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Glamour and the Striding Woman: The Evolution of an Icon

Michael Graves Brought Special to the Everyday

bloombergview.com — Michael Graves, who died Thursday at 80, proved that status isn't the only reason people will pay more for designer products. In the 1980s, Graves was known to cognoscenti as the postmodern architect and designer who brought colorful facades to serious buildings and put a little bird on the whistle of Alessi tea kettles.

Alexander McQueen, Empowered

bloombergview.com — From the mid-1980s until roughly 2010, the fashion business changed. What had been relatively small, privately held companies catering to niche markets became huge global brands owned by public conglomerates. Instead of annual sales in the tens of millions of dollars, fashion houses strove for sales in the billions, with spectacular couture shows providing the buzz that lured customers to more affordable accessories.

How Spock Became a Sex Symbol

bloombergview.com — When "Star Trek" debuted in 1966, showing a beautiful black woman and a dashing Asian man as bridge officers was an idealistic political statement. Turning someone who looked like Leonard Nimoy into a sex symbol, however, was entirely unintentional.

Deep Glamour: At the Intersection of Imagination & Desire

deepglamour.net — "If there were two characters I wanted to be during the sixties, they were Mr. Spock-and James Bond. The relationship is quite logical. Both displayed total self-confidence and amazing problem-solving skills. Both traveled to exotic locales, surviving any number of deadly perils. Both were irresistible to women.

Will 'Empire' Match Its Ratings?

bloombergview.com — The Fox broadcasting network's drama " Empire " is already a phenomenal business success. What remains to be seen is whether it will prove an equally remarkable artistic success. Last Wednesday's episode drew more than 13 million viewers, making the show the first primetime series since Nielsen started tracking total viewers in 1991 to have its audience grow every single week for the six weeks since its highly rated premiere.

Save the Oscars With Live Voting and Hindsight: Virginia Postrel

bloombergview.com — Sunday night's Academy Awards ceremony faces the real possibility of ratings humiliation. The Oscar telecast will almost certainly draw a smaller TV audience than the Feb. 12 Grammy Awards. True, Whitney Houston's death the day before boosted Grammy viewership to more than 39 million. But that's only part of the equation.

Why the Crusades Still Matter

bloombergview.com — The Crusades have gone from historical background to current controversy, as conservative critics have jumped on U.S. President Barack Obama's recent prayer-breakfast remarks comparing the brutality of medieval Crusaders with that of contemporary jihadi militants, including Islamic State.

Postrel: Why not hire an undrafted rookie for your team?

denverpost.com — By Virginia Postrel Bloomberg News Posted: 02/07/2015 05:00:00 PM MST When was the last time your talent-hungry organization hired the equivalent of Super Bowl hero Malcolm Butler, the undrafted rookie who came out of the University of West Alabama, a Division II school many football fans had never even heard of?

Who would hire Super Bowl hero Malcolm Butler?

courant.com — When was the last time your talent-hungry organization hired the equivalent of Super Bowl hero Malcolm Butler, the undrafted rookie who came out of the University of West Alabama, a Division II school many football fans had never even heard of? When was the last time you even considered someone with unlikely credentials for a critical position?
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Mar 29, 2015

RT @AdamThierer: Regulators must read @Make magazine each month & just wonder, "Now what the hell are we going to do about THIS?“ http://t.…

Mar 29, 2015

@margrev When Prof. Postrel was in grad school at MIT, students called Solow "God Bob" b/c such a great teacher. Samuelson, not.

Mar 29, 2015

.@knowledgeprob @ez_angus See recent correction. Turns out I get $1.99 price because I bought the print edition. Sale is indeed over.

Mar 29, 2015

Correction: Cryptonomicon is $1.99 FOR ME because I purchased the print edition. Sorry, folks. The sale really did end.

Mar 29, 2015

@ez_angus Are you not in the US perhaps? Current screen shot. (No, I'm not at Purdue.) pic.twitter.com/t4IInNbwEA

Mar 29, 2015

Sale on ebook of Cryptonomicon was supposed to end 3/23 but Kindle version is still $1.99 buff.ly/1G02vco

Mar 29, 2015

Stanford scandal: What compels elite students to cheat? buff.ly/1NrQpaZ Scary idea: Maybe that's how they got there in the 1st place.

Mar 29, 2015

Historic Proof of the Right Way to Hang Toilet Paper: Like @instapundit, I'm not changing. buff.ly/1FZZE39

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