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Ed Sherman

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Chicago, IL
Sports Writer

Jason McIntyre

Luck is the residue of design and devotion. Email: jmcintyre at thebiglead (dot) com
Editor in Chief, The Big Lead — USA Today

Richard Deitsch

Writer/Reporter for Sports Illustrated/@SINow, adjunct at @columbiajourn, former Knight-Wallace Fellow at Michigan, fan of Ann Arbor, Buffalo & New York City.
New York
Writer and Reporter — Sports Illustrated
Jun 10, 2014

Praise when deserved: ESPN management has done right by Rick Reilly with this exit. Front page space. Allowed him to go out how he wanted.

Mar 12, 2014

Most of my timeline is shitting on Rick Reilly. I understand it. But I'm bummed out. He was always good to me & hope he writes again.

Mar 10, 2014

Ian Darke gets a No. 14. Mike Wilbon is a No. 12. Rick Reilly not seeded after Simmons makes a call to the committee.

Luke Kerr-Dineen

Assistant Editor at @GolfDigest. New Yorker-turned-Londoner-turned-South Carolinian-turned-New Yorker. @ColumbiaJourn alum. luke.kerr-dineen@golfdigest.com
New York, NY
Assistant Editor — Golf Digest

Gerry Sandusky

I am Gerry with a G. Baltimore sportscaster. No relation to the former Penn State coach. Views expressed are my own.
Baltimore, Maryland USA
Sports Reporter — WBAL-TV Baltimore

Seth Wickersham

Senior Writer: ESPN The Magazine/ESPN.com. Heli skier. Colorado born. Alaska raised. Mizzou educated. Married to @alisonoverholt. Email seth.wickersham@espn.com
Senior Writer, ESPN The Magazine and Columnist, ESPN.com — ESPN

Kelly Cohen

florida raised, missouri educated, dc-based political journalist
Viral Politics Reporter — Washington Examiner

Gene Demby

reader. writer. runner. ranter. Correspondent, @NPRCodeswitch. Ringleader, @PostBourgie.
DC --- BK --- South Philly
Race, Ethnicity, and Culture Blogger and Correspondent — NPR

Jeff Metcalfe

I cover Arizona State sports and the Olympics for azcentral sports. If you send me a tweet, you consent to letting azcentral sports use it in any media.
Metro Phoenix
Sports Writer — Arizona Republic
Jun 11, 2014

When I was out of college in Colo Springs, Rick Reilly was at Boulder Camera and TJ Simers at Rocky Mt News ...crazy early John Elway years

Katie Couric

Nail-biting, piano-playing, poetry-reading, shoe-loving, mother, daughter, wife. @YahooNews Global Anchor. Newsletter: http://eepurl.com/ZPS8T
New York, NY
Global Anchor, Yahoo News — Yahoo

Lawrence Donegan

Writer. Dreamer. Partner. Parent.
Sports Reporter — Guardian

Drew Magary

Deadspin Columnist. GQ Correspondent. World's tenderest lover. Buy THE ROVER here for a buck: http://t.co/Uv7yeVI3or
Columnist and Correspondent — GQ, Deadspin
Jun 10, 2014

So what's it like being retired and not writing anymore? Rick Reilly has four new columns telling you all about it!

May 28, 2014

"He was a kind of prince in baseball cleats, George Clooney in pinstripes" Oh no, Rick Reilly. Oh no no.

Apr 08, 2014

"I still hold a toothpaste cap of hope that he can get to 19." Rick Reilly going out on top, gang.

David Roth

Best American Sporpswriting (and editing) as staff writer at @sbnation. Similar as co-founder of @Classical. Not the one from Van Halen or magic.
New York City, New York State
Freelance Journalist

Kelly Dwyer

Entertainer/personality. Editor of Yahoo!'s Ball Don't Lie blog.
Lafayette, IN
Ball Don't Lie Editor, Yahoo Sports — Yahoo
May 28, 2014

Rick Reilly on 'Conan' -- bad jokes, gay jokes, bad jokes, worse jokes, puns, defends Lance Armstrong, bad jokes, awful jokes.

May 28, 2014

That week-old Rick Reilly interview I worked my way through because I'm a 'Conan' completest went as miserably as you'd probably expect.

Mar 13, 2014

I love ESPN's language about how Rick Reilly will "let his weekly column go," as if the internet has space constraints.

Dec 17, 2013

You know Rick Reilly is putting the finishing touches on that "and a partridge in a par three"-column right now.

Nov 14, 2013

Important to remember that Chandler Parsons will make about a third of what Rick Reilly makes this year.

Oct 28, 2013

RT @BlakeWexler: Nothing would make me happier than if Rick Reilly started seeing ghosts and it just ruined his life.

Kavitha A. Davidson

Sports columnist at Bloomberg View @BV. @HuffPost, @ColumbiaSpec alum. Journalist, feminist, sports fan, musician, cynic. Views are my own.
New York, NY
Sports Columnist — Bloomberg View

Tom Ley

Staff writer @Deadspin. Contact: ley at deadspin dot com.
Staff Writer — Deadspin
Jun 10, 2014

Really good tweet RT @DrLwyrIndnChf Oh Deadspin ripped Whitlock? Cool that they don't go for just the easy targets. Who's next, Rick Reilly?

Gerry Callahan

Politics, sports and revenge.
Nov 18, 2013

Rick Reilly on Amanda Belichick: "She's a really good quote, which means she must be adopted." Chris Berman: "I'm not gonna touch that one."

Kyle Porter

Golf writer/blogger for @CBSSports. kyle.goodwin.porter@gmail.com
Dallas, Texas
Golf Writer, Eye On Golf — CBS Sports

Tom Hoffarth

Staff writer, Los Angeles Daily News. Learning to type words betterer. Harsh tag.
Woodland Hills, CA
Sports Columnist — Los Angeles Daily News

Greg Wyshynski

I'm the editor of the Puck Daddy blog on Yahoo! Sports, and a native of the great state of New Jersey. Did I mention I love booze?
Puck Daddy Blog Editor, Yahoo Sports — Yahoo