2014 NBA Preview "

grantland.com — Visit the post for more.

The Definitive NBA Court Design Power Rankings

grantland.com — Welcome to what might become an annual tradition in these parts: using the doldrums of August and September to evaluate one of those bits of style that define the sensory experience of the NBA. When you're living and breathing the league, every piece of flair takes on an outsize meaning - the mascots, announcers, arena structures, and dysfunction of League Pass Broadband.

The NBA’s Bigs Problem

grantland.com — How the evolving nature of the frontcourt has created confusion about the value of players like Greg Monroe, Tristan Thompson, and Kenneth Faried As we fly toward the Halloween deadline for players entering their fourth season to sign contract extensions, two guys are especially intriguing: Kenneth Faried and Tristan Thompson.

Kyle Korver: An Offense Unto Himself

grantland.com — How the Hawks sharpshooter became one of the most uniquely valuable players in the NBA As the second round of the 2003 draft puttered along, the Nets watched as teams ahead of them plucked every player in which New Jersey had interest.

The Kings of Confusion

grantland.com — Sacramento's delicate balance between rebuilding and winning now has left many wondering what its plan actually is It was probably the most-asked question among team executives, agents, and coaches at the NBA summer league in Las Vegas earlier this month: "So, um, does anyone have any idea what the Sacramento Kings are doing?"

Lance Blows Town: The Hornets’ Gamble, the Pacers’ Loss, and the Wide-Open Eastern Conference

grantland.com — A few weeks ago, it would have been unthinkable to suggest that the Charlotte Hornets might be a better team next season than the Indiana Pacers. But they had nearly identical records and point differentials over the final 50 games of last season, and the Bobcats were better by a mile after February 1 - a span of nearly 40 games.

NBA Lottery Reform Is Coming

grantland.com — The NBA submitted an official proposal to reform the lottery this week at competition committee meetings in Las Vegas, pushing aside the Wheel idea in favor of a revised weighting system that shifts each team's odds of getting the top pick, per several sources who have seen and reviewed the league's proposal.

Q&A: Cavs Coach David Blatt on LeBron, Princeton, and ‘The Natural’

grantland.com — What a life for David Blatt, and what a last couple of weeks. Blatt is the NBA's new mystery man, plopped in charge of perhaps the league's most intriguing team. He has coached all over the world for the last 20 years, winning consistently in Israel, Greece, Turkey, Italy, Russia, and Israel again.

Free Agency Winners and Losers

grantland.com — While slow to start, the NBA's silly season is rolling with plenty of teams declaring victory or accepting defeat Free agency isn't over, with big names like Greg Monroe, Eric Bledsoe, and Lance Stephenson untouched in the market, and a heap of minimum-level guys waiting to fill out rosters.

The Decision 2.0: OK, What’s Next?

grantland.com — The discourse around LeBron James has never been all that rational. It was stupid four years ago to build a one-hour television show around one sentence, and it revealed a baffling cluelessness from LeBron and his team about how "The Decision" would torture the NBA's saddest fan base.
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Oct 21, 2014

@NateDuncanNBA Bingo. Philly is a big market team, of course, but I'll laugh so hard if they jump from like No. 9 to win the 2016 lotto

Oct 21, 2014

@GlennQSpoonerSt It's not. Not even if you just isolated the NBA

Oct 21, 2014

@nmorlock42 Already have accomplished the former, so, you lose.

Oct 21, 2014

@PistonPowered @steventurous This doesn't really eradicate tanking as a viable strategy. Just moves the needle.

Oct 21, 2014

@accfanto Yeah, "small" market isn't even the right language. It's basically everyone outside of LA/NYC/beaches/TX

Oct 21, 2014

@NateDuncanNBA I'm not sure, to be honest, but I do see their point. I think we know less than we think.

Oct 21, 2014

@accfanto Right. And so small-market teams should want the system to stay as it is, to maximize their odds of tanking success. Right?

Oct 21, 2014

@accfanto Not quite understanding your argument re: this particular proposal. But I'm severely jet lagged.

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