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North Carolina
Modern Family Columnist — Yahoo
Covers:  satire, it management, security, iphone apps, politics, gadgets, privacy, education, family, internet, technology, facebook, social media, twitter
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Award-winning journalist, editor, satirist, and international man of mystery.

Dan Tynan's Biography

Dan Tynan has been writing about technology since Steve Ballmer had hair. In December 2013 he joined David Pogue's band of merry pranksters at Yahoo Tech, where he has been causing trouble ever since. You can see what shenanigans they've been up to by visiting Yahootech.com.

Prior to that Tynan was a contributing editor for Family Circle magazine, where he wrote about the intersection of parenting and ...

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National Magazine Award

1999 - Single Topic Series, Best Single Issue
OK, I didn't win. But I was a finalist twice -- once for a series on Internet Privacy that ran in PC World in 1998 (I was special issue editor), one for the September 2002 issue of Popular Science (I wrote one of the features for that one, which was nominated for best single issue). Does that count? The good news: I got to sit right behind Martha Stewart at the 1999 awards ceremony. You wouldn't know it to look at her on TV, but she has a caboose the size of Montana.

What was your first job as a journalist?

You mean one that paid in actual currency, not just coffee and snacks? That would be copyeditor at Infoworld, back in the previous century.

Have you ever used a typewriter?

Yes, I am that friggin' old. Hell, I used a *manual* typewriter. Smith Corona. I still remember how Wite-Out smells (and get a little woozy).

How is social media changing news?

It's much faster & far less accurate. Also much more temporary. News cycles approaching near zero. And if it can't fit inside a tweet, well..

Your Next Car Will Have a Computer for a Dashboard

yahoo.com — If you're shopping for a new car, prepare to be startled by how smart your car's user interface is getting. Almost all in-dash displays now support a navigation system and a backup camera. Late this year, Chevy's Spark and Sonic will get smartphone integration with Apple CarPlay and Google Auto, which let the car's screen show apps from your phone.

Lyve Home Is an Ambitious but Deeply Flawed Approach to Storing Digital Photos

yahoo.com — Hi, my name's Dan, and I've got a problem with photos. The problem is not that I'm a crappy photographer (though I am). It's that, like many of us in this digital age, I've got an insane number of crappy photos stored on a ridiculous assortment of devices - desktop PCs, laptops, phones, cameras - not to mention a number of online services.

Microsoft HoloLens Is an Insane Pair of Augmented-Reality Goggles

yahoo.com — At its Windows 10 unveiling today, Microsoft saved the best for last. Forget voice and gesture interfaces, virtual reality, or Google Glass. Today Microsoft announced a next-generation interface familiar to any fan of Star Trek: Next Generation: Holograms. Windows Holographic will give software developers the ability to create a 3D holographic interface to any Windows 10 app, says Microsoft Technical Fellow Alex Kipman.

Windows 10 Will Be a Free Upgrade for People Running Windows 8 and Windows 7

yahoo.com — Microsoft will allow you to upgrade from Windows 7, Windows 8.1, or Windows Phone 8 for free to Windows 10. During today's unveiling of Windows 10 for consumers, Executive VP Terry Myerson revealed that Microsoft will allow users of its most recent operating system, Windows 8.1, to upgrade free to its upcoming operating system in perpetuity.

Plug and Pray: How to Find the Right Cable for Every Device

yahoo.com — (Thinkstock) Someday in the bright and shining future, all data will fly invisibly through the air, and all of our cherished devices will draw power from whatever surface they happen to be sitting on. Until then, though, we're stuck with cables. A lot of cables.

My $111.08 Commute from Hell, or Why Technology Isn’t Always the Answer

yahoo.com — There's a map for that I started, as I do each day, by checking Google Maps on my walk to the local Bay Area Rapid Transit station, aka San Francisco's intersuburban subway. Thanks to the real-time traffic reports Google collects from the Google Maps app and from Waze, I saw that the drive time to SF was 48 minutes - not great, but not awful either.

Why Using Facebook for AMBER Alerts Is Such a Good Idea

yahoo.com — You see them on TV and on freeway billboards. You hear them on the radio. You get them on your cellphone. And now you can get them via Facebook. Today Facebook announced it has teamed up with the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children to become an official distributor of AMBER Alerts, which seek the help of communities to find missing children.

Hackers warn not to release 'The Interview' in any form

yahoo.com — This photo provided by Columbia Pictures - Sony shows, from left, Diana Bang, as Sook, Seth Rogen, as Aaron, and James Franco, as Dave, in Columbia Pictures' "The Interview." When a group claiming credit for the hacking of Sony Pictures Entertainment threated violence against theaters showing "The Interview" earlier this week, the fate of the movie was all but sealed.

My dream of America’s nightmare Super Bowl has been dashed

yahoo.com — It was so close to becoming a reality. It appeared that Dez Bryant had made a miraculous catch near Green Bay's end zone that would have put Dallas in position to take the lead and thus keep hope alive that this could be the year that America's two most hated football teams could meet up in the Super Bowl.

6 Awesome Family-Friendly Finds from CES

yahoo.com — The Consumer Electronics Show is most notable for the toys adults crave - like ultra high-definition TVs and wearable health trackers. But each year also brings some promising products for families. As with many things on display at CES, most of these products won't be available until later this year.
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Jan 27, 2015

My answer to Is there a future for journalism/journalists? qr.ae/3e14H

Jan 27, 2015

RT @valleyhack: It's like Apple found a Microsoft behind the couch cushions

Jan 27, 2015

@Malassimilation Well if the info on that spammers site is accurate he'd be 74. So your suspicions may be correct.

Jan 26, 2015

@Malassimilation search online obituaries? social media accounts dead? maybe he's just on a long trip.... or in prison.

Jan 26, 2015

Lyve Home Is an Ambitious but Deeply Flawed Approach to Storing Digital Photos yahoo.com/tech/lyve-home… via @YahooTech

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