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Matthew Lee

AP Diplomatic Writer. Curmudgeon. Any snark is all mine. Ex-Buffalo, -Musselburgh, -CVille, -Phnom Penh, -Nairobi. Go Bills! Go Sabres! Hoya Saxa!
Washington, DC
Diplomatic Writer — Associated Press
Oct 24, 2014

"US doesn't seek confrontation w/#Russia, but (won't) compromise on principles on which security in Eur&NAmerica rest," per @statedeptspox.

Kirit Radia

ABC News Moscow correspondent, dad, Phillies fan, & gadget nut. Not necessarily in that order. Views my own. RT ≠ endorsement
Moscow Correspondent — ABC News
Oct 24, 2014

Putin: "Russia wld do fine w/o me...but since Im where I am today, I need to do everything I can for Russia's security prosperity & freedom"

Oct 24, 2014

Putin: "Russia is all my life for me... I can't imagine myself separated from Russia for one second... I'm sure Russia would do fine w/o me"

Oct 23, 2014

RT @ARothNYT: Putin exhibiting Louis XIV levels of personality cult as a deputy chief of staff Volodin declares "If there is no Putin, there is no Russia"

Roland Oliphant

Moscow correspondent for @telegraph
Mostly Ukraine
Moscow Correspondent — Telegraph

Adam Goldman

Reporter at The Washington Post and coauthor of Enemies Within

Allie Bidwell

Education reporter @usnews, raised by @cal/@dailycal (#GoBears!) Lover of burritos, coffee & baby animals. Views my own. Tell me something: sbidwell@usnews.com
D.C., dreaming of San Diego
Education Reporter — U.S. News & World Report

Steven Nelson

@usnews reporter, email: snelson@usnews.com
Washington, D.C.

Kurt Loder

Movie and music scribe, sometime televisualist. Film-review collection The Good, the Bad, and the Godawful is out now: http://tinyurl.com/9kt2wpx
New York
Film Critic and Writer — Reason

Michelle Nichols

Reuters correspondent at the United Nations in New York (far from home in Australia). Any opinion is my own.
ÜT: 40.735538,-73.995448
United Nations Correspondent — Reuters

Jack Farchy

FT correspondent. Moscow and points east. Ex commodities.
Correspondent — Financial Times
Oct 24, 2014

Peter Lavelle of Russia today literally asks Putin: What's it like to be so popular?

Oct 24, 2014

Would never have guessed he worked for Russia Today

Bethany Bell

BBC Foreign Correspondent Opinions here are my own - not those of the BBC
Foreign Correspondent — BBC

Max Seddon

foreign affairs reporter without portfolio @BuzzFeedNews. formerly of @AP moscow. in soviet russia, news reports you: max.seddon@buzzfeed.com
kiev, ukraine
Foreign Affairs Reporter — BuzzFeed
Oct 24, 2014

Typically aggressive, out-of-the-box reporting from Russia Today. Don't just say that Putin is awesome - question *why* he is so awesome

Torie DeGhett

Freelance journalist, blogger and Arab rap enthusiast.
Great North Woods
Freelance Journalist


LOTUS (Lionel of the U.S.) - The bravest man in media. Renaissance lawyer, vegan, news decoder, conspiracy analyst not theorist. DM: lionel@lionelmedia.com
Hell's Kitchen, USA
Analyst and Broadcaster
Oct 24, 2014

The OECD: Japan, South Korea, Russia, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Czech, Poland, France, Belgium are better than us at hospital beds/1000.

Oct 24, 2014

The US military by analogy is always described as the best, but not against Russia or China. The same with hospital logistics and numbers.

Oct 24, 2014

The only countries worse than our 3/1K ratio in violation of Hill-Burton numbers is Great Britain and Ireland. Russia surpasses us.

Marc Champion

Marc Champion is an editorial board member at Bloomberg View ( former Wall Street Journal in Istanbul, Brussels, UK and ex-Editor in Chief of The Moscow Times)
Editorial Board Member — Bloomberg View

Grantlee Kieza

News Corp journalist, author of Sons of Southern Cross & Bert Hinkler. Once chief second for Fenech, Harding, Ndou, Bugner. grantlee.kieza@news.com.au
Senior Sports Writer — The Courier-Mail

Luke Winn

Senior writer for Sports Illustrated. Send tips/ideas to lukewinnsi AT gmail
Senior Writer — Sports Illustrated

Shaun Walker

Moscow Correspondent of the Guardian. Views my own.
Moscow Correspondent — Guardian
Oct 24, 2014

Russia Today's Lavelle to Putin: "You are the most popular man in modern history... You're looked upon as a saviour of sorts." Incredible.

Conor Humphries

Russia-watcher, Ex- Moscow corro for Reuters/AFP (For all things Irish, follow my work a/c @ReutersConorH)
Dublin, Ireland
Dublin Correspondent — Reuters
Oct 24, 2014

RT @shaunwalker7: Russia Today's Lavelle to Putin: "You are the most popular man in modern history... You're looked upon as a saviour of sorts." Incredible.

Oct 24, 2014

RT @whitegl: Putin say EU has to cover Ukraine's bill like a man in Russia would pay for his date, but Europe has different traditions

Barrett J. Brunsman

I cover @ProcterGamble and health care as a staff reporter for the #Cincinnati Business Courier. #P&G #healthcare
Cincinnati, OH USA
Staff Reporter — Cincinnati Business Courier

Dimitra DeFotis

Senior Editor @barronsonline writing about emerging market investing. Interest in energy. Knight-Bagehot Fellow, @ChicagoTribune alum, @NYWICI board.
New York, NY
Senior Editor — Barron's