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Jerry Edwards

Morning traffic reports for WAMU 88.5, the @NPR member station in Washington, D.C.
Washington, D.C.
Traffic Reporter — WAMU
Oct 15, 2014

Outer loop ramp to Connecticut Ave-crash blocks the left lane on ramp. #dctraffic #mdtraffic

Oct 13, 2014

Outer loop btwn Georgia Ave and Connecticut Ave-crash reported. #dctraffic #mdtraffic

Oct 09, 2014

SB Connecticut Ave at Jones Bridge Rd-crash (involving an unmarked police car), center lane blocked. #dctraffic #mdtraffic

Oct 03, 2014

Connecticut Ave inside the beltway at Jones Bridge Rd-report of wires down. Traffic may be blocked. #dctraffic #mdtraffic

Oct 03, 2014

Outer loop btwn Connecticut Ave and Rt 355-crash w/rescue on scene. Delays developing. #dctraffic #mdtraffic

Oct 03, 2014

Outer loop btwn Connecticut Ave & Rockville Pike-crash reported. #dctraffic #mdtraffic

Oct 02, 2014

RT @dcfireems: Pedestrian Struck - Connecticut Ave & Calvert St. NW - Units on the scene. #dctraffic #movetotherightdc

Sep 29, 2014

Inner loop after Connecticut Ave-work zone blocks the right lane. #dctraffic #mdtraffic

Sep 19, 2014

Thx Kris! MRT @krisgenther: @JerryEdwards885 accident N bound 495 before Connecticut ave exit. Far left.

Sep 18, 2014

Wheaton: Randolph Rd west of Connecticut Ave at Dalewood Dr, crash reported. #dctraffic #mdtraffic

Sep 08, 2014

Connecticut Ave - SB before Veirs Mill Rd - Downed Tree - right lane blocked #mdtraffic #dctraffic

Sep 03, 2014

Inner loop after Connecticut Ave-crash. Rescue dispatched. #dctraffic #mdtraffic

Sep 02, 2014

RT @DDOTDC: WMATA the Connecticut Ave. entrance to Farragut North is closed due to water main break outside the station. L & K St entrances…

Sep 02, 2014

RT @Metrorailinfo: Farragut Norths ’s Connecticut Ave entrance is closed due to a water main break outside of the station. The L & K St ent…

Sep 02, 2014

RT @Metrorailinfo: Farragut Norths ’s Connecticut Ave entrance is closed due to a water main break outside of the station. The L & K St ent…

Aug 29, 2014

Paving continues-SB Connecticut Ave btwn East West Hwy and Chevy Chase Circle. Only one lane open. Alt: Rt 355. #dctraffic #mdtraffic

Aug 29, 2014

Paving continues-SB Connecticut Ave btwn East West Hwy and Chevy Chase Circle. Only 1 lane open. Alt: Rt 355. #dctraffic #mdtraffic

Aug 28, 2014

NB Connecticut Ave from Chevy Chase Circle-Bradley Lane emergency paving. Only 1 lane open-possibly thru rush hr. #mdtraffic #dctraffic

Aug 27, 2014

UPDATE: NB Connecticut Ave at Bradley Lane-ONE lane open-repaving. Lanes reported now open at Chevy Chase Circle. #dctraffic #mdtraffic

Aug 27, 2014

Connecticut Ave at Chevy Chase Circle-continuing road paving! Jammed. NB at Bradley on 1 lane open! Avoid if you can. #dctraffic #mdtraffic

Aug 26, 2014

UPDATE: SB Connecticut Ave south of Nebraska Ave NW-crash-now only right lane blocked. #dctraffic #mdtraffic

Aug 20, 2014

Kalorama - Leroy PI, NW at Connecticut Ave - Accident - cyclist struck. Units en route #dctraffic

Aug 20, 2014

Outer loop slows after Connecticut Ave-the broken down truck reported may be after I-270, not I-270 spur. #dctraffic #mdtraffic

Aug 20, 2014

Aspen Hill:Georgia Ave (MD-97) at Connecticut Ave, crash reported. #dctraffic #mdtraffic

Aug 15, 2014

UPDATE: Outer loop before Connecticut Ave-Fire Dept activity-cleared. #dctraffic #mdtraffic

Aug 15, 2014

Outer loop before Connecticut Ave,watch for Fire Dept activity-right side. Investigating report of natural gas smell. #dctraffic #mdtraffic

Aug 14, 2014

Connecticut Ave NW north of Cathedral Ave NW-crash. DC Fire & EMS en route. #dctraffic

Aug 13, 2014

Kensington - Beach Dr between Garrett Park Rd and the DC Line - Flooding - road closed - alternate: Connecticut Ave. #dctraffic #mdtraffic

Aug 12, 2014

Chevy Chase - Connecticut Ave - SB before East-West Hwy - Alert - left lane blocked - metal pole in roadway. #mdtraffic #dctraffic

Aug 08, 2014

Kensington - Connecticut Ave at Knowles Ave - traffic signals at the intersection are in flashing mode #mdtraffic #dctraffic

Aug 04, 2014

Chevy Chase - Connecticut Ave near Bradley Ln - Accident CLEARED. #dctraffic #mdtraffic

Jul 31, 2014

UPDATE: Kensington: Connecticut Ave north of Beach Dr, crash cleared. #dctraffic #MDtraffic

Jul 30, 2014

UPDATE: Connecticut Ave at Van Ness St NW-cleared. Lanes reopened from police & fire activity. #dctraffic #mdtraffic

Jul 30, 2014

Tayla, Thanks! MRT @taylakaye: Connecticut Ave NW closed right at @wamu885 HQ. Traffic stopped, pedestriansdiverted. cc: @JerryEdwards885

Jul 30, 2014

Connecticut Ave closed at Van Ness-police & Fire dept activity. Avoid. #dctraffic #MDTraffic

Jul 30, 2014

Aspen Hill: Connecticut Ave and Georgia Ave, crash. Rescue arriving. #MDTraffic #dctraffic

Jul 28, 2014

Connecticut Ave at the beltway-medical emergency. Units on scene. #mdtraffic #dctraffic

Jul 28, 2014

UPDATE: SB Connecticut Ave at East West Hwy, broken down cleared. Lanes open.#mdtraffic #dctraffic

Jul 18, 2014

UPDATE: Outer loop before Connecticut Ave, crash and response now block the 2 left lanes. #mdtraffic #dctraffic

Jul 17, 2014

Connecticut Ave (MD-185) at Beach Dr, crash. Rescue en route. #mdtraffic #dctraffic

Jul 09, 2014

UPDATE: Kensington - Connecticut Ave and Knowles Ave - Malfunctioning Light CLEARED. #mdtraffic #dctraffic

Jul 09, 2014

Kensington - Connecticut Ave and Knowles Ave - Malfunctioning Light - traffic signals are dark and without power #mdtraffic #dctraffic

Jul 02, 2014

WAMU listener reports SB Connecticut Ave at Bradley Lane-roadwork with 2 lanes closed. #mdtraffic #DCtraffic

Jun 25, 2014

SB Connecticut Ave at Bradley Lane, work zone blocks the 2 left lanes. Listeners report 30 minute delays. #mdtraffic #dctraffic

Jun 23, 2014

RT @dcfireems: Vehicle Accident - 3200blk of Connecticut Ave. NW - Units enroute. #dctraffic #movetotherightdc

Jun 23, 2014

Aspen Hill: Connecticut Ave and Aspen Hill Rd, crash-rescue en route. #mdtraffic #dctraffic

Jun 20, 2014

Outer loop before Connecticut Ave, work zone set up blocking the left lane. #dctraffic #mdtraffic

Apr 23, 2014

Connecticut Ave at Nebraska Ave NW, Fire Dept activity. May impact traffic. #dctraffic

Apr 09, 2014

UPDATE: Inner loop before Connecticut Ave, crash-left shoulder. #mdtraffic #dctraffic

Apr 08, 2014

SB Connecticut Ave at Chevy Chase Circle, crash involving a bus and truck. Police on scene. #dctraffic #mdtraffic

Apr 04, 2014

Connecticut Ave and Van Ness St NW, MPD reports signals now repaired. #dctraffic

Apr 01, 2014

UPDATE: Connecticut Ave & Military Rd, NW Traffic Signals repaired. #dctraffic #mdtraffic

Apr 01, 2014

Outer loop btwn Georgia Ave and Connecticut Ave, crash reported. #mdtraffic #dctraffic

Apr 01, 2014

UPDATE: Connecticut Ave & Military Rd, NW Traffic Signals Flashing RED all directions.#dctraffic

Apr 01, 2014

Connecticut Ave NW at Military Ave NW - Malfunctioning Light lights flashing red #dctraffic

Mar 31, 2014

Outer loop btwn Connecticut Ave & Rt 355, truck with brakes on fire-left side. FD dispatched. #dctraffic #mdtraffic

Mar 28, 2014

SB Connecticut Ave at East/West Hwy, deep pot hole in the right lane. Drivers swerving to avoid. #mdtraffic #dctraffic

Mar 24, 2014

Inner loop btwn Rt 355 & Connecticut Ave, crash w/at at least one lane clocked. #dctraffic #mdtraffic

Mar 20, 2014

WAMU listener Richard reports: SB Connecticut Ave just inside the beltway, a truck stopped in the right lane. #dctraffic #mdtraffic

Feb 26, 2014

Major sad face, Brian. Thx! RT @briang9812: @JerryEdwards885 1.5 hours from Gaithersburg to WAMU studios on Connecticut Ave!

Feb 06, 2014

Connecticut Ave and Florida Ave NW, police activity. Event at near by hotel. #dctraffic

Dec 30, 2013

Connecticut Ave/Rt185 at Veirs Mill Rd, crash reported. #dctraffic #mdtraffic

Dec 17, 2013

SB Connecticut Ave at N St - Water Main Break : LEFT lane now open. ALL lanes on 18th St between N and M St remain closed. #dctraffic

Dec 17, 2013

DDOT: 12 inch water main break Closes: Connecticut Ave-N St to Jefferson Pl NW, 18th & M Street NW, and 18th & K St NW.#dctraffic #mdtraffic

Dec 17, 2013

Connecticut Ave closed south of Dupont Circle at M St NW-water main break and damage to road surface. #dctraffic #mdtraffic #vatraffic

Dec 17, 2013

Good morning. SB BW Pkwy at Rt 197, crash, watermain brk- Connecticut Ave and L NW. Details:WAMU 88.5. #dctraffic #vatraffic #mdtraffic

Dec 10, 2013

Connecticut Ave at Military Rd - Accident blocking the right curb lane on the southbound side; MPD responding. #dctraffic #mdtraffic

Dec 02, 2013

Connecticut Ave and Military Rd NW-Fire Dept dispatched for odor in area. #dctraffic #mdtraffic

Nov 27, 2013

Connecticut Ave south of Bradley Ln, high water reported-roadway remains open. #dctraffic #mdtraffic

Nov 25, 2013

-UPDATE-Outer loop btwn Georgia Ave & Connecticut Ave, crash cleared from roadway.Lanes open. #mdtraffic #dctraffic

Nov 25, 2013

RT @NewsChopperBrad: two vehicles into jersey wall outer loop before Connecticut Ave two left lanes closed#dctraffic http://t.co/lLt7PSKFI

Nov 25, 2013

Outer loop btwn Georgia Ave & Connecticut Ave, -new 3 car crash reported-rescue en route. #dctraffic #mdtraffic

Nov 19, 2013

NB Connecticut Ave at Bradley Ln, utility work blocks the left lane. #dctraffic #mdtraffic

Nov 05, 2013

SB Connecticut Ave at Woodley Park Metro station, a Metro vehicle is stopped in the right lane. #dctraffic #mdtraffic

Oct 31, 2013

Connecticut Ave (MD-185) at Veirs Mill Rd, crash w/rescue on scene. #mdtraffic #dctraffic

Oct 29, 2013

Connecticut Ave north of Van Ness St NW, pedestrian struck. DC Fire enroute. #dctraffic

Oct 29, 2013

RT @dcfireems: Pedestrian Struck – 4300 Blk. Connecticut Ave. NW – Units enroute #dctraffic #movetotherightdc

Oct 21, 2013

Outer loop at New Hampshire Ave, cleared-Georgia Ave, crash reported-, then broken down near Connecticut Ave. #dctraffic #mdtraffic

Michael Neibauer

Regional economic development, government reporter with the Washington Business Journal.

Daniel J. Sernovitz

Washington Business Journal commercial real estate reporter.
Washington, DC
Commercial Real Estate Reporter — Washington Business Journal

Ron Charles

Editor of Book World at The Washington Post. CharlesR@washpost.com
Washington, DC
Editor, Book World — Washington Post

Rebecca Cooper

Top Shelf is hosted by Rebecca Cooper. She covers restaurants and retail in the Washington region for the Washington Business Journal.

Jonathan O'Connell

I cover development and land use in the Washington area for @washingtonpost and @capitalbiz. Petworth dad.
Washington, DC
Staff Writer — Washington Post

Russ Ptacek

Russ Ptacek is an award winning investigative reporter at Washington, D.C. CBS affiliate WUSA9.
Washington, DC
Investigative Reporter — WUSA9 Washington
Jul 30, 2014

Police activity shuts down Van Ness Metro and traffic on Connecticut Ave. Metro says trains bypassing station. @wusa9

Dec 24, 2013

"Here checking out health code violations. Inspectors closed 7-Eleven, 4221 Connecticut Ave..." @7eleven: 4sq.com/1fZ8HBX #foursquare

Tim Carman

Food scribbler, The Washington Post. The $20 Diner. Winner of Beard Award. Husband of @Carrie_the_Red. Adopter of feral beagle, who now dines like a tyrant.

Tayla Burney

Public radio producer @wamu885. Books, books, clothes, books, food, books, TV, books. 508 townie living in the 202.
Producer — WAMU
Nov 07, 2013

New office pastime that's entertaining until someone, literally, gets hurt: watching fools try to cross Connecticut Ave against the light.

Elahe Izadi

General assignment reporter @washingtonpost, writing all the things. Stand-up comic. Pronounced Eh-law-hey, how's it going? News, jokes & news jokes.
Washington, D.C.
Reporter — Washington Post

Abha Bhattarai

Retail, hospitality and banking reporter for The Washington Post's Capital Business section. Northwestern grad, native Austinite.
Washington, D.C.
Capital Business Reporter — Washington Post

Julie Wright

@fox5newsdc Traffic Anchor 4:30-9am & WPGC --WNEW All News 99-1 Traffic Anchor 3:30-7pm
DMV and the 757
Traffic Reporter — WTTG FOX 5 Washington, D.C.
Sep 30, 2014

Acc Va side of Legion Bridge blx left lane Slow from b4 Connecticut Ave & off of the Sb 270 Spur #vatraffic #mdtraffic

Sep 04, 2014

Fire dept blx Aspen Hill Rd btwn Connecticut Ave & Veirs Mill Rd @fox5newsdc #mdtraffic

Aug 15, 2014

RT @DCPoliceDept: Accident update: (Overturned Vehicle) * Connecticut Ave at Davenport St NW/MPD reports traffic is not affected/No injuries reported/7066

Aug 15, 2014

RT @dcfireems: Vehicle Accident: Connecticut Ave. and Davenport St. NW - Units enroute. #dctraffic #movetotherightdc

Apr 04, 2014

Connecticut Ave @ Van Ness NW Signals on flash Traffic a mess in the area @fox5newsdc #dctraffic

Jan 17, 2014

RT @DCPoliceDept: 1/2 Overturned vehicle at Connecticut Ave & Tilden St NW. 2 lanes SB Conn Ave at Van Ness & all lanes NB Conn Ave at Tild…

Dec 17, 2013

Water main break closes Sb Connecticut Ave btwn M & N St NW M St is blx btwn 18 & 19th St @myfoxdc #dctraffic

Rebecca Shabad

Write about $$$ @thehill. Also tweet about politics & foreign affairs. @NewhouseSU alumna. RShabad@thehill.com
Washington, DC
Staff Writer — The Hill
Sep 26, 2014

RT @markknoller: Rush hour nightmare in DC as Obama motorcade shut down long stretch of Connecticut Ave NW in both directions en route DNC fundraiser.

Sep 26, 2014

Obama took Connecticut Ave. on a Friday afternoon during rush-hour, per White House pool report. #trafficjam

Feb 06, 2014

Lots of police and Secret Service by the Washington Hilton on Connecticut Ave. before Obama arrives for the National Prayer Breakfast.

Mike Martinez

WAMU 88.5 producer; D.C. native; UNC Tar Heel; pitching, defense and 3-run home runs
Washington, D.C.
Producer — WAMU
Jul 02, 2014

Living in Kai's world right now, folks. It's all happening on Floor 2, 4401 Connecticut Ave.

Jerrod Ferrari

I am Managing Editor of The Hour Newspapers.
Norwalk, CT
Co-Managing Editor, The Hour Newspapers

Niels Lesniewski

Cover the Senate for @wgdb at @rollcall. @hamiltoncollege graduate. Stroke survivor. Yes, there's an 's' niels@cqrollcall.com
Washington, D.C.
Senate Reporter — Roll Call
Jul 27, 2014

Can see faint lightning on the horizon northwest of the Cathedral from the Connecticut Ave. bridge by the old Chinese embassy.

May 21, 2014

Looks like flash flooding risk on upper Connecticut Ave. right now in DC.

Apr 08, 2014

Just passed by a pair of huskies on Connecticut Ave. That must be a good omen.

Kenny Gamble

Assignment Editor at WUSA9 in Washington, D.C.
Washington, DC
Producer — WUSA9 Washington
Dec 09, 2013

RT @wusa9: DC Police: woman struck at Connecticut Ave & Woodley Rd transported to hospital with non-life threatening injuries

Mike Madden

Editor of Washington City Paper. You can email me at mmadden@washingtoncitypaper.com.
Washington, D.C.
Editor, Washington City Paper

Martin Austermuhle

Reporter for WAMU 88.5 FM. Former Editor-in-Chief at http://DCist.com. martin (at) wamu (dot) org, (202) 885-1283
Washington, D.C.
Reporter and Web Producer — WAMU
Aug 13, 2014

RT @HendersonKaya: Is it surprising to you @MichaelPetrilli that many Upper Connecticut Ave families choose private schools?

Jul 30, 2014

RT @DDOTDC: ALERT: MPD reports a suspicious pkg at Connecticut Ave & Van Ness St NW. Connecticut Ave is closed in bothdirections.

Jul 30, 2014

RT @DCPoliceDept: Traffic Advisory/Police Activity in the 4200 blk of Connecticut Ave NW. Street Closures on Connecticut Ave from Van Ness St to Windom Pl NW.

Apr 21, 2014

RT @DCPoliceDept: 1/2 Police Activity: 3000 blk of Connecticut Ave NW. Traffic is SHUT DOWN * Conn Ave btwn Devonshire Pl & Cathedral Ave.

Mike DeBonis

I cover the District of Columbia for The Washington Post.
Washington, D.C., USA
Local Politics Reporter — Washington Post
Feb 26, 2014

Coming to you from 4401 Connecticut Ave. NW -- and seated directly behind the one and only Bruce Bereano -- the #wamudebate is now underway.