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Tina Griego

Staff writer at the Washington Post. Transplanted from the arid West to the muggy South. Hungry for stories.
Richmond, VA
Washington Post — Staff Writer

Stephen Leahy

International Environmental Journalist. 2012 Co-winner UN Global Media Prize for climate change coverage. http://muckrack.com/stephen-leahy
Uxbridge, Ontario, Canada
Inter Press Service — International Environmental Journalist

Marlow Stern

Entertainment Editor for The Daily Beast. @ColumbiaJourn alum. Love food and whiskey. I'll drink your milkshake.
New York, NY
Daily Beast — Entertainment Editor

Heather Salerno

Award-winning journalist. Pop culture enthusiast, awards show addict. Excellent parallel parker.
Freelance Journalist

Nick Baumann

Journo @MotherJones @TheEconomist. Red Sox fan. Eagle Scout. Beer pong aficionado. 202.630.2380 / nbaumann@motherjones.com / OTR Chat: nickbaumann@wtfismyip.com
Washington, DC
Mother Jones — Senior Editor

Christy Grosz

Freelance film and TV editor/writer (thanks for the work, @Variety!), professional wine drinker, just trying to keep track of all the Mikes I know.
Los Angeles
Freelance Journalist

Chris McDaniel

Political reporter for @stlpublicradio. I like Cormac McCarthy, dogs, and listeners like you.
St. Louis, MO
St. Louis Public Radio — Political Reporter

Taras Grescoe

高泰若 Author of Straphanger (http://bit.ly/J0eXGu) Sub-boreal flâneur who thinks cities should be built for people, not cars. More: http://on.fb.me/XgQS5V
Freelance Journalist and Non-Fiction Author

Mitchell Hall

I cover technology, business, politics, booze and more. Fond of inappropriate humor. Managing editor, features @PCMag.com.

Jonathan Easley

Health Editor, The Morning Consult
Washington DC
Health Editor, The Morning Consult

Deborah Yetter

Editorial writer, The Courier-Journal

Trymaine Lee

Journalist. Storyteller. Pulitzer Prize Winner. National Reporter @msnbc, formerly of HuffPost, New York Times and Times-Picayune
New York, NY
MSNBC — Online National Reporter

Monika Bauerlein

Co-Editor of Mother Jones. Mom of 3, lover of politics, coffee, philosophy, arguments, garlic.
San Francisco, CA
Mother Jones — Co-Editor

Caille Millner

Memoirist, SF Chronicle columnist & editorial writer, cranky cosmopolitan.

Dan D'Addario

instigator // http://Salon.com // write about books, TV, movies, pop, trends, gay stuff, Sex and the City, the internet // ddaddario at salon dot com

Phoebe Connelly

Senior Producer @washingtonpost's @PostTV. Reads a lot of books (and tweets). Writes about some of them.
The District
Washington Post — Senior Producer, PostTV

Jennifer Ouellette

Jen-Luc Piquant is the faux-French avatar of science writer Jennifer Ouellette. Find her at Cocktail Party Physics!
Los Angeles, CA
Scientific American — Freelance Journalist and Blogger

Jenny Schuessler

New York Times ideas reporter, lapsed midwesterner, defender of the Oxford comma, and a few other things besides
Brooklyn, NY
New York Times — Reporter

Kate Clancy

Assistant professor at the University of Illinois, biological anthropologist, ladybusiness expert, mother, roller derby athlete.

Eugene Scott

Mid-Career MPA candidate at the @Kennedy_School. Formerly at @AZCentral @KCStar & @theobserver. @UNCJSchool alum. #DC native. RTs/links ≠ endorsements.
Greater #Boston
Arizona Republic — Downtown and Central Phoenix Reporter