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Jennifer Welsh

Science Editor @BusinessInsider. Cat lover. Strange and Snarky. Good-weird. Follow @BI_Science for all of our science content.
New York, NY
Business Insider — Science Editor

Elizabeth Gibney

Physics reporter for Nature (opinions my own!), Iberophile, feminist, Leeds fan
Physics Reporter, Nature

Jenny Winder

Science Writer at The Space Exploration Network @sen Radio Broadcaster, Astronomer, Harpist, Singer, Skeptic. Views are my own
Science Writer, SEN

David D. Kirkpatrick

Cairo Bureau Chief and Mideast Correspondent, The New York Times. I like to tweet NYT articles about the region by my colleagues, including those in DC
New York Times — Cairo Bureau Chief and Middle East Correspondent

Alan Fram

Congressional reporter, The Associated Press.
Washington, D.C.
Associated Press — Congressional Reporter

Nathanael Johnson

the most thoughtful food and ag reporter out there right now, or biased and naive depending on who you ask. 101lbs of fun. http://t.co/4RfvMzU4qW
Berkeley, CA
Grist — Food Writer

Dylan Love

Sentient human, dog guy with a cat, writer for @businessinsider.
New York, NY
Business Insider — Technology Reporter
Jul 30, 2014

RT @curiocious: Tonight in #Boulder: Protests against the rain. Picket signs reading "People aren't fish." #forrealthough #colorado

Diane Bell

city columnist for U-T #sandiego
San Diego, CA
U-T San Diego — City Columnist

Gail Reitenbach

Day job: Writer and editor focused on energy (mostly). Editor of @POWERmagazine (http://t.co/KShS7VuWQ5). Passionate about hiking & music.
Santa Fe, NM
Editor, Power Magazine

TJ Del Santo

Meteorologist & environmental/Green Team reporter at WPRI-TV & WNAC-TV. I'm also an astronomy nut!! Tweets/RT's are not endorsements. Opinions are my own.
Providence, RI
WPRI Providence — Meteorologist and Environmental Reporter
Jul 30, 2014

It's like Indiana Jones, but instead of a boulder, it's the Statue of Liberty head. #sharknado2

Pam Zubeck

News reporter.
Colorado Springs

Shaun Boyd

Political reporter @CBSDenver, KCNC-TV.
Denver, Colorado
CBS Denver — Political Reporter
Jul 30, 2014

Governor delivers $1 million check to Boulder County. Its spent $40 million and expects to spend $200 million on flood recovery.@CBSDenver

Chris Vanderveen

Investigative reporter @9news -- no longer the guy you see on the side of road during snowstorms. Colorado native. Looking for a plethora of pinatas.
9News Denver — Investigative Reporter
Jul 30, 2014

#notMakingThisUp 26 yr old arrested for stealing garbage truck in Boulder. Eventually caught -- after slow chase -- in Broomfield. #9news

Colby Cosh

Columnist for Maclean's Magazine (est. 1905). colbycosh@gmail.com
Planet Zontar (Edmonton, AB)
Columnist, Maclean's

John Ivison

political columnist
Ottawa, Canada
National Post — Political Columnist

Megan Geuss

Staff editor at Ars Technica. My views are my own. An Internet treasure according to @jbrodkin and @caseyjohnston, the only 2 people whose opinions count.
East Bay, CA
Ars Technica — Staff Editor

Serenity Caldwell

Wearer of many hats. Macworld associate editor, scribbler, @theincomparable panelist, and by night: Artoo Detoonate, Boston roller derby dork.
Somerville, MA
Macworld — Associate Editor

Marc Graser

A Los Angeles-based senior editor at Variety who loves movies, TV, video games, cars, food, tech and travel. Anything entertaining, branded and tasty, really.
Los Angeles
Variety — Senior Writer

Rachel Sams

Editor-in-chief, @ABQBizFirst. VP Development, @SPJRioGrande. Writer, dancer, hot springs aficionado, newlywed.
Albuquerque, NM
Editor-in-Chief, Albuquerque Business First

Matt Eyer

Breaking News Editor, York Daily Record/Sunday News (@ydrcom).
York, PA
York Daily Record — Breaking News Editor