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North Carolina
Modern Family Columnist — Yahoo
Covers:  satire, it management, security, iphone apps, politics, gadgets, privacy, education, family, internet, technology, facebook, social media, twitter
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Award-winning journalist, editor, satirist, and international man of mystery.

Dan Tynan's Biography

Dan Tynan has been writing about technology since Steve Ballmer had hair. In December 2013 he joined David Pogue's band of merry pranksters at Yahoo Tech, where he has been causing trouble ever since. You can see what shenanigans they've been up to by visiting Yahootech.com.

Prior to that Tynan was a contributing editor for Family Circle magazine, where he wrote about the intersection of parenting and ...

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National Magazine Award

1999 - Single Topic Series, Best Single Issue
OK, I didn't win. But I was a finalist twice -- once for a series on Internet Privacy that ran in PC World in 1998 (I was special issue editor), one for the September 2002 issue of Popular Science (I wrote one of the features for that one, which was nominated for best single issue). Does that count? The good news: I got to sit right behind Martha Stewart at the 1999 awards ceremony. You wouldn't know it to look at her on TV, but she has a caboose the size of Montana.

What was your first job as a journalist?

You mean one that paid in actual currency, not just coffee and snacks? That would be copyeditor at Infoworld, back in the previous century.

Have you ever used a typewriter?

Yes, I am that friggin' old. Hell, I used a *manual* typewriter. Smith Corona. I still remember how Wite-Out smells (and get a little woozy).

How is social media changing news?

It's much faster & far less accurate. Also much more temporary. News cycles approaching near zero. And if it can't fit inside a tweet, well..

As open source goes mainstream, institutions collaborate differently

yahoo.com — Earlier this week, I saw what the future of building government services may look like when I stumbled upon a simple dashboard of projects-in-progress. The dashboard is hosted by 18F, the new development unit within the US General Services Administration.

10 Free Facebook Messenger Apps You’ll Actually Want

yahoo.com — Remember when Facebook Messenger was just another way to have a private chat with your Facebook peeps? It's become much more. Last year, Facebook spun Messenger off into a separate app for some 600 million mobile users. This year, Messenger became a platform unto itself, with armies of developers eager to build apps for it.

Pebble Time Smartwatch Hauls in Record-Breaking $20 Million on Kickstarter

yahoo.com — What's cooler than the world's coolest cooler? More popular than the Oculus Rift? Able to leap previous crowdfunding records in a single bound? The Pebble Time, that's what. (Pebble/Kickstarter) Last night, Pebble concluded its Kickstarter campaign for its new watch, the Pebble Time, generating in excess of $20 million dollars from more than 78,000 smartwatch enthusiasts.

Why Did Facebook Buy Oculus? To Blow Your Mind, Man

yahoo.com — Last March, when Facebook announced it was spending $2 billion to acquire virtual reality headset-maker Oculus, the world scratched its collective head and said, huh? Did Mark Zuckerberg really expect us all to don high-tech scuba masks just so we could watch kitten videos in 3D on our news feeds?

The Olio Model One: A Stylish SmartWatch That Saves You Time

yahoo.com — Right now there are two kinds of smartwatches: Geeky models like the Apple Watch or Samsung Gear S that are essentially wrist-borne computers, or fashion watches from Alpina or Mondaine that have a smidgen of technology inside. Olio, a startup whose founders hail from Apple, Google, Pixar, and NASA, hopes to create a third kind of smartwatch that combines both style and smarts.

Facebook Messenger Wants to Be Your New Customer Service

yahoo.com — The phrase "Your call is important to us, please hold" may soon become a thing of the past, if Facebook has its way. Today at its F8 developers conference, Facebook unveiled Messenger for Business, a way for retailers to communicate directly with customers via its Messenger app, which is currently installed on more than 600 million devices.

Watch: Forget work, procrastination has a magic future

yahoo.com — Forget about playing addictive mobile games or stalking your friends on Facebook while you're supposed to be working. The future of procrastination already looks much better than that, as a new augmented/virtual reality concept video from Magic Leap shows us.

5 free apps every Netflix user needs to know about

yahoo.com — Netflix giveth, and Netflix taketh away. Content is removed from Netflix each and every month, but new content is added as well. The problem is keeping track of all those additions and subtractions, and finding good content to watch when you want to watch it.

Steve Wozniak: The Future of AI Is 'Scary and Very Bad for People'

yahoo.com — We should all be getting a litttttle nervous: The robot apocalypse is brewing. Or at least, that's what a growing number of tech visionaries are predicting. In an interview with the The Australian Financial Review, Apple co-founder and programming whiz Steve Wozniak added his own grave predictions about artificial intelligence's detrimental impact on the future of humanity to warnings from the likes of Elon Musk, Bill Gates and Stephen Hawking.

2016 Chevrolet Malibu To Get Teen Driver Mode

yahoo.com — Most of us were at one point teen drivers, and we're all too familiar with the more risk-riddled mentality of youth. Compound that with less actual driving skill and experience, and it's a deadly combination. ALSO SEE: Tesla Reveals Trip Tools: Do They Quash Electric-Car Range Anxiety?
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Mar 29, 2015

@askBBT your policies suck hard. please follow me so we can have a private DM about what you guys need to do to keep my business.

Mar 29, 2015

Free Facebook Messenger Apps That Will Turn You Into MC Hammer (almost) yahoo.com/tech/10-free-f… via @yahootech @yahoo

Mar 29, 2015

10 Free Facebook Messenger Apps You’ll Actually Want yahoo.com/tech/10-free-f… via @yahootech

Mar 28, 2015

@askBBT my "perfect client experience" today has been random card declines, 3 calls & and 20+ minutes on hold. is your system melting down?

Mar 28, 2015

@JudyBott @oldpicsarchive though I'm pretty sure those are jelly filled, cuz jam don't shake like that #donutask #donuttell

Mar 28, 2015

UK vs UND is an awesome game. 31-31 at the half. 10+ lead changes. It's Ali vs Frazier on the hardwood. #marchmadness

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