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Drone Task Force Recommends Simple Registration Process for Owners

eweek.com — NEWS ANALYSIS: The Unmanned Aircraft Systems Registration Task Force recommends making the drone registration process as easy as possible to encourage compliance. The Unmanned Aircraft Systems Registration Task Force delivered its much-anticipated recommendations for drone registration to the Federal Aviation Administration on schedule, Nov. 20.

Windows at 30: How Microsoft Changed the Personal Computing World

eweek.com — NEWS ANALYSIS: Yes, people have plenty to gripe about with Microsoft Windows, but it's easy to forget that without it, the world of computers today would be vastly smaller. It's hard to remember how the world of computers was before the introduction of Microsoft Windows. On Nov.

IT Managers Struggling to Keep Up With Cyber-Threats: Security Experts

eweek.com — NEWS ANALYSIS: Security experts say building in-depth cyber-defenses is the best way to resist the increasingly sophisticated attacks on enterprise networks. DALLAS-Sometimes unanimity is refreshing, but not when panel after panel at the Metro Ethernet Foundation's GEN15 conference here delivers the same depressing news.

Today's Huge Networks Need Agile Security Tools to Ferret Out Malware

eweek.com — NEWS ANALYSIS: With networks getting larger faster and facing ever more threats, many network products at the GEN15 conference emphasize new approaches to security. DALLAS-Over the Past year it's safe to say that both metro and global Ethernet is exploding.

Social Media Saved Lives, Brought People Closer During Paris Attacks

eweek.com — NEWS ANALYSIS: When Paris was attacked by Islamic State Terrorists, social media saved lives and offered refuge to those in danger. But it also proved to be a mixed blessing in several ways. Shortly after the attack on the Bataclan theater in Paris began on Nov.

Microsoft Delivers Promised Business Features in Windows 10 Update

eweek.com — NEWS ANALYSIS: Those business-specific features that Microsoft promised back in May have finally arrived in the Windows 10 upgrade that was distributed in phases starting Nov. 10. Back in May before Windows 10 was generally available, Microsoft executives promised a new set of features for the new OS that would make life easier for business users-particularly corporate IT managers.

Senator FeinStein Pushes for Final Passage of Cyber-Security Bill

eweek.com — NEWS ANALYSIS: The long-awaited Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act is currently languishing in the hands of a committee that has yet to be named. WASHINGTON-Saying that losses to cyber threats could cost the U.S. economy more than $400 Billion this year, Senator Diane Feinstein (D-CA) argued passionately for final approval of the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act, which was passed by the Senate at the end of October.

Consumer Watchdog Considers Appeal of FCC 'Do Not Track' Rejection

eweek.com — NEWS ANALYSIS: Consumer Watchdog is considering ways to appeal the Federal Communications Commission's refusal to force Facebook, Google and other Web sites to respect "do not track" browser settings. The Federal Communication Commission's decision not to require Websites to honor "do not track" browser settings has not deterred Consumer Watchdog's plans to get some sort of federal protection against Web user tracking.

Microsoft Facing IT Manager Resistance to Automatic Windows 10 Updates

eweek.com — NEWS ANALYSIS: Business users of Windows 10 got the first response to their change.org petition demanding Microsoft give them more control over updates. Microsoft will start deploying its much anticipated fall 2015 Windows 10 update to computers around the world starting Nov. 10. However, not every Windows 10 user is looking forward to the update.

Malware Threat Comes Full Circle to Focus Again on End Users

eweek.com — NEWS ANALYSIS: In recent years, the primary malware and cyber-crime threat had shifted to attacking servers, But cyber-attacks have turned their focus back to endpoints. WASHINGTON-The SINET security technology conference that convened Nov.
Nov 05, 2015

Malware Threat Comes Full Circle to Focus Again on End Users ow.ly/UhomZ <- Spoofers are getting really good.

Nov 06, 2015

Once again cyber attacks are aimed at the end users because the targets are so easy, said experts at #SINET16. eweek.com/security/malwa…

Nov 06, 2015

#Cyber-attacks are returninng to the endpoint because it’s much easier says @wrash. tinyurl.com/p2cvvaa

Nov 09, 2015

#Cyber-attacks are returninng to the endpoint because it’s much easier says @wrash. tinyurl.com/p2cvvaa

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Nov 22, 2015

Still waiting for test results, but it seems that my Golden Retriever has cancer. I'm really worried. swarmapp.com/c/iYXrWdb61Kq

Nov 19, 2015

@JohnLegere @TMobileHelp Thank you, sir. There's a whole series of messages that apply to this problem. I did finally find a way, however.

Nov 19, 2015

@JohnLegere I'm going to watch #TMobileHelp in their efforts to figure out why it's hard to order an #iPadPro. But after 7 tries I got one.

Nov 19, 2015

Turns out I also can't buy an #iPadPro by calling the #TMobile toll-free number, @JohnLegere because the number doesn't work. #frustration

Nov 17, 2015

View from the 19th floor of the Omni Dallas. (@ Omni Dallas Hotel - @omnihotels) swarmapp.com/c/5UMXGBSglGE pic.twitter.com/DU2gonPoB0

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