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What journalists are saying about Russia

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Ariel Zirulnick

Christian Science Monitor — Middle East Editor

Bio: @csmonitor Middle East editor. UNC alum. I recently scored myself a New Hampshire 4,000-footer patch.

Location: Boston

Beat: World

RT @Sulliview: Aftermath of Ukraine Photo Story Shows Need for More Caution. My post:
Aftermath of Ukraine Photo Story Shows Need for More Caution
headline read: “Photos Link Masked Men in East Ukraine to Russia.” For two weeks, the mysteriously well-armed, professional gunmen known as “green men” have seized Ukrainian government sites in town after

Connie Guglielmo

CNET — Editor-in-Chief

Bio: Editor-in-Chief of CNET News. Every day, an adventure.

Location: San Francisco

Beats: Business and Finance, Technology, Metro San Francisco

6 Takeaways from Apple CEO Tim Cook After the Earnings Call via @CNET #apple
Six takeaways from Apple CEO Cook's earnings call
, referring to Brazil, Russia, India, and China. "I think that this quarter, if you were unsure, hopefully this quarter demonstrates to you that we can do well in a number of geographies from emerging markets

Dennis Kneale


Bio: 25-year ink-stained wretch (WSJ, Forbes), ex-CNBC, ex-Fox. Now at http://DENNISKNEALE.COM

Location: New York

Beats: Business and Finance, Technology, U.S., Metro New York, Media

yo Karl @tickerguy remember when you ripped me a new one for saying "debt is down"? well lookey heah! from fortune:
Fighting debt: How the U.S. is doing it better
debt. Lastly, the government spending from various New Deal schemes to the vast mobilization during WWII contributed to keeping total GDP growth positive. MORE: Time to rethink sanctions against Russia

Mychal Denzel Smith

The Nation — Reporter

Bio: Writer. Knobler Fellow @NationInstitute. Contributor @TheNation + @Feministing. #BrothersWritingtoLive. Since the face been revealed, game got real.

Location: Brooklyn

Beats: Politics, U.S., Crime and Justice

wanna hear me piss off a conservative economist and make a liberal economist really uncomfortable? you’re in luck!…
Is America an Oligarchy?
study finds that what we all thought is true, most likely is: wealthier Americans wield more political influence. Also, Russia responds to ongoing clashes between Ukraine and pro-Russia militia. On

Matthew Fishbane

Tablet Magazine — Senior Editor

Bio: mattchete, tableteer, honorary locombiano. I wrote this:

Beat: Arts and Entertainment

RT @PLInst_NewYork: Learn about #JanKarski. Today is his birthday. May his legacy inspire future generations!
Jan Karski. Humanity's Hero - Google Cultural Institute
Kozielsk, Russia.  The officers were treated worse than the enlisted men. When the Germans and Russians announced a prisoners-of-war exchange, its rules were strict – only privates could participate. Without

Susan Haigh

Associated Press — Hartford, Connecticut, Political and Statehouse Reporter

Bio: Political writer/statehouse reporter in Hartford, CT for The Associated Press who dabbles in World Cup skiing tweets.

Location: Hartford, Connecticut

Beat: Politics

Senate's newest class speaks out on foreign policy (from @AP) #SenMurphy #ctpolitics…
Senate's newest class speaks out on foreign policy
isolationist's deficit-driven concerns about the cost of foreign entanglements. Ayotte, a self-described Ronald Reagan Republican, is moving ahead with a new batch of sanctions against Russia in retribution for

Greg Emerson Bocquet

Newsday — Deputy Editor,

Bio: Editor and Educator; futurist, snappy dresser

Location: New York, NY

Beat: Metro New York

RT @BW: Ukrainian forces attack city held by pro-Russian militants:
Ukrainian Forces Attack City Held by Pro-Russian Militants
After weeks of hesitation and embarrassing gaffes, the Ukrainian government has opted for a more decisive action against Russia-backed insurgents in the east of the country. On Thursday morning

C.J. Chivers

New York Times — Senior Writer

Bio: Senior Writer, The New York Times, covering conflict. Author: THE GUN, a history of automatic arms & their influence on war. Warning: This Feed Can Be Graphic.

Beats: Politics, World, U.S., Crime and Justice, Military

RT @BBCDanielS: Good piece on the Sloviansk militia from @shustry…
Ukraine: The Pro-Russian Separatists Running Eastern Ukraine
. Mozhaev and his comrades took control of Slavyansk about a week ago. But over the last few days there has been no evident sign that they are receiving material support from Russia. Their foot soldiers have

Mark Peters

Freelance Journalist and Columnist

Bio: Freelance writer, humorist, columnist for @mcsweeneys and @visualthesaurus.

Location: Chicago

Beats: Arts and Entertainment, Opinion and Editorial, U.S.

RT @CNNyourmom: Ukrainian Forces Launch Operation To Drive Pro-Russia Insurgents Out Of Your Mom

Laura Mandaro

MarketWatch — Markets and Investing Editor

Bio: I'm markets editor for @marketwatch and contributor to @thetellblog. But I'm thinking of changing my title to just factoidista.

Location: San Francisco

Beats: Business and Finance, Metro San Francisco

The last time the Dow closed like this was in 2001. New meaning to "UNCH." $DJIA…
U.S. stocks slip on Russia worries
Ukraine and Russia. We are hoping for a peaceful resolution, but business confidence around the world could dampen, and trade and world GDP could slow should the situation deteriorate. The global economy

Luke Harding

Guardian — Senior International Correspondent

Bio: Journalist, writer, @Guardian correspondent. My new book THE SNOWDEN FILES: THE INSIDE STORY OF THE WORLD'S MOST WANTED MAN out now

Location: London

Beats: World, United Kingdom

My report from #Slavyansk: uneasy stand-off between militia and #Ukrainian checkpoints, with #Russia poised to invade
Uneasy standoff in Ukraine's pro-Russian stronghold of Slavyansk
symbol – an orange and black ribbon – is worn across Russia on 9 May to mark Soviet Victory Day against Nazi Germany. Surprisingly, some in Kiev appear to be equally in thrall to historical analogy. The

Katherine Lanpher

Al Jazeera — Planning Editor, Al Jazeera America

Bio: Writer, broadcaster, teacher, speaker. A Planning Editor at Al Jazeera America @ajam. Author of Leap Days''

Location: Brooklyn, bien sur

Beats: Opinion and Editorial, World, Metro New York

RT @AliaMalek: Are the events to be marked, to be mourned, in Urfa, or in Idlib, or Aleppo, or Yerevan? #ArmenianGenocide #Syria
Enduring Exile by Alia Malek
Russia, in both ancient and modern times. It wasn’t only Armenia that had to navigate the USSR’s demise; Syria too had benefited from Soviet patronage, which it sought to replace with American friendship
RT @AliaMalek: When Abkar and his family left their land in Urfa, they walked on foot to Antep, then Killis #ArmenianGenocide
Enduring Exile by Alia Malek
Russia, in both ancient and modern times. It wasn’t only Armenia that had to navigate the USSR’s demise; Syria too had benefited from Soviet patronage, which it sought to replace with American friendship

Lindsey Hilsum

Channel 4 News — International Editor

Bio: Lindsey Hilsum is Channel 4 News International Editor, and author of Sandstorm; Libya in the Time of Revolution.

Beats: World, United Kingdom

RT @Channel4News: Watch again: Kiev pulls back forces after Russia flexes military muscles @jrug reports…?- #c4news

Amanda Walker

Sky News — U.S. Correspondent

Bio: US Correspondent - Sky News. Formerly Moscow Correspondent

Location: US

Beat: U.S.

RT @BBCDanielS: I have just seen this tweet from a few hours ago, which is extraordinary. The head of Russia Today says "Ukraine RIP"

Rob Urban

Bloomberg News — Managing Editor

Bio: Bloomberg News Managing Editor, Global Mortgage Column Daily, Real Estate, Investing

Location: New York City

Beat: Business and Finance

Russia’s Gazprombank Preparing for U.S. Sanctions Over Ukraine… via @BloombergNews
Gazprombank Said to Prepare for U.S. Sanctions
VEB, as it’s known, declined to comment. President Barack Obama said today the U.S. and its allies have additional sanctions against Russia ready to go as the crisis in Ukraine intensifies. Russia is

Jon Swartz

USA Today — San Francisco Bureau Chief

Bio: San Francisco bureau chief for USA Today, S.F. Giants fan, sucker for British rock and the Boss, and devotee of Saul Bellow.

Location: San Francisco

Beats: Technology, U.S., Metro San Francisco

RT @USATODAYmoney: Dow closes flat but strong tech earnings boost Nasdaq 0.5%.
Strong tech earnings boost Nasdaq, Dow lags
March rose 2.6% in March, topping forecasts. Financial markets around the globe are also dealing with renewed geopolitical risk, as tensions between Ukraine and Russia heated up after a clash in Eastern

Philip Rucker

Washington Post — National Politics Reporter

Bio: National Political Correspondent @WashingtonPost. Chronicler of all things Clinton, former White House reporter & Mitt Romney historian.

Location: Washington, DC

Beats: Politics, U.S., Metro D.C.

When a past GOP prez nominee & Benghazi critic invites Hillary to his desert retreat for chat on leadership:…
John McCain to host Hillary Clinton in Sedona, Ariz.
East: Values, Strategy and Options," and will include a session on Russia and Ukraine and on combating human trafficking. McCain, along with Sens. Lindsey O. Graham (R-S.C.) and Kelly Ayotte (R-N.H

Carol Giacomo

New York Times — Editorial Writer

Bio: New York Times Editorial Board: Foreign policy, defense policy; Ferris professor of journalism at Princeton University, Fall 2013

Location: nyc

Beats: Opinion and Editorial, Politics, World

RT @jayrosen_nyu: This is the public editor position working exactly as it should as @Sulliview draws meaty explanations from editors.
Aftermath of Ukraine Photo Story Shows Need for More Caution
headline read: “Photos Link Masked Men in East Ukraine to Russia.” For two weeks, the mysteriously well-armed, professional gunmen known as “green men” have seized Ukrainian government sites in town after
RT @NATOSource: Asst SecState Nuland: Obama & Putin talking on phone "on basically a weekly basis" #Ukraine… http://t…
US Calls For Senior Russian Official to Help OSCE Negotiate Disarmament of Separatists in Ukraine
. . . .Presidenthas spoken to Presidenta number of times over the last three weeks, on basically a weekly basis, to try to encourage de-escalation, to try to say to him that there is a better way, that Russia has a

Isaac Stone Fish

Foreign Policy Magazine — Asia Editor

Bio: Asia editor Foreign Policy, former Newsweek Correspondent in Beijing, all views are my own.

Location: DC, DC

Beats: Politics, World, U.S., Metro D.C.

For those too embarrassed to ask questions about Otters, Vox is on it!…
The case against otters: necrophiliac, serial-killing fur monsters of the sea
North America are river otters and sea otters, the latter of which are also found in Japan and the Pacific coast of Russia. River otters are not currently threatened, and are pervasive in Canada and the

Nick Summers

Bloomberg Businessweek — Staff Writer

Bio: Staff writer at Bloomberg Businessweek. Prosopagnosiac. nsummers1 at bloomberg dot net or nick.summers at gmail

Location: New York, NY

Beats: Business and Finance, Metro New York

... We believe the risks of doing business in Russia have risen considerably."…
At Russia's Davos, U.S. CEOs Want to Party With Putin
“From the start, the United States has mobilized the international community in support of Ukraine to isolate Russia for its actions,” President Obama said on March 17, as he announced new sanctions
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