Columnist who will soon be covering 10th presidential race. Fellow at Brennan Center. Teaching at Yale. Writing book on con-man great uncle who cheated Hitler.

The Corn Ultimatum — On August 13, the Iowa State campus in Ames will become the center of the political universe, as thousands of Republicans participate in what is frequently ballyhooed as the season's most important campaign event.

Taking Jesse Seriously — Any American child can grow up to be President. That idealistic sentiment began as part of the catechism of democracy, but through generations of rote it has degenerated into a kindergarten fable. Adults, of course, know the truth.

Mario Cuomo's 1984 convention speech provides a guide for liberals — At the 1984 Democratic Convention in San Francisco - a wan gathering of a doomed political party - New York governor Mario Cuomo delivered a full-throated liberal response to triumphant President Ronald Reagan. Eloquently challenging conservative go-it-alone economics, Cuomo defined the Democratic Party's credo as the shared obligations of a family: "We are bound one to another."

Phoning It In and Failing to Show: The Story of the 2014 House Primaries — Too often impressions of congressional primaries are based entirely on the outcomes of high-profile Senate races, write Jill Lawrence and Walter Shapiro. Rather than making conclusions based on a handful of headline races, Lawrence and Shapiro create a fuller picture of the 2014 midterm election cycle by evaluating more than 200 candidates in over 60 House primaries.

Sometimes Candidates Should Just Say No to Campaign Cash — A version of this post first appeared at Brennan Center for Justice. The gathering at a Capitol Hill Starbucks at 8:00 on the morning of June 10th remains the most memorable scene from Campaign 2014. As reported by the Washington Post , House Majority Leader Eric Cantor was holding his regular monthly fund-raising meeting with a group of lobbyists.

The PAC to End All PACs Is a Farce — Tuesday’s Democratic House primary in Arizona’s Seventh District is what the local weekly Phoenix New Times calls “a battle between Latino royalty in Phoenix.” The leading contenders for the safe Democratic seat of retiring Ed Pastor are long-time Maricopa County supervisor Mary Rose Wilcox and former state representative Ruben...

Joni Ernst’s role in sex assault case questioned — In recent days, Iowa Senate hopeful Joni Ernst has pitched herself as a leader-in-waiting on the hot-button issue of sexual assault in the military, telling Time that she experienced harassment firsthand while serving and calling for investigations into sexual misconduct to be removed from the chain of command.

Super PACs: The Nominating Committees of the Future — Even though they have come to dominate political campaigns, Super PACs and their shadowy counterparts are barely old enough to qualify for pre-kindergarten. Since these big-bucks independent groups have only been legal since 2010, we are still groping to understand the long-term role that Super PACs are apt to play in congressional politics-especially primaries.

The Primaries Project: Are the Dems on Xanax? — In the midst of the upheaval in the Republican party recently, it would be easy to forget that the Democrats are also having primary elections. In this post, reporter Walter Shapiro observes that the Democrats have swapped robust policy debates for bland statements in support of Social Security and Medicare.

The First Bimbo — She is the most famous person since Helen Keller to achieve her notoriety without uttering a single public word. Not long ago, she toured an art exhibition at a private gallery on Manhattan's Upper East Side. "She was sweet and charming," recalls the artist, who is a friend of mine....
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Jul 04, 2015

Thank you for allusion to FDR's description at the 1924 Democratic Convention of Al Smith as "The Happy Warrior."…

Jul 03, 2015

Read @JillDLawrence on Bernie Sanders as legislator. Director's cut for Brookings: Politico:

Jul 01, 2015

With Bernie in Madison, it is a perfect time to recall Howard Dean's 2003 Sleepless Summer Tour and its huge crowds:

Jul 01, 2015

Any reporter or Graham aide there, take a minute to look at the Meredith Wilson Museum that's in the other room.…

Jul 01, 2015

Shocker: I walked around the Upper West Side for 30 minutes and failed to see anyone ready to march on Macy's to protest Trump's ouster.

Jul 01, 2015

RT @mjbeckel: About 22% money Hillary Clinton raised during her 2008 bid came from donors who gave $200 or less h/t @cfinst_org…

Jul 01, 2015

In comparing Hillary and Obama fund-raising in 2011 and 2015, remember maximum contribution has been raised 8% from $2500 to $2700.

Jul 01, 2015

Hillary tells us 91% of donors gave $100 or less. Isn't it far more relevant what percentage of the overall takes comes from these donors?

Jul 01, 2015

Award for first 2016 presidential ad in my Twitter feed goes to Martin O'Malley.…

Jul 01, 2015

Is this the new Greek national anthem? "You've got to know when to hold'em/ Know when to fold 'em/Know when to walk away/Know when to run."

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