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North Carolina
Modern Family Columnist — Yahoo
Covers:  satire, it management, security, iphone apps, politics, gadgets, privacy, education, family, internet, technology, facebook, social media, twitter
Doesn't Cover: feminine hygiene products, yankees, gluten, the large hadron collider

Award-winning journalist, editor, satirist, and international man of mystery.

Dan Tynan's Biography

Dan Tynan has been writing about technology since Steve Ballmer had hair. In December 2013 he joined David Pogue's band of merry pranksters at Yahoo Tech, where he has been causing trouble ever since. You can see what shenanigans they've been up to by visiting Yahootech.com.

Prior to that Tynan was a contributing editor for Family Circle magazine, where he wrote about the intersection of parenting and ...

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National Magazine Award

1999 - Single Topic Series, Best Single Issue
OK, I didn't win. But I was a finalist twice -- once for a series on Internet Privacy that ran in PC World in 1998 (I was special issue editor), one for the September 2002 issue of Popular Science (I wrote one of the features for that one, which was nominated for best single issue). Does that count? The good news: I got to sit right behind Martha Stewart at the 1999 awards ceremony. You wouldn't know it to look at her on TV, but she has a caboose the size of Montana.

What was your first job as a journalist?

You mean one that paid in actual currency, not just coffee and snacks? That would be copyeditor at Infoworld, back in the previous century.

Have you ever used a typewriter?

Yes, I am that friggin' old. Hell, I used a *manual* typewriter. Smith Corona. I still remember how Wite-Out smells (and get a little woozy).

How is social media changing news?

It's much faster & far less accurate. Also much more temporary. News cycles approaching near zero. And if it can't fit inside a tweet, well..

These 3 Systems Aim to Raise Your Home’s IQ

yahoo.com — At Demo 2014, where hopeful startups get four minutes to wow the world and impress investors, three smart home products stood out from the crowd. The Umbrela Smart plans to give you total control over your home via a wall-mounted touchscreen.

Android Lollipop users warn of 'unusable' devices after upgrading

yahoo.com — (Image: CNET/CBS Interactive) Users of Google's latest mobile operating system, Android 5.0 Lollipop, are warning others not to immediately upgrade, after experiencing broken apps, repeated crashes, and device slowdowns. Many are reporting early issues with calling, failing Wi-Fi connectivity and sound quality - in some cases, audio fails to work altogether.

Yahoo to replace Google as default U.S. Firefox search engine

yahoo.com — (Reuters) - Yahoo Inc said on Wednesday it struck a deal to be the default search engine on the Firefox web browser on desktop PCs and mobile devices in the United States, replacing market leader Google Inc. The deal between Yahoo and Firefox maker Mozilla Corp will start in December and is set to last five years, Yahoo said.

Facebook shutting down a key path Obama used to reach voters

yahoo.com — WASHINGTON - Barack Obama's reelection campaign pioneered a pathway for political campaigns to reach voters through Facebook when it released an app that helped supporters target their friends with Obama-related material. But as the 2016 presidential campaign approaches, Facebook is rolling out a change that will prevent future campaigns from doing this, closing the door on one of the most sophisticated social targeting efforts ever undertaken.

Dirty Secrets: 12 Strange and Disturbing Phone Facts

yahoo.com — Your smartphone. You touch it all the time, and keep it close when you're not holding it. It's probably your constant companion and, when you factor in the cost of wireless plans, the most expensive piece of electronics you own. It is also a teeming pit of filth and despair.

WATCH: Tony Hawk Rides a Real Hoverboard, Lives to Skate Another Day

yahoo.com — The king of the skateboard has probably done a million Ollies in his storied career, but this may be the first time he's gained air and stayed there. Yesterday, Tony Hawk finally got his feet on a Hendo Hoverboard, the world's first flying skateboard, taking it for a spin (literally) at the headquarters of its inventors, Arx Pax.

Explained: Here’s How Advertising Tracks You Across the Web

yahoo.com — (Thinkstock) At last week's Family Online Safety Institute's conference, the message was largely optimistic. Parents feel their kids are safer than ever online. Still, t hree quarters of parents worry about the information Web marketers collect about their kids, according to a new FOSI survey.

What Scares Parents Most About Tech? Facebook Creeps and Nosy Ads

yahoo.com — The Web isn't as frightening as it used to be, according to a new survey released today by the Family Online Safety Institute (FOSI) at its annual conference in Washington, D.C. (Yahoo is a sponsor of FOSI.) But parents are still wary of the Web, and for good reasons.

Parents, Take Note: Here’s What ‘Alex from Target’ Can Teach You About Your Teenagers

yahoo.com — Ah, Internet fame. So fleeting, so inscrutable, so potentially life-altering. This is a little story about Alex from Target and his unwitting partner in Internet meme creation, a 15-year-old girl named Brooklyn. And it's about what parents can learn from both of them.

Obama Comes Out Strong for Net Neutrality, Says FCC Should Treat Internet Like a Public Utility

yahoo.com — WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. President Barack Obama asked the Federal Communications Commission on Monday to set the 'strongest possible rules' to protect net neutrality as agency writes new Internet traffic regulations. Obama urged the FCC to prohibit so-called paid prioritisation, deals in which content providers would pay Internet companies to ensure smooth delivery of traffic.
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Nov 20, 2014

@AndreaAFuller not true. plenty of journos honor 'off the record' & couldn't do jobs w/o it. but you need to be explicit about it. #ubergate

Nov 20, 2014

@AntonM Check out the big brain on Anton. (Don't get me started, I may not be able to stop.)

Nov 20, 2014

@AntonM well I was hoping someone would notice. thanx for that. I also contemplated a pic of Sam Jackson/Jules drinking a milkshake.

Nov 20, 2014

@jason_pontin well it's either that, the blizzard, or cosby. take your pick.

Nov 20, 2014

Sitting in the 'press room' at #DEMO2014. It's like a nightmare you get from watching 'Brazil' & drinking Nyquil. pic.twitter.com/4CCln6KTtc

Nov 20, 2014

@realdanlyons on @Uber & @Sarahcuda: "If it was a movie, it would be called “When Loathsome met Awful.” #ubergate

Nov 20, 2014

@realdanlyons Used to be Fake Steve Jobs. Now He's the Chief Valleywag. on.recode.net/1yuoNvT via @pkafka this is awesome. and terrifying.

Nov 20, 2014

@JudyBott I felt your home's aura when we visited last summer. it was very zen.

Nov 20, 2014

"We use 'conscious home' not 'smart home' because it's too geeky" Matt Rogers, Nest. Because "conscious home' is in no way creepy. #DEMO2014

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