figure it out because Twitter took off so quickly, nobody had a chance to theorize about it and think it through before it was just happening.  It was like a boulder going down a hillside

Emily Levy

Vocativ — Reporter

Bio: Writing @Vocativ

Location: New York, NY

Beats: Arts and Entertainment, Health, Politics, Metro New York

Here, the Wu coffee table you always dreamed of owning RT @WuTangClan: This is just great. Take a look at the others.
Wu Disciples
– San Francisco, CA – 103 Harriet3.23.12 – Reno, NV – Cargo3.28.12 – Salt Lake City, UT – Club Elevate3.29.12 – Grand Junction, CO – Mesa Theatre3.30.12 – Boulder, CO – Fox Theatre3.31.12 – Denver, CO

Radley Balko

Washington Post — Reporter and Blogger

Bio: Writer/reporter/blogger for the Washington Post. Author of the book, Rise of the Warrior Cop.

Location: Nashville, TN

Beats: Opinion and Editorial, Politics, U.S.

RT @nickineily: Oh, Guy Fieri. You had me at "meat blanket."
The Full Menu & Prices at Guy Fieri's Vegas Kitchen & Bar
chip ice cream with oreo cookie crust + hot fudge.Fried Ice cream Boulder Sundae $11 A build your own sundae brouhaha featuring a meringue wrapped fried ice cream + host of toppings. · All Coverage of

Jeffrey Goldberg

The Atlantic, Bloomberg View — Columnist, Bloomberg View and National Correspondent, The Atlantic

Bio: Columnist, Bloomberg View: National Correspondent, The Atlantic

Location: Washington, D.C.

Beats: Business and Finance, Opinion and Editorial, U.S., Metro D.C.

RT @joshuafoust: Probably the best headline you'll read today…
Discharged Marine regrets crucifying himself in public
state capitol in Denver, Colo., where 60,000 Coloradoans were celebrating 4/20, the unofficial holiday of marijuana users. While serving as a Marine recruiter in Boulder, Colo., Klohr said he struggled to

Andre Picard

Globe and Mail — Health Columnist

Bio: Health columnist at The Globe and Mail

Location: Montréal

Beats: Science, Health, Canada

Building the Perfect Painkiller
simultaneously lowering the “high.” “If you give [plus-naltrexone] with morphine, the analgesia is much better,” says Linda Watkins, a psychologist at the University of Colorado at Boulder. She adds that at the

Spencer Thornburg

NBC 7 San Diego — Photojournalist

Bio: Photojournalist, world traveler, proud dad of 4 boys, and lucky guy to have a wife like @drcristinamom

Location: San Diego, CA

Beat: Metro San Diego

Can't beat the thrill of climbing! The Guiding Life
The Guiding Life
-old brain on the idea of helping others ski and climb, and making a decent living at it. The year was 1993, I’d just graduated from the University of Colorado in Boulder, and I had to make a living
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