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ISIS-Inspired Hackers Breach DOJ Network, Release FBI Staff List

eweek.com — NEWS ANALYSIS: A hacker group claiming ISIS sympathies takes information on 9,000 Department of Homeland Security employees and releases a partial list of FBI employees. A hacker group with ties to Palestinian activists and expressing sympathy for Islamic State extremists has published a list of about 9,000 employees of the Department of Homeland Security as well as a partial list of employees of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

EU, U.S. Privacy Shield Deal Greeted With Claims It's Meaningless

eweek.com — NEWS ANALYSIS: Many see the agreement as a way to keep data flowing smoothly between the two continents while keeping the issue of data transfer privacy away from European courts. When the European Commission announced on Feb. 2 the agreement with the United States on how the two U.S.

U.S., EU Agree on Privacy Shield to Maintain Transatlantic Data Flow

eweek.com — Salesforce.com is introducing new and updated products based on its Lightning interface technology that are designed to enable businesses to run their sales operations on mobile devices. The free flow of petabytes of data transmitted by the largest corporations and private citizens will continue across the Atlantic as the result of a new "safe harbor" agreement reached Feb.
Feb 03, 2016

RT @eWEEKNews: U.S. and EU Agree on Privacy Shield to Maintain Transatlantic #Data Flow ow.ly/XTRpc pic.twitter.com/TjrQCXDF4d

Spotting Insecure Websites Requires More Than Google's Red X

eweek.com — NEWS ANALYSIS: Google's plan to flag Websites as insecure depending on if it supports the HTTPS protocol is well intentioned. But it misses the mark in terms of flagging what's secure and what's not. As you have probably heard by now, Google is apparently planning to change the way it flags websites according to their perceived security level.

Why Apple's Upgrade Cycle Change Should Benefit Customers, Sellers

eweek.com — NEWS ANALYSIS: The previous plan by Apple to only upgrade its products once per year seems to be changing, and that's a good thing for everybody. Ever since the original iPhone came out in 2007, Apple has had a predictable upgrade process.

Slower Apple Handset Sales Don't Signal the End of the iPhone Boom

eweek.com — NEWS ANALYSIS: Apple's business performance disclosed in its latest earnings report disappointed analysts. But does the fault rest with Apple's business plans or analysts' unrealistic expectations? CEO Tim Cook announced record revenues and record profits for the most recent quarter, but you could hardly tell that from the resulting hand wringing by market analysts.

Why Your Enterprise Must Pay Close Attention to IoT Device Security

eweek.com — NEWS ANALYSIS: It's apparent now that Internet of Things security is laughably bad, but you can prevent your enterprise from being the butt of the joke. The woman on the videoconference screen looked at me in astonishment. "I didn't think we had a call scheduled," she said in alarm.

Tech Companies Act to Prevent U.S. Access to Data Stored Overseas

eweek.com — NEWS ANALYSIS: Microsoft, Facebook and other companies take defensive action to keep the U.S. government from seizing data stored in the European Union. The Microsoft executive attending the CeBIT Press Preview in Hannover, Germany, let the global press representatives there know that his company was taking action to forestall any additional efforts by the U.S.

European Security Technology to Grab Spotlight at CeBIT 2016

eweek.com — NEWS ANALYSIS: Particular European concerns about personal privacy and security will be clearly apparent from companies and products on display at CeBIT 2016 in March. HANNOVER, Germany-Security is always an important part of the CeBIT technology trade show here, but this year, new concerns are on the rise for businesses in Europe and beyond.

IT Security, Drones Dominate Exhibits at CeBIT 2016 Media Preview

eweek.com — HANNOVER, Germany-IT security technology and drones were a heavy focus of the exhibitors who took part in the media preview that shows off what the public can expect to see at the big CeBIT show here in March. When CeBIT convenes on March 14, if this focus holds true -and it usually does-the space given to drones will be vast.
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Feb 02, 2016

@KY6R Hi Rich, I'm trying to reach you for a story I'm doing in regards to ham radio and the maker movement. How does one reach you?

Feb 02, 2016

@wb5oyp How does one reach you regarding #AMRAD? I'm working on a story for Yahoo Tech.

Jan 27, 2016

One of the things I found at the #CeBIT press preview in Hannover, Germany, last week was a collection of drones. yahoo.com/tech/drones-of…

Jan 27, 2016

@DavidGewirtz we revert to a monarchy. Then the government won't be any better but the scandals will be more fun. #queendonald

Jan 27, 2016

I finally caught the interview with Madonna Badger on @TODAYshow and was blown away. Everyone should see #WomenNotObjects on YouTube #great

Jan 26, 2016

Found a place that accepts books including encyclopedias.

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