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Jamie Fullerton

Freelance journalist. The Times, The Independent, Vice, BuzzFeed, NME, etc. See link below for latest articles and contact details.
Freelance Journalist and Deputy Editor, Time Out Shanghai

Larry Chiang

This is the official LARRY CHIANG twitter feed. Contact by texting your email address to my cell in ORANGE below. My spam filter LARRY(at)Duck9 com
Jul 31, 2014

RT @chamillionaire: Might watch Vince Carter in the dunk contest before every business meeting.

May 07, 2014

RT @chamillionaire: Handshakes in a bathroom should be illegal man.

Mar 13, 2014

The hashtag #hilarryAss is a coined phrase from @chamillionaire It means "you're hilarious, Larry" #SXSW #SharkTank

Feb 20, 2014

Cham @Chamillionaire coined the nickname "hiLarryAss" before #tcAugCap and after #AOSS. cc #SXSW

Nov 08, 2013

RT @chamillionaire: Sloppiest game ever. Rockets lose to a Kobe-less Lakers team......

Ed Masley

Got through birth and school. Still doing work. Not looking forward to the death part. Pop music critic at http://azcentral.com and the Arizona Republic.

Craig Hlavaty

Texan, Gun Owner, Domer, Country Music DJ, @houstonchron, Outlaw Dave Show, Bearded TV dude on 'Between The Lines' on @NewsFixHouston. All man. And then some.

Tamara Keith

NPR White House Correspondent, runner, baker, iphone junkie, terrible speller.
White House Correspondent — NPR

Eric J. Sundermann

Managing Editor, Noisey | You can't spell America without Eric.
Managing Editor, Noisey — Vice

David Berry

An editor for the National Post (@nparts), a writer for Hazlitt (@HazlittMag) and a sad bastard for life.
Toronto, ON
Associate Features Editor — National Post

Tim Donnelly

Feature creature @NYPost; Old Man @Brokelyn, semi-professional punster. RTs are probably butt dials.
Features Reporter — New York Post

Felonius Munk

Father. Comic. Emmy Nominated. I'm funny. Don't be musty. #DontSayThings I made #StopItB happen
Blogger and Commentator — WPIX New York
Dec 25, 2013

Your girl look like Chamillionaire RT @rustymk2: It's #TheMovement. Roll with it or get rolled on...

Dec 19, 2013

i really was convinced Chamillionaire was "next". then Mike Jordan curved him, he was "hurt warner" and now...sigh...

Bill Bradley

Writer and reporter for various magazines and content mills. Formerly @NextCityOrg, @Daily, @VanityFair
Brooklyn-via the Murder Mitten
Freelance Journalist

Ben Yakas

Yacht Rock aficionado, kicker of elves, benyakas@gothamist.com

Hadley Freeman

Welder by day, dancer by night
Columnist, Guardian US — Guardian

Sam Anderson

New York Times Magazine critic, tweeting the best sentence I read ~every day

Olivia B. Waxman

@TIME reporter covering culture, web trends for @TIMENewsFeed. Seinfeld follows me. | @columbiajourn alum
New York, NY
Reporter — Time Magazine

Devin Yamanaka

Afternoon News Host at @CapRadioNews, contributor to @CapRadioMusic
Sacramento, CA
News Host — Capital Public Radio

Leslie Horn

Welcome to the official Twitter page of His Holiness Pope Francis (leslie at gizmodo dot com)
BK via TX
Staff Writer — Gizmodo

Vaughn Wallace

Deputy photo editor, Al Jazeera America (@AJAM). Formerly of @timepictures @TIME. Cyclist, Pittsburgh fan. Interest in histories both foreign and domestic.
New York, NY
Deputy Photo Editor, Al Jazeera America — Al Jazeera
Mar 29, 2014

.@chamillionaire questioning "what constitutes newsworthiness on a planet filled with significant events and genuine human suffering." Nice.

Ryan Broderick

I write for @Buzzfeed News and I've been told that my knowledge of the internet is like a great and terrible queen ruling over a pitiless void.
Long Island City, NY
Reporter — BuzzFeed
Feb 25, 2014

RT @sapnam: @MattZeitlin the poet chamillionaire once wrote "i wanna show all of my haters love" so. go in peace.

Nov 28, 2013

RT @CaseyMalone: Harry Potter and the Chamillionaire of Secrets

Niraj Warikoo

Reporter for Detroit Free Press @Freep. Writes on religion, immigration. Content of tweets not endorsements. Phone: 313-223-4792. Email: nwarikoo@freepress.com
Detroit, Michigan
Religion Reporter — Detroit Free Press

Gary Chazen

Longtime Sacramento journalist with passion for all things California. RT's aren't endorsements - just stuff that interests me.
Sacramento, California
Managing Editor — Sacramento Business Journal