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Davina's Smart Carbs: a cookbook challenge — That Davina McCall, who graced our screens for years with Big Brother, Comic Relief and other popular TV shows, now has a cookbook out is a bit silly really. The throwaway line is: well anyone can have a cookbook these days, can't they?
Feb 01, 2016

For this month's #cookbookchallenge, I test ran Davina McCall's 'Smart Carbs', with surprisingly good results. Voila…

Made in London: Gringa Dairy in Peckham

Venison haggis, battered haggis, haggis toasties... chef Andy Waugh shares his food memories for Burns Night — 'Urgh! Isn't that the Scottish thing made from sheep's intestines?!' is the first thing people usually say when you suggest they might enjoy eating haggis. And if you've never had it before, it is indeed that Scottish thing, only it tastes much better than it sounds.

It's calçotada time in London: get your hands dirty at a Spanish-style onion party — Sit up, tuck your napkin in and set aside some wet wipes, for things are about to get messy. This Sunday you are all invited to take part in the last calçotada of the month in Brixton.

Georgia Cummings of Potage: the London foodie entrepreneur you should be following on Instagram — Who: Potage, meaning French cooking, is a London business that delivers fresh, homemade food and is run by Georgia Cummings who during the first business year in 2012 did all the cooking at home, delivering it by bike. She now has a team of 11 people, plus five advisors, and has around 1,500 regular customers.

For the love of laksa: everything you need to know about the Malaysian noodle soup — After being introduced to laksa in Singapore by a friend who grew up eating it there, I've since realised that there is something inherently satisfying about a bowl of it, with its coconut creaminess, richness, and a spicy punch that makes one reach for the nearest tissue.

Cookbook challenge: Victoria Stewart puts The 60-Second Chef to the test — Let's go back to last weekend. It is the second day in January, and I am in mum's kitchen learning how to slice an onion. But I haven't got a teacher in the same room as me; he's in London and he's instructing me via a video tutorial.
Jan 04, 2016

So this month I swapped my #cookbookchallenge for a 'back to basics' web cooking tutorial. Here's what happened...…

Victoria Stewart's top 3 food trend predictions for 2016 — M'hencha Imagine a giant sticky baklava crossed with a buttery Scottish lardy cake, throw some almonds, pistachio nuts and rose water at it, and you have something called the m'hencha - pronounced meh-hancha - cake.

Everything you need to know about drinking port this Christmas — Max Graham, whose father Johnny set up Churchill's Port in 1981, grew up drinking the stuff and remembers playing games of 'guess the vintage' when he was younger. In 2013-14 Graham opened Churchill's Port House, an eight-month pop-up port bar in Soho, in which he wanted to educate his customers about the variety of styles port has to offer.
Dec 21, 2015

Before you all get sloshed on port on 25th Dec, I've interviewed Max Graham of Bar Douro about how to buy & taste it…

Rhymes and Dines: the new foodies to follow on Instagram — Who: Two anonymous Instagramming guys in their early 20s, who met whilst doing jobs in social media. Both live and work in east London. Number of followers: 16,5K Tagline: 'Beautiful food, incredible music. Perfectly matched.' In other words, they curate a feed of other people's Instagram food snaps and match songs with them.
Dec 14, 2015

Who likes food? Music? Both together (when matched properly)? Well start following #RhymesAndDines on Instagram. Q&A…

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Feb 01, 2016

For this month's #cookbookchallenge, I test ran Davina McCall's 'Smart Carbs', with surprisingly good results. Voila…

Feb 01, 2016

smashed phone so came straight to gelupogelato for sustenance. Flavour: bonet (chocolate,…

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