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Brett Zongker

@AP journalist covering the arts, culture & nonprofits. Son of Kansas. @AmericanU grad & adjunct faculty. Proud resident of DC's #Brookland. Ideas welcome.

Michael Wolff

Columnist for USA Today and British GQ, Vanity Fair contributing editor, Newser founder, author of Burnrate, and Murdoch bio, The Man Who Owns the News.
New York, NY
Vanity Fair Contributing Editor and Guardian US Columnist — Guardian, Vanity Fair
Oct 02, 2014

You do realize that's not what I'm saying RT @ahatcher54: W/today's emphasis on sex assault awareness, Cosby bio incomplete @MichaelWolffNYC

Oct 01, 2014

Did she write on subject? Didn't see. Link? RT @BuzzFeedBen: Smart @MichaelWolffNYC piece on Cosby book could have used a @KateAurthur ht)

Bill O'Reilly

Producer for MSNBC
New York City
Segment Producer — MSNBC

Beth Harpaz

AP Travel editor. Author of The Girls in the Van, Finding Annie Farrell, and 13 Is the New 18.
Travel Editor — Associated Press

Gene Demby

reader. writer. runner. ranter. Correspondent, @NPRCodeswitch. Ringleader, @PostBourgie.
DC --- BK --- South Philly
Race, Ethnicity, and Culture Blogger and Correspondent — NPR
Sep 25, 2014

RT @philunchained: @GeeDee215 didn't Cosby threaten NBC to end the show if Theo wasn't allowed to have a Mandela poster?

Sep 25, 2014

RT @GeeeKayGeee: @GeeDee215 I wonder if Cosby thought being apolitical would allow the show to be more universal and easier for the public to swallow

Sep 25, 2014

RT @staceyNYCDC: @GeeDee215 on some hot button issue--DWI, eating disorders, drug use, etc. The universe of the Cosby Show is a kind of a fantasy bubble.

Sep 25, 2014

A Different World became a much more pointed show after it loosened its ties to "The Cosby Show."

Sep 25, 2014

If we're going to hold up "The Cosby Show" for its influence, we gotta at least talk about its pointed silence on anything political.

Sep 25, 2014

RT @bomani_jones: anyway, i also didn’t find the cosby show THAT funny after a while. they put the simpsons on thursday and the joneses never looked back.

Sep 25, 2014

RT @bomani_jones: i don’t give a damn about your granny RT @Cooda610: Cosby said nothing different than My Grandmother tells me today

Sep 25, 2014

RT @bomani_jones: gotta admit, i never saw “the cosby the show” the same after ol bill started telling us how he really felt about my folks.

Allen Salkin

Freelance Journalist

Jennifer Bendery

Covering the White House, Congress and the space in between for The Huffington Post. RT's aren't endorsements.
washington, d.c.
Political Reporter — Huffington Post

Phillip Martin

Senior Investigative Reporter for WGBH trying 2connect the dots: addressing social injustice. Poetry and biking off duty.
Cambridge, MA
Senior Investigative Reporter — WGBH

Charles Blow

@NYTimes Op-Ed columnist. Author of #FireShutUpInMyBones Order: http://www.charlesmblow.com Bookings: http://wmespeakers.com/SpeakerDetail.aspx?id=13062924
Visual Op-Ed Columnist — New York Times

Geoff Edgers

Washington Post national arts reporter, fan of notes, will brake for Nilsson.
National Arts Reporter — Washington Post

Alan Sepinwall

I'm TV critic for http://HitFix.com and have written the book The Revolution Was Televised. More on that at http://alansepinwall.com sepinwall@hitfix.com
TV Critic, HitFix.com

Willa Paskin

TV critic @Slate

Ashlee Vance

Feature writer for Businessweek. Former scribe for The New York Times and The Economist. Author of upcoming biography on Elon Musk. http://t.co/VE4t1TYnj5
Silicon Valley
Technology Writer — Bloomberg Businessweek

Adam Serwer

National Editor @buzzfeednews. I also fight crime. Mostly loitering. adam.serwer@buzzfeed.com https://tinyletter.com/adserwer
ÜT: 38.908339,-77.040837
National Editor — BuzzFeed

Ellen Gray

Watching TV for fun (and profit) at Philadelphia Daily News, http://t.co/ppWlwH6pLK, http://t.co/Y4balfjLp6. Reader, knitter, bike lover, Pilates addict.

Nolan Rosenkrans

Education reporter. Toledo Newspaper Guild newsroom rep -- Mr. Rosenkrans enjoys being a reporter, except for when people disagree with his stories.
Toledo, Ohio
Education Reporter — Toledo Blade
Oct 03, 2014

.@gaultje made a Cosby Show reference during an interview. And yes, I'm going to use it in the story. Sorry @tpspatty

Lesley Goldberg

TV addict/Dodgers fan. Senior TV staff writer at @THR. If you like TV, lesbians, Dawson Leery and baseball, we'll get along fine. My opinion ≠ THR.
City of Angels
Senior TV Staff Writer — The Hollywood Reporter

Oliver Gettell

Blogging daily @latimesmovies. Also pondering food, style, basketball and other pressing matters.

Bill Harris

TV critic at the Toronto Sun/Sun Media/QMI Agency.

Shannon Ryan

College football and basketball reporter for Chicago Tribune
College Football and Basketball Reporter — Chicago Tribune
Oct 16, 2014

Groce said Cosby and Starks gives the team more "fire power and scoring." #Illini