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Freelance writer, journalist and analyst, former Executive Editor at eWEEK. Columnist at eWEEK, reviewer for NWW.

FBI Director Ignores 4th Amendment in Call for Encryption 'Back Doors'

eweek.com — By Wayne Rash | Posted 2014-10-16 Email Print NEWS ANALYSIS: FBI Director James Comey rails against encryption while calling for laws abrogating Constitutional protections and effectively bringing back the "Writs of Assistance" for tech companies of pre-revolutionary days. There's no question that the institution of automatic encryption by Apple and Google for their respective mobile devices has the intelligence community on edge.

Microsoft Seeks to Make Amends With Early Windows 10 Preview

eweek.com — By Wayne Rash | Posted 2014-10-15 Email Print FIRST LOOK: Microsoft's next operating system looks like it's building on the best parts of Windows 7 and Windows 8.1, and it contains attributes of both, but deep down inside it's something new.

Windows 10 Preview Shows What Windows 8 Should Have Looked Like

eweek.com — By Wayne Rash | Posted 2014-10-15 Email Print Microsoft has fired the opening salvo in its battle to regain dominance on the desktop with a preview edition of Windows 10 (or Wind-X if you prefer).

AT&T 'Crammed' the Wrong Customer's Mobile Phone Bill

eweek.com — By Wayne Rash | Posted 2014-10-08 Email Print NEWS ANALYSIS: Companies as well as individuals should start auditing their cell phone bills to see if they are victims of "cramming"-the practice of padding bills with unauthorized charges.

Estonia Opens Up Its Borders To New Digital Citizens

techweekeurope.co.uk — Estonia has become the first nation in the world to offer an "e-residency" permit, allowing people from outside the country to benefit from its online resources. The new "e-Estonian" citizens will be able to access "world-leading digital services" including online banking, education, and healthcare, according to the country's government.

FireChat Mesh Networking App Isn't Just for Hong Kong Protesters

eweek.com — By Wayne Rash | Posted 2014-10-06 Email Print NEWS ANALYSIS: Open Garden's FireChat mobile networking app is useful for a lot more than just allowing political protesters in Hong Kong to keep in touch. It could revolutionize how you interact with your customers and employees.

Apple iPhone 6 Shows Why Even Small Gains in Screen Size Matter

eweek.com — By Wayne Rash | Posted 2014-10-04 Email Print REVIEW: The increase in screen size is less than an inch over the iPhone 5, but that's enough to make a huge difference in usability. My biggest complaint about the Apple iPhone during my previous brief periods of ownership was that the screen was too small to use.

Microsoft Hopes Customers Forget the Past by Skipping to Windows 10

eweek.com — By Wayne Rash | Posted 2014-10-01 Email Print NEWS ANALYSIS: Microsoft makes the technical preview of Windows 10 available to anyone who dares to use it. But to borrow a concept from the Mythbusters cable show, don't try this at home. This is for experts.

Spiceworks Is Having Fun in the Cloud With Its Help Desk Software

eweek.com — By Wayne Rash | Posted 2014-09-27 Email Print NEWS ANALYSIS: Spiceworks kicks off its first cloud application at the SpiceWorld conference in Texas, where fun is part of the mix. AUSTIN, Texas-The concept of fun isn't usually what comes to mind when you think about help desk software.

Spiceworks Releases Enterprise Management Software, for Free of Course

eweek.com — By Wayne Rash | Posted 2014-09-26 Email Print NEWS ANALYSIS: Expanding on its unusual business model of giving away IT software tools and making money on system integration, Spiceworks has introduced a free network monitoring application. AUSTIN, Texas-Spiceworks has added a significant new enterprise management application to its program of providing IT tools for free.
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