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John Ferro

Leading #environmental reporting for the mid #HudsonValley. Poughkeepsie Journal Environmental Coordinator/Reporter. Views are my own.
Poughkeepsie, NY
Poughkeepsie Journal — Environmental Reporter

John Barry

Music Writer at the Poughkeepsie Journal
Poughkeepsie, NY
Poughkeepsie Journal — Music Writer

Frederic Thys

I cover politics and higher education for @WBUR Boston's @NPRNews station. Before coming to Boston, I covered Latin America for @NBCNews
WBUR Boston — Political Reporter

Chris Hardwick

Stand-upper, Zombie Therapist, Talking Snake and POINTS giver
Lawss Angleez
Wired — Contributor

Ethan Gilsdorf

Journalist, critic, poet, teacher. Authored Fantasy Freaks and Gaming Geeks. 17th level geek. ELO lover. Hater of littering. Wears chainmail and grampy pants.
somerville, massachusetts
Freelance Journalist

Dylan Martin

Online Editor at @Mainebiz. Obsessed with TV shows, video games, cats, journalism and pop culture in general.
South Portland, Maine
Online Editor, Mainebiz

Bill Brenner

Security scribe, family man, author of THE OCD DIARIES #WebSecurity #SecurityThoughtLeadership #Metalhead @Akamai
Senior Editor, CSO