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Boeing Scientist Patents Force Field Tech That Blocks Shock Waves

eweek.com — By Wayne Rash | Posted 2015-03-26 Email Print NEWS ANALYSIS: This isn't an impenetrable force field seen so often in science fiction, but rather is designed to reduce the force of destructive explosive shock waves. In 1982, I was standing on the deck of a Navy frigate watching the first attempt to launch a missile from the forecastle of our ship.

Lawsuits Aim Preemptive Strike on Net Neutrality Rule Enforcement

eweek.com — By Wayne Rash | Posted 2015-03-24 Email Print NEWS ANALYSIS: The first two of what could become a barrage of lawsuits are challenging the Federal Communications Commission's newly-approved network neutrality rules Two organizations filed suit in federal courts on March 23 seeking to block the Federal Communications Commission's decision placing broadband regulation under Title II of the Communications Act.

FAA Permits Amazon to Test Fly Delivery Drones With Usual Restrictions

eweek.com — By Wayne Rash | Posted 2015-03-22 Email Print NEWS ANALYSIS: Amazon.com gets a permit to test its delivery drones, but the company must follow the same rules as anyone who wants to fly a new aircraft. Amazon has taken one important step towards realizing its corporate dream of automating same-day delivery of products to customers by air.

CeBIT: Voice Encryption Not Just for Government Agencies Anymore

eweek.com — By Wayne Rash | Posted 2015-03-19 Email Print NEWS ANALYSIS: Encrypted voice communications are no longer just for government use as two European companies bring app-based security to voice users. HANNOVER, Germany-Secure, encrypted voice communications aren't exactly new. Military and other government users have had the capability for years.

CeBIT Puts Spotlight on Internet of Things, Robotics, Security

eweek.com — By Wayne Rash | Posted 2015-03-18 Email Print HANNOVER, Germany-CeBIT this week launched into its second year as a pure IT show and in the process moved into some significant new classes of technology. The show also generated controversy for its decision to partner with China and to feature Chinese technology.

CeBIT: Chinese Leaders Call for Security Standards, Global Cooperation

eweek.com — By Wayne Rash | Posted 2015-03-16 Email Print NEWS ANALYSIS: In speeches at the CeBIT opening ceremonies, Chinese leaders call for international standards on security and intellectual property protection and expanded trade relations.

FCC Takes Defensive Legal Stance in 300-Page Open Internet Order

eweek.com — By Wayne Rash | Posted 2015-03-14 Email Print NEWS ANALYSIS: The Federal Communication Commission's 300-page Open Internet Order is full of legal justifications in clear anticipation of the legal challenges to come. The Federal Communications Commission released its anticipated Open Internet Order on March 12, and as indicated during the commission's vote in late February, the order was very long-well over 300 pages-and filled with defensive language.

10 Gadgets to Keep Mobile Pros Productive on Road or in Office

eweek.com — By Wayne Rash | Posted 2015-03-13 Email Print I've been reviewing mobile products for years, and while I haven't written about every cell phone out there, I've covered a lot of them. But for most users, there's a lot more to supporting the mobile gadgets that streamline your day than just the phones.

Security Researchers Find Unexpected Weakness in Equation Malware

eweek.com — By Wayne Rash | Posted 2015-03-12 Email Print NEWS ANALYSIS: Experts from Kaspersky Lab say their analysis of the Equation Group's malware confirms its state-sponsored origins, but with an unexpected weakness. An analysis of the Equation Group malware that Kaspersky Lab revealed earlier this year may be the most advanced malware the company has ever seen, according to one of the lab's top security technology experts.

Feds Charge Three With Theft of 1 Billion Email Addresses

eweek.com — By Wayne Rash | Posted 2015-03-09 Email Print The U.S. Justice Department has unsealed indictments against three people, and arrested two of them, in connection with a scheme to steal email addresses from email service providers. Hackers from Vietnam and Canada have been arrested for their parts in what the U.S.
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@twcarey The inventor provides a description of how to perform a proof of concept test. It involves a helium balloon.

Mar 27, 2015

#Boeing scientist invents a #forcefield, but unlike in Star Wars this one is portable and stops shock waves. eweek.com/innovation/boe…

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