What journalists are saying about Russia

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Shane Ferro

Blogger @Reuters and @Counterparties, bike racer for @rockstarwomen, lover of the internet, #s galore
New York, NY
Reuters — Counterparties Editor and Business Journalist, Reuters.com

Bruce Upbin

@forbes managing editor
Forbes — Managing Editor

Stephen Coates

Reuters editor. Journalist ex-Hong Kong, Southeast Asia, Pak-Afg, Fmr Yugoslavia, Iraq, France, Australia. RTs, faves etc don't imply endorsement.
Sydney via Brisbane
Reuters — Editor

Richard Florida

Director, @MartinProsperiT University of Toronto, Global Research Professor NYU, Editor at Large @AtlanticCities
The Atlantic — Editor at Large, The Atlantic Cities

Sophie Foster

Journalist @ The Courier-Mail, dedicated to coverage of small to medium business issues across Queensland.
Brisbane, Australia
The Courier-Mail — Business Reporter

Jake Grovum

Reporter @PewStates Stateline. Safety net, demographics, voting rights. Into vinyl, #bikeDC. Anti-sidewalk-biking evangelist. Married to @emmacarew.
Washington, D.C.
Stateline — Staff Writer

Ben Cubby

Deputy Editor, The Sydney Morning Herald. (weekday print edition)

Harry Enten

Long suffering Bills fan. Senior political writer @fivethirtyeight crunching election, sports, weather data. Former @guardianus Email HJEnten-at-gmail-dot-com
Email me, don't DM
Senior Political Writer, FiveThirtyEight
Jul 23, 2014

To look at only prez approval when Cong approval is lower than approval of Russia, you r not seeing whole picture...

Sharri Markson

Media Editor The Australian sharri.markson@news.com.au
Sydney, Australia
The Australian — Media Editor

Lara Sinclair

Online Media editor and media writer for The Australian newspaper.
The Australian — Online Media Editor and Media Writer

Anne Peterson

Associated Press Sports Writer for Oregon and beyond. Olympic volleyball writer. Proud mom of two great kids.
Portland, Oregon
Associated Press — Oregon Sports Reporter

Jesse Pesta

Wayfaring @WSJ scribe. http://t.co/zv2kKKgaNG Photography: http://t.co/iYQPGetI8u
Wall Street Journal — Writer and Page One Editor

Paul Mah

Tech guy who writes for @CIOOnline, CMO Innovation and @FierceCIO. Digital nomad with an affinity for enterprise gear, digital stuff, business IT & gadgets
ZDNet, TechRepublic, CIO — Freelance Journalist and Tech Blogger

Coral Davenport

I cover energy and environment policy for the New York Times. coral.davenport@nytimes.com
New York Times — Climate and Energy Reporter

Laura Mandaro

I'm a digital editor for @usatoday in San Francisco, formerly @marketwatch and @investors.
San Francisco
USA Today — Digital Editor

Joyce Terhaar

Executive Editor of The Sacramento Bee
Sacramento Bee — Executive Editor

Ben Terris

I've written a surprising number of stories about Republican lawmakers and animals. 202-334-9418
Washington, D.C
Washington Post — Political Features Writer

Bill O'Reilly

Producer for MSNBC
New York City
MSNBC — Segment Producer

Alex Seitz-Wald

Reporter covering Hillary Clinton and the Democratic side of 2016
Washington, DC
National Journal — Reporter