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BlackBerry Samsung Alliance Could Save BlackBerry in Enterprise

eweek.com — By Wayne Rash | Posted 2015-03-02 Email Print NEWS ANALYSIS: The two phone companies may be divided by an ocean, but they're continuing to draw closer as they chase enterprise customers together. BlackBerry and Samsung are continuing to work together as a way for both companies to solve their enterprise problems market with the help of the other.

FCC Vote Imposes Net Neutrality Rules Sure to Face Legal Blockade

eweek.com — By Wayne Rash | Posted 2015-02-26 Email Print NEWS ANALYSIS: The Federal Communications Commission did exactly what President Obama Requested. But that doesn't mean he got enforceable network neutrality rules. As I write this, my email is filling up with self-serving statements that are either cheering or blasting the Feb.

Hearing Witnesses Warn FCC Net Neutrality Initiative Doomed to Failure

eweek.com — By Wayne Rash | Posted 2015-02-25 Email Print NEWS ANALYSIS: Congressional hearing witnesses warn that the FCC is about to vote on network neutrality rules that are certain to be gridlocked by years of litigation. There seems to be an assumption making the rounds here in Washington that the Federal Communications Commission's vote on network neutrality, scheduled for Feb.

Superfish Only Adds to PC Users' Sense of Insecurity on the Web

eweek.com — By Wayne Rash | Posted 2015-02-24 Email Print NEWS ANALYSIS: Despite the fretting on social media, Superfish isn't actually malware, but whether it should be pre-installed on the PC you paid good money for is another issue.

Security Experts Say Equation Malware Dead but Remains a Threat

eweek.com — By Wayne Rash | Posted 2015-02-21 Email Print NEWS ANALYSIS: Security experts say the Equation Group has long since shut down its malware operation after its cover was blown, but the code is available for cyber-criminals to repurpose and refine.

Equation Group Spyware Poses Threats Far Beyond its Original Purpose

eweek.com — By Wayne Rash | Posted 2015-02-18 Email Print NEWS ANALYSIS: New malware strain is probably related to Stuxnet, but with more scary new features that may be nearly impossible to remove if not caught in time. Think of the GrayFish malware as being something like Ebola for computers.

U.S. Bill Would Ban DoJ Warrant for Email in Overseas Microsoft Server

eweek.com — By Wayne Rash | Posted 2015-02-14 Email Print NEWS ANALYSIS: U.S. legislators are backing a bill that would ban the use of warrants to grab data in overseas computers, the same type of warrant Microsoft is currently fighting. Microsoft's troubles with the U.S.

Senators Ponder Internet of Things Security in First Hearing

eweek.com — By Wayne Rash | Posted 2015-02-11 Email Print NEWS ANALYSIS: The Senate committee members shared concerns about balancing innovation and security during a hearing on draft legislation to promote Internet safety. It's not often that you hear discussions about smart automobiles and smart coffee makers bandied about in the halls of the U.S.

Congress Weighs Legislation That Would Trump FCC Internet Proposal

eweek.com — By Wayne Rash | Posted 2015-02-10 Email Print NEWS ANALYSIS: Congress has scheduled hearings on proposed legislation that would bypass FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler's idea of using Title II to regulate the Internet A proposal as sweeping as moving Internet providers into regulation under Title II of the Communications Act is sure to gather criticism.

Poor Reliability Threatens to Slow EMV Card Adoption in U.S.

eweek.com — By Wayne Rash | Posted 2015-02-08 Email Print NEWS ANALYSIS: A trial of EMV chip cards reveals an unacceptably high rate of failures that could compromise their adoption at U.S. retail outlets. One of the store managers at a Walmart store in Fairfax, Va., stood next to me as we watched a sales transaction fail-again.
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Feb 27, 2015

We're going to really Thai one on. With @legomyth (@ Panisa Thai Dining in Burke, VA) swarmapp.com/c/gAnhpQkknue

Feb 26, 2015

The ultimate outcome of the #FCC vote for #TitleII might well be the end of net neutrality instead of ensuring it. eweek.com/cloud/hearing-…

Feb 26, 2015

.@ScottCDunn when it's in federal court federal agency concept of "early on" doesn't exist. #endless lawsuits

Feb 25, 2015

Despite the histrionics of the Twitteratti, #Superfish isn't malware, but it still doesn't belong on your computer. eweek.com/pc-hardware/su…

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