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Jim Kuhnhenn

White House and politics reporter in the Washington Bureau of the Associated Press. It's like trying to get a sip from a firehose.
Washington, DC
White House and Politics Reporter — Associated Press

Marilynn Marchione

I write national health stories and cover major medical meetings for The Associated Press
Chief Medical Writer — Associated Press

Maria Cheng

AP medical writer
Medical Writer — Associated Press

Geoffrey Mohan

And all this science, I don't understand; It's just my job five days a week...
Los Angeles
Science and Medicine Staff Writer — LA Times

Adam Geller

National writer for The Associated Press. Stories worth telling are everywhere.
National Writer — Associated Press

Mike Stobbe

AP medical writer / author of the book Surgeon General's Warning: How Politics Crippled the Nation's Doctor http://t.co/1MsRnVtQSr
Medical Writer — Associated Press

Roberta Rampton

Now covering @whitehouse for @Reuters.
Washington, D.C. Correspondent — Reuters

Eyder Peralta

reporter for NPR's The Two-Way
Washington, D.C.
Reporter, The Two-Way — NPR

Ben Brumfield

CNN journo. World news vet. Infatuated w/ markets, sci-tech-med, weather, climate. NOLa native, Kölle-Fan. Opinions my own, not employer's. RT ≠ endorsement.
Atlanta, GA
International Assignment Editor — CNN

Jeff Mason

Reuters White House Correspondent
Washington DC
White House Correspondent — Reuters

Scott Neuman

News Blogger for NPR's The Two-Way
Washington, D.C.
Reporter — NPR

Jenny Barchfield

AP's Rio correspondent, covering changes in the Olympic city. Former AP Paris fashion writer. Opinions my own.
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Rio Correspondent — Associated Press

John Ferguson

Galveston city reporter for @GalvNews. In Texas by way of New England. 409-683-5226 or john.ferguson@galvnews.com
Galveston, Texas
City Reporter, Galveston County Daily News
Oct 19, 2014

Carnival said that the woman's cruise was reimbursed, and that she will receive a free cruise in the future #GalvNews #txebola

Oct 19, 2014

As Carnival Magic returns, health officials announce quarantined passenger is Ebola free galvestondailynews.com/free/article_5#GalvNews #TxEbola

Oct 19, 2014

The quarantined passenger was allowed off soon after the ship docked, Carnival spox said it was for her "privacy" #Galvnews #txebola

Oct 17, 2014

The Carnival Magic was not allowed to dock in Cozumel, Mexico. That was a decision made authorities in Mexico. #GalvNews

Oct 17, 2014

The Carnival Magic is coming back to Galveston Sunday. It was always supposed to come back Sunday. It's not "turning around" #galvnews

Oct 17, 2014

Passengers from the cruise ship will receive a $200 reimbursement, and 50 percent off their next Carnival cruise #galvnews

Oct 17, 2014

Looks like the ship where the healthcare worker is being quarantined is the Carnival Magic #GalvNews

Prescotte Stokes III

Reporter for http://t.co/31fwJvQIuO | The Times-Picayune, hip-hop artist/engineer, Connect with me/ email: Prescotte_Stokes@nola.com /cell:504-717-3030
New Orleans, La
News Reporter — New Orleans Times-Picayune

Peter S. Greenberg

Travel Editor for CBS News ♦ Subscribe to the Travel Today podcast http://t.co/Y6VGl6OkP7

Deb Stanley

I'm a journalist writing for the TheDenverChannel website and Channel 7 News in Denver, Colorado. Check out my blog, Debbie's Deals on http://t.co/xPkCWNGGNJ
Writer, TheDenverChannel.com — 7 News Denver

John Bacon

Family. Philly. PSU. 26.2. Oh, and rewrite chief @usatoday.
Arlington, Va.
Deputy Rewrite Chief — USA Today

Mark Boyle

Reporter for KPRC Local 2- Legalese: If you send KPRC a tweet, you consent to letting KPRC Local 2 use & showcase it in any media, including TV. MBoyle@kprc.com
Reporter — KPRC Local 2 Houston

Jesse Spector

National baseball writer for @SportingNews, nonsense enthusiast.
Kansas City (Next stop: San Fr
National Baseball Writer, Sporting News

Jack Healy

Once in Baghdad, now Rocky Mountain correspondent for The New York Times. Total sucker for one adopted Iraqi kitten. Write: jack.healy@nytimes.com.
Oct 18, 2014

Late to this, but @EricLupher7News has been an awesome firsthand source for non-hysterical news about the Carnival ship.