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Aaron Schock's Lavish Congressional Life Is the Career He Always Wanted

gq.com — What's the deal with Aaron Schock-the Illinois Congressman currently in the news (and in political and legal peril) for his expensive tastes? I began wondering that six years ago-though at that time my curiosity had nothing to do with his hilariously decorated office or his penchant for first class travel.

Openly Gay Alabama Rep. Patricia Todd: Opponents "Only Thump That Bible When It's to Their Advantage"

gq.com — On Sunday, Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore persisted in his bitter crusade to block gay marriage in his state, telling Fox News that federal courts had no jurisdiction over God's "organic law." A week earlier, the judge had taken the extraordinary step of ordering Alabama's state probate court judges to ignore a federal court ruling and refuse to issue marriage licenses to gay couples.

Why Chris Christie's Demise Is Inevitable

gq.com — Photo: Scott Olson/Getty Images Ever since the real reasons behind "the traffic problems in Fort Lee" came to light a little over a year ago, Chris Christie has been a dead man walking.

Turns Out, Jeb Bush Maybe Not So "Digital Before Digital Was Cool"

gq.com — Ever since Jeb Bush announced in December that he was going to "actively explore" running for president, he's wanted people to know that he's a tech-savvy kind of guy. The aforementioned announcement came on Bush's Facebook page-"the first time," the Verge noted, "a major presidential candidate has used the social network as a platform for an announcement."

The legendary University of North Carolina basketball coach stood for something more than the game.

slate.com — Being a successful college basketball coach is a pretty nice racket these days. Make a deep run in the NCAA tournament-or, better yet, win a national championship-and suddenly you're afforded an authority that extends well beyond the hardwood. You get to write books, give lucrative speeches, and star in American...

The Hate-trix: Every Major Rivalry in the 2016 Presidential Race

gq.com — Photo: Bill Pugliano/Getty Images On Wednesday, Jeb Bush traveled to Detroit to give a speech outlining his plans to combat economic inequality and, in the process, to signal that he was a different kind of Republican-one who actually was concerned with the 47 percent.

The Real Speech to Watch Tonight Isn't the President's

gq.com — Tonight, Barack Obama will deliver his seventh, and penultimate, State of the Union address. It will be filled with the usual pomp and circumstance: the House's Sergeant-at-Arms will bellow; Joe Biden will mug; and Ruth Bader Ginsburg will wear a doily.

Marion Barry Dies: What It Was Like to Report on the Mayor for Life

newrepublic.com — Marion Barry was many things to many people-a hero, a scoundrel, a deeply flawed but ultimately admirable man, a tragic figure who snorted and screwed away his great potential. But for me, as a news- and politics-obsessed kid growing up in Washington, D.C., in the 1980s, Barry was first and foremost the greatest show on earth.

Segregation Lives On in University of Alabama's Sorority Row

newrepublic.com — On the first day of sorority rush last September, Melody Twilley woke up and could not find her lavender nail polish. This constituted a bit of an emergency. The night before, Twilley, an 18-year-old student at the University of Alabama, had borrowed a blue and purple slip dress with spaghetti straps from one of her roommates; the lavender nail polish, in her opinion, was essential to completing the outfit.

Harris Wofford, the 20th Century's Most Serendipitous Man

newrepublic.com — History will show that Harris Wofford did not split the wood that blazed during Franklin Roosevelt's fireside chats. He had no hand in Watergate or in Iran-Contra, nor did he pilot the fighter jet that deposited George W. Bush on the deck of the aircraft carrier from which he declared, "Mission Accomplished."
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