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Editor-in-Chief, Yahoo Tech. Opinions expressed here belong entirely to me; my pants are another story. RTs = Real Tasty.

Dan Tynan's Biography

Dan Tynan has been writing about technology since Steve Ballmer had hair. In December 2013 he joined David Pogue's band of merry pranksters at Yahoo Tech, where he has been causing trouble ever since. You can see what shenanigans they've been up to by visiting Yahootech.com.

Prior to that Tynan was a contributing editor for Family Circle magazine, where he wrote about the intersection of parenting and ...

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How to Pitch Dan Tynan

Gratuities and bribes gratefully accepted. But please don't call me to verify that I received your email; I will send a high frequency electromagnetic pulse back through the phone wires that will make your brain explode.

National Magazine Award

1999 - Single Topic Series, Best Single Issue
OK, I didn't win. But I was a finalist twice -- once for a series on Internet Privacy that ran in PC World in 1998 (I was special issue editor), one for the September 2002 issue of Popular Science (I wrote one of the features for that one, which was nominated for best single issue). Does that count? The good news: I got to sit right behind Martha Stewart at the 1999 awards ceremony. You wouldn't know it to look at her on TV, but she has a caboose the size of Montana.

What was your first job as a journalist?

You mean one that paid in actual currency, not just coffee and snacks? That would be copyeditor at Infoworld, back in the previous century.

Have you ever used a typewriter?

Yes, I am that friggin' old. Hell, I used a *manual* typewriter. Smith Corona. I still remember how Wite-Out smells (and get a little woozy).

How is social media changing news?

It's much faster & far less accurate. Also much more temporary. News cycles approaching near zero. And if it can't fit inside a tweet, well..

You Could Be a Best-Selling Novelist - With a Little Help from James Patterson and MasterClass

yahoo.com — For not quite a year, online learning site MasterClass has allowed ordinary mortals to learn from legends. Launched last May, Masterclass's motto was to "democratize access to genius," in the words of co-founder David Rogier. So, today, anyone can sign up on Masterclass to learn how Serena Williams

13 Essential Rules for Staying Safe on the Internet

yahoo.com — February 9 is Safer Internet Day. For the last 13 years, cyber advocates across the world have used the second Tuesday in February to remind people to be careful out there. The day is now observed in more than 120 countries.

Four reasons why you should worry about online tracking (and advertising isn't one of them)

itworld.com — As I write this post, the forces of good and evil are sitting face to face in conference rooms on the campus of Apple Inc., trying to hash out an 11th hour compromise on a Do Not Track standard. I leave it to you to decide which side is the Jedi and which are under the control of the Sith Lords.
May 07, 2013

RT @tynanwrites: Four reasons why you should worry about online tracking (& advertising isn't one of them) shar.es/liuWI @ITworld #privacy #privchat

Why I Just Bought a Used Car Online - and Why You Should, Too

yahoo.com — Like a lot of sane people, I hate buying cars. I hate shopping for them. I hate dickering on price. I hate the test drives during which the salesperson prattles on about the car's wonderful features while nervously eyeing the speedometer. I hate signing my name 172 times on endless pieces of paper.

Wikipedia Turns 15: 15 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About the Online Encyclopedia

yahoo.com — Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia that any idiot can edit (and many do), turns 15 today. From its humble beginnings in 2001, it has grown into one of the ten most popular websites in the world, and the go-to source for millions of kids looking to cheat on their homework.

How Penn Jillette Used Technology to Lose 120 Pounds - No Magic Required

yahoo.com — Penn Jillette is a firm believer that too much moderation is bad for you. "I've never had a drink of alcohol in my life," says the 60-year-old illusionist. "I've never had a puff of marijuana. And if I did do drugs, I'd be a heroin addict and I'd drop LSD every day.
Dec 09, 2015

How Penn Jillette Used Technology to Lose 120 Pounds — No Magic Required yahoo.com/tech/how-penn-… via @YahooTech

How to Get the Best Deals on Black Friday

yahoo.com — For two small words, they carry huge weight: "Black Friday." It's the definitive in-store shopping day of the year, with outlets everywhere lowering prices for bargain-hungry shoppers who will flock to stores after eating their share of turkey and stuffing. Here's what you need to know in order to have

Target Cyber Monday 2015 ad now official: Here are all the details

yahoo.com — After publishing its official Black Friday ad and announcing a special 10 Days of Deals shopping event surrounding Black Friday, Target is now ready to share details about its massive Cyber Monday 2015 sale.
Nov 25, 2015

But don't forget Small Biz Saturday #ShopLocal Target Cyber Monday 2015 ad now official: Details yahoo.com/tech/s/target-… via @YahooTech

14-year-old sets new Rubik’s Cube world record

yahoo.com — (Credit: Thinkstock) The year Lucas Etter was born, the world record for solving a Rubik's Cube stood at 17.02 seconds. Fourteen years later, Etter is the proud owner of the new mark - and it's a doozie. Etter solved a 3x3 Rubik's Cube (that's the classic, traditional Cube) in an astounding 4.904 seconds at the River Hill Fall competition in Clarksville, Maryland.

Meet MST3K’s Joel Hodgson, the Inventor of Viral Video

yahoo.com — The shows' creator and host, Joel Hodgson, left in 1993 and was replaced by head writer Mike Nelson, and various other cast members shifted over the years, but it has maintained a small but rabidly loyal cult following known as "MiSTies." Now, MST3K is back.
Nov 24, 2015

“Mystery Science Theater 3000” is rebooting, via Kickstarter! Details in our interview with Joel Hodgson: yahoo.com/tech/meet-mst3…

Nov 24, 2015

career highlight: I got to spend 15 minutes on the phone with Joel Hodgson, aka "Joel Robinson" of MST3K. This... fb.me/6Rey5WdZB

Nov 26, 2015

Had a fun (if all too brief) convo w/ MST3K's @JoelGHodgson earlier this week. Read about it here: yahoo.com/tech/meet-mst3… #bringbackmst3k

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