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FBI Follow Apple's Example, Says It Doesn't Have iPhone Hack Info

eweek.com — FBI Assistant Director says the agency doesn't have the information necessary to disclose how it hacked terrorist Sayed Farook's iPhone, so it can't share it with Apple or the public.

Apple's 9.7-Inch iPad Pro Delivers Versatility in a Smaller Tablet

eweek.com — REVIEW: Take the best of the iPad Pro and the best of the iPad Air 2, add some features and you have the new 9.7-inch iPad Pro. When the new Apple 9.7-inch iPad Pro arrived I soon found myself in a quandary.

FCC Commissioner Wants Tests on 5.9 GHz to Expand WiFi Access

eweek.com — NEWS ANALYSIS: Federal Communications Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel pushes for plans to begin testing radio frequencies formerly allocated for the auto industry to expand access to WiFi. TYSONS, Va.-Federal Communications Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel told a group of industry representatives that the 5.9 GigaHertz band is "our best near shot for having more WiFi" and she called for tests that it can be effectively used for this purpose.

Gates Calls for Greater Investment in Energy, Health Innovation

eweek.com — NEWS ANALYSIS: Microsoft founder Bill Gates focused on energy as a critically important area where governments should invest in innovation, while also defending Microsoft's stance on data privacy.

Drone Hit on British Airliner Adds Urgency to Calls for New Defenses

eweek.com — NEWS ANALYSIS: There's no question that irresponsible drone use endangers passenger aircraft, but most of the proposed solutions to this threat miss the mark. I glanced out the right window of the cockpit as my aircraft climbed out of Tappahannock, Va., and in the distance, I could see the sparkle of the Chesapeake on this gloriously clear day as I headed for a landing at Manassas, Va.

Media Probe Reveals BlackBerry Shared BBM Encryption Key With RCMP

eweek.com — NEWS ANALYSIS: Reporters citing court filings in Canada say that the company provided assistance to the RCMP in decoding messages in a criminal case. Canada's federal police force, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, has been decrypting BlackBerry Messenger messages since 2010, according to papers uncovered in a joint investigation conducted by Vice News and Motherboard following a two-year fight by government lawyers to keep that information from being released.

High-End Work Drones Dominate Orlando Dealer Show

eweek.com — ORLANDO, Fla.-When you go to a drone show, you expect to be overwhelmed with toys, some for grownups and some for kids that are marketed with an emphasis on flashy design or speed. That wasn't the case at this week's Drone Dealers Expo in Orlando, where nearly every drone on display was professional grade and designed to do real work.

Lack of Clear Flight Rules Hampers Commercial Drone Adoption

eweek.com — NEWS ANALYSIS: The lack of detailed drone use rules paired with drone dealers who give out information that's incomplete or just plain wrong add to the risk for commercial users of UAVs. ORLANDO, Fla.-Representatives of drone manufacturers and distributors and drone dealers say that getting the information that businesses need to enable safe and lawful drone flights is difficult a best.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Smartphone, Gear S2 Smartwatch Work Well Together

eweek.com — REVIEW: The latest smartphone from Samsung compares very favorably with the Apple iPhone 6S, but there are important differences that may affect how you use it. Samsung's latest flagship phone, the Galaxy S7 and its somewhat larger sibling the S7 Edge, are aimed at the same market as Apple's latest flagship effort, the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.

Panama Papers Breach Reveals Astonishingly Lax Network Security

eweek.com — NEWS ANALYSIS: While the vast quantity of information revealed in the breach of the Mossack Fonseca law firm far exceeds the volume taken by Edward Snowden, the main question is how this could happen?
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.@spacerog @georgevhulme You might want to actually read the article. The key word is "speculation." #readbeforetweeting

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