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Throwback Thursday: Lassie Models Mink in This Blackglama Advertising Spoof

With Biometrics, Jaguar Takes Centre Court's Pulse at Wimbledon — If you're among the fortunate 15,000 people who can afford the $4,164 ticket price to get into the stands at Wimbledon's Centre Court this week, you're surely in for a very exciting time. If you're not, you'll just have to imagine what that excitement feels like. And Jaguar wants to help you with that.

How a $0 Marketing Budget Bought Mizzen + Main a Fortune in Athlete Endorsements — Apart from being star athletes, Drew Brees of the New Orleans Saints, the Washington Nationals' Bryce Harper, the L.A. Clippers' Dahntay Jones, Pierre Garçon of the Washington Redskins and Joe Flacco of the Baltimore Ravens all have something else in common. They wear shirts from the 3-year-old brand Mizzen + Main.

MTV Star Chris 'Big Black' Boykin Pitches 'Big' New Car in Goofy Videos for Fiat — Chris "Big Black" Boykin holds Guinness World Records for eating five powdered donuts in three minutes and eating three bananas in one minute. Now comes his latest accomplishment-making the Fiat 500 look like a roomy car. He's got help.

Throwback Thursday: Bill Cosby, O.J. Simpson, Playboy Bunnies and a Tennis Tournament — Yes, it really happened: Bill Cosby played O.J. Simpson in a celebrity tennis tournament attended by shapely women in bunny outfits.

Meet the Biker Dude Allstate Is Paying to Ride to Every State Capital in America — Remember taking your driver's test? Remember how many questions were devoted to sharing the road with motorcycles? Don't rack your brains, we'll tell you: In most states, none. And that's why a scruffy, bearded biker named Nate Hudson is currently riding his custom-built 2015 Indian Roadmaster on a 17,000-mile trek through every state in America, with Allstate Insurance forking over the gas money.

Why Montblanc’s Meisterstück Is the “Power Pen” of Presidents and Potentates — It's not often that a pen finds itself at the very center of an international event, but that's exactly what happened 52 years ago when John F. Kennedy visited Cologne, West Germany. His host was Chancellor Konrad Adenauer, who invited the young U.S.

How Shinola Went from Shoe Polish to the Coolest Brand in America — You had to know your U.S. history to fully appreciate the gag on ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live on May 21. Two contestants, Guillermo and Yehya, stood on a set made up to look like that of a game show, as a shapely assistant presented each with a pair of luxury products-a watch and a leather shaving kit.

Did Starbucks Buy (and Close) La Boulange Just to Get Its Recipes? — Starbucks courted San Francisco's upscale La Boulange bakery chain for six months before buying it in 2012, for $100 million in cash. At the time, the acquisition was hailed as a definitive step to get top-shelf bakery products into the coffee giant's massive system, while also providing another avenue for expansion: 400 units within five years, some said.

Today's Dads Call Band-Aid Their No. 1 Best-Perceived Brand — As Father's Day approaches, what brand do dads think of most highly? Turns out it's Band-Aid. A survey released this week asked American fathers which brands they hold in highest regard, and the Johnson & Johnson adhesive bandages topped the list. (A different study, covered in Adweek this week, looks at the Top 10 brands dads most desire.)
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Nobody ever called the Sears Tower the Willis Tower, either.…

Jul 02, 2015

Can't drop $4K on Wimbledon tix? Jaguar's new technology will let you feel the excitement of being in the stands:

Jul 01, 2015

How an upstart dress shirt brand wound up on the backs 150 NFL and NBA stars—and did it with no marketing budget.

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Why Obama picked Marc Maron's garage as the place he finally dropped the N-word. @kristinamonllos reports:

Jun 24, 2015

RT @scottanderson: Great piece by Robert Klara @UpperEastRob - How @Shinola went from shoe polish to the coolest brand in America:

Jun 24, 2015

@scottanderson Thanks, Scott. It's always nice to know someone's paying attention to this stuff we do.

Jun 23, 2015

RT @MediaREDEF: How Shinola Went From Shoe Polish to the Coolest Brand in America (@UpperEastRob - @adweek)

Jun 20, 2015

Ann Taylor @Loft psyched that @LenaDunham wore the same clothes—theirs—for 72 hours. @stephpaterik

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