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Hillarynomics: Right down the middle — By The biggest factor that will determine whether Hillary Clinton wins the White House 18 months from now is completely beyond her control: the health of the U.S. economy. Will wage growth remain anemic between now and then? Will gasoline be $2 or $4? Will the job market continue to grow?

Barack Obama is not Neville Chamberlain — Let's not fool ourselves into thinking that we have secured a long-lasting peace with Iran, or that Tehran's deeply troubling bad behavior in the Middle East will be modified. We all know the framework nuclear agreement between six world powers and Iran is far from perfect - when you're sitting at the table with the Russians, Chinese, French, and Iranians, how could it be?

Missing: Ted Cruz’s ideas for the U.S. economy — By He's a constitutional lawyer who was a star at Harvard Law School. Scary smart. An electrifying speaker. A junior senator in his first term, with a thin legislative record, no military service, no foreign policy experience whatsoever. He's never run anything and has spent most of his career on various government payrolls.

Scott Walker’s exaggerated record on jobs — By Scott Walker has been compared to Ronald Reagan by both Republicans and Democrats-sparking hopes, and fears, that he'd be just like the Gipper in the White House. Great for the jobs and the economy, GOPers say. A deficit-busting enemy of the working man, counter Dems. Is he as good as some Republicans think and as bad as Democrats fear?

The upside of American politicians being techno-phobic Luddites — Hillary Clinton, the apparently big-time emailing former secretary of State, seems to have proven the exception to a political maxim: the higher you go, the more removed you get from some fundamental tasks core to the lives of real Americans.

3 myths about ObamaCare at the Supreme Court — Americans are a woefully ignorant people. A third of us can't name even one of three branches of the U.S. government. Two-fifths don't even know which party controls the House or Senate. Millions even think that after the Supreme Court rules on a case, it's sent to Congress for lawmakers' consideration.

The far right fears Jeb Bush’s success — By One of the more memorable moments during the last presidential campaign was a GOP debate in August, 2011. Fox's Bret Baier asked the eight candidates if they would agree to $1 in new taxes for every $10 in sending cuts. Not one person raised his (or her) hand.

Would America accept a president with no college degree? — America's last four presidents have each graduated from Harvard or Yale. And indeed, most American presidents have been well educated. Of the 43 men who have been president (Yes, Obama is 44, but Grover Cleveland was number 22 and 24), just nine - Abraham Lincoln among them - didn't earn a degree.

The deficit is shrinking — Let's start with some good news: That monster deficit we faced back in 2009 - all $1.4 trillion of it - has been slashed big time over the past several years. The annual budget shortfall is still $483 billion, but stacked up against the $18 billion U.S.

The crisis that awaits Jeb or Hillary — By You know how Barack Obama likes to blame George W. Bush for the mess he inherited? The $1.4 trillion deficit, the bailouts, the surging unemployment and food-stamp recipients?
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