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Boots Were Made for Talking, About Who We Are

bloombergview.com — If you have been reading newspapers or websites, listening to the radio or watching TV over the past few weeks, you have probably heard the news: "You CAN judge a person by his shoes." Beginning in mid-June, word of a psychology article titled "Shoes as a source of first impressions" began circling the globe.

Pushing the Pill Closer to the Counter

bloombergview.com — Should you be able to buy the pill over the counter? The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists' Committee on Gynecologic Practice now thinks so, issuing a recommendation that oral contraceptives be made available without a prescription. This anti-paternalist reform has sound medical evidence behind it, as I discussed in a column in March.

Bloomberg View: CSI will live on long after the body grows cold

biznews.com — Bloomberg View - A landmark television drama is headed toward its conclusion, and I don't mean Mad Men. CBS has just announced that CSI: Crime Scene Investigation will end its 15-year run with a two-hour TV movie airing September 27. Original series stars William Petersen (Gil Grissom) and Marg Helgenberger (Catherine Willows) will return for the finale.

'CSI,' R.I.P. - Bloomberg View

bloombergview.com — A landmark television drama is headed toward its conclusion -- and I don't mean "Mad Men." CBS has just announced that "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" will end its 15-year run with a two-hour TV movie airing September 27. Original series stars William Petersen (Gil Grissom) and Marg Helgenberger (Catherine Willows) will return for the finale.

The Nail File - Reason.com

social.reason.com — Remember the Great Depression of 1995? The New York Times consumed a zillion column inches--the most since the Pentagon Papers--chronicling economic disaster and "unrelenting angst."

Too Many Public Works Built on Rosy Scenarios: Virginia Postrel

bloombergview.com — "Infrastructure" may be one of the least glamorous words in the English language, but with the right touch the concrete and steel of roads, bridges, tunnels, dams and railroads can look as alluring as a movie star.

"Riots" by Virginia I. Postrel and Jacob Sullum, Reason, July 1992

3D printing the ancient sculpture spinning thread.

slate.com — The Venus de Milo is a paradox: the embodiment of beauty, yet disfigured. And she is a puzzle, gazing serenely at something we cannot see, something once held, we assume, by her missing arms. "La Vénus de Milo est un mystère," declared the French archaeologist Salomon Reinach in a 1890...

Chipotle Removes GMOs to Show It Cares

bloombergview.com — Offering customized dishes and generous portions, Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc. has become the new touchstone of American fast-food dining. Everyone from jeans makers to new restaurant concepts want to be " the Chipotle of" their specialty. Chipotle is the place Hillary Clinton stopped for lunch and where President Barack Obama got caught reaching over the sneeze guard.

Breaking Moore's Law? Does Not Compute

bloombergview.com — Can a relatively minor change in a single company's pricing strategies distort our picture of what's happening in the economy? Yes, if the company is Intel Corp. Semiconductors are what economists call a " general purpose technology," like electrical motors. Their effects spread through the economy, reorganizing industries and boosting productivity.
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May 29, 2015

RT @rachel_inman: Why isn't the Verrazano Bridge used in more films? BK and MHTN bridges get all the limelight. pic.twitter.com/NV96CyRibh

May 28, 2015

.@virginiahughes Journalists prank themselves w/ legit but dull study on shoes, repeat crazy stuff not in study. bloombergview.com/articles/2012-…

May 28, 2015

RT @virginiahughes: chocolate study prank may not have been so bad.covered by 13 reporters, out of maybe thousands who saw press release sciencenews.org/blog/culture-b…

May 28, 2015

Profile of the feminist law prof pushing back against Harvard's Title IX policy & the erosion of due process buff.ly/1HPfbEg

May 28, 2015

James McPherson's Abraham Lincoln bio is a Kindle daily deal, $1.99 today. Also a Q&A at the link. buff.ly/1LNgPnG

May 28, 2015

(Near-)instant gratification: Amazon Prime now offers free same-day delivery in 14 metro areas buff.ly/1J5kGyQ

May 28, 2015

@janetheactuary @instapundit @johnmaeda But you can't specialize in history or philosophy or even art history.

May 28, 2015

@janetheactuary @instapundit @johnmaeda From their website, I guess humanities=arts understood thru humanities. scgsah.org/humanities.php

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