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11 fascinating facts about America's presidents and the White House — It must have creeped Abraham Lincoln out. There he was, at Ford's Theatre enjoying a play, when the lead actor, in character, came very close to the president (Lincoln was sitting at stage level) and began wagging his finger angrily at him.

Thanks, Uncle Sam: Wall Street’s latest score could be huge — By One of the bigger drags on the federal budget is the cost of paying for everyone's retirement. No, not Social Security-I'm talking about the gold-plated pensions for the millions of current and former employees who work for Uncle Sam. Here's a shocker: the program's in the red. Deep red.

The Enemy Approaches: James and Dolley Madison and the Attack on Washington and the White House — an excerpt from Under This Roof, from Paul Brandus of the award-winning West Wing Reports - pre-ordersavailable on Amazon and Barnes & Noble As the broiling summer of 1814 began, the Madisons continued to entertain; few concessions had been made to the fact that the enemy was drawing near.

Jeb Bush’s big, bold and probably unattainable jobs plan — By I admire politicians who stick their necks out making big, bold promises. Like Jeb Bush, who said Monday that when he's president the economy will grow by 4% a year, enough to create 19 million jobs.

The First Photo-Op President: It’s Not Who You Think! — an excerpt from Under This Roof, from Paul Brandus of the award-winning West Wing Reports - pre-ordersavailable on Amazon and Barnes & Noble Knowing that radio and movies were rapidly immersing themselves in American culture, Calvin Coolidge decided that he needed to be on the radio and in the movies himself.

Today’s candidates are dirt poor compared to past presidents — By One of the biggest issues in the 2016 presidential campaign is inequality-the big and growing gap between the top 1% of Americans and the rest of us. Candidates like Hillary Clinton have seized the issue, even though she and most of her rivals are well-off-if not fabulously wealthy-in their own right.

The Republicans’ dumb ‘no bailout’ pledge — By One of the dumber ideas making the rounds of the Republican campaign for president is the "no bailouts" pledge that GOP candidates are being asked to endorse. Along the lines of the "no tax" pledge made famous by Grover Norquist, the self-proclaimed enforcer of electoral pain to any Republican violator, the concept of this latest pledge presumes that bailouts-like taxes-inflict more economic harm than good.

Clinton Foundation cash undermines Hillary’s ‘champion’ claim — By Washington, where elected officials, political parties and lobbyists spend many hours a day begging for money, raining it down on others and trading legislative favors for it-is, as Claude Rains said in Casablanca, shocked, shocked, to find that the Clinton Foundation is just like them: awash in cash, some of it acquired from less than savory places.

The White House Correspondents Dinner is terrible. I'm never going again... after this year. — When I first started going to the White House Correspondents Dinner nearly a decade ago, I was enthralled - and not just because of the president. What political nerd doesn't want to schmooze it up with Warren Buffett, Angelina Jolie, Colin Powell, the Mad Men gang, Larry David, and Pamela Anderson?

Hillarynomics: Right down the middle — By The biggest factor that will determine whether Hillary Clinton wins the White House 18 months from now is completely beyond her control: the health of the U.S. economy. Will wage growth remain anemic between now and then? Will gasoline be $2 or $4? Will the job market continue to grow?
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Jul 03, 2015

Very appreciative of the wonderful reviews of my new history book on the White House & presidency. My sincere thanks…

Jul 03, 2015

“All of them we honor, not asking under which Flag they fought then-thankful that they stand together under one Flag now” –FDR at Gettysburg

Jul 03, 2015

On This Day. 1979: Jimmy Carter signed a secret directive ordering aid to the mujahideen -- opponents of Afghanistan's pro-Soviet regime

Jul 03, 2015

Gettysburg's eternal light (now powered by electricity) was Jacqueline Kennedy’s inspiration for eternal flame over JFK's Arlington grave

Jul 03, 2015

On This Day. 1938: On the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg, Franklin Roosevelt dedicated an eternal light memorial

Jul 03, 2015

Context: the Civil War killed some 750,000 Americans in four years - about 2.4% of the nation’s population. Today’s equivalent: 7.7 million

Jul 03, 2015

Gettysburg lasted three days and produced the greatest number of casualties in the entire Civil War: 46,286 dead, wounded or missing

Jul 03, 2015

Many historians call the Battle of Gettysburg the turning point of the Civil War - when Robert E. Lee’s invasion of the North was halted

Jul 03, 2015

On This Day. 1863: America’s future was much in doubt, as the final day of the Civil War’s most pivotal battle - Gettysburg - unfolded

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