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Co-Executive Editor, reviewer and columnist for Re/code. Find us at recode.net. Email me at walt@recode.net.

How to Control Your Smartphone with a Wireless Remote

recode.net — Since the inception of the smartphone, people have been coming up with ways to use it as a remote control. There are smartphone apps for controlling your TV, turning your lights on and off, opening your front door, starting your coffee maker, and even apps for flying drones.

You Don’t Have to Ride the Tech Upgrade Treadmill

cnbc.com — And even though I personally own newer models of all these things, I think she's right. The key rule in evaluating the flood of new hardware and software that's constantly being hawked at you is this: If you're happy with what you already use, if it works well for you, don't upgrade.

You Don’t Have to Ride the Tech Upgrade Treadmill

recode.net — My wife uses her iPhone, her MacBook Air and her Kindle a lot. While nobody would describe her as a rabid techie, she's no Luddite, either. She's open to new things. But she politely yet firmly declines to upgrade any of her three main devices to the latest models.

Review: Can This iPhone Case Boost Your Reception?

recode.net — So you got a shiny new smartphone for the holidays. Great! But your initial joy may have turned to frustration by now if you discovered that, for all the fancy tech built into that new possession, your wireless carrier's reception is lousy in places where you need it to be strong.

Review: Physical Keyboards for the iPhone 6

recode.net — When Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone in 2007, he publicly scorned tiny plastic phone keyboards, like those in the then-popular BlackBerry. Standing in front of a huge photo of the leading keyboard-endowed phones of the day, he bragged that Apple's new smartphone would jettison physical keys.

Walt Reviews Hotel My Phone

recode.net — A solution - at last - to a dead battery phone? Hotel My Phone is a new app that allows you to access your contacts and make phone calls or send texts from another phone - as though it were your very own.

Review: New app lets you use your own number on a borrowed phone.

recode.net — It happens every day. People either forget their smartphones, or discover that their phones' batteries are dead. So, if they have to send a text or make a call, they borrow a phone from a friend.

How to Understand the Google-Apple Smartphone War

recode.net — When thinking about smartphones - the most important digital devices today - it's customary to think of the business as a simple market-share contest. The conventional wisdom is that, of the two players who count, Google, via its Android platform, has soundly trounced Apple, via its iOS platform. So, game over.

Review: Myris device authenticates you by scanning your eyes

recode.net — You know all those spy movies where access to secret rooms is controlled by scanning peoples' eyes to make sure they're legit? Well, now there's an accessory for your computer that does pretty much the same thing. It uses the distinctive characteristics of your irises to authenticate your identity in order to log you into websites, apps and even the computer itself.

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