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National Security Editor and Host, The Buck Sexton Show — The Blaze

Host, The Buck Sexton Show on theBlaze; CNN Contributor; Ex-CIA. Ex-NYPD Intel. facebook.com/bucksexton

Hillary Clinton Should Be Worried About Prison, Not Polls

theblaze.com — Hillary Clinton schemed, lied repeatedly, and jeopardized national security in favor of her own selfish interests while secretary of state. Of course, that's not the gist you will get from the various media outlets sifting through the 7,000 emails the State Department released last night. The Clinton defenders will focus...

Putin Is Playing the Great Game of Civilizations While the West Chips Away At Russia’s Finances

theblaze.com — At first look, Russia seems to be in a bind. By the end of 2014, international sanctions had finally taken a toll. Moscow has suffered currency flight, inflation, and an economic slowdown that could quickly turn into a recession. Apple stopped selling its products in Russia, and lines for...

Make No Mistake About It - These Anti-Cop Protests Are Occupy Wall Street All Over Again

theblaze.com — As I sit here writing, I can hear the sirens from my apartment, and rotors of police helicopters overhead. They are back. Once again, protestors are unleashing a spasm of anger and disruption onto the streets in New York, and with similar marches across the country, are...

Obama’s Amnesty Order Lights the Fuse on an Immigration Time Bomb

theblaze.com — Yes, Obama acted like a monarch last week with his unilateral amnesty for illegals. He aggressively violated the limits of presidential authority he himself had repeatedly recognized in the past and issued an executive order legalizing millions. As many have said, the President has indeed acted like a progressive...

It’s Time to Lay Waste to the Islamic State

theblaze.com — They beheaded another one of ours. The psychotic savages of the Islamic State have claimed a third American victim. Peter Kassig once served as a U.S. Army Ranger. Starting in 2012, he founded a relief organization for the victims of the Syrian civl war. Kassig took food, medicine...

If Violence Erupts Again in Ferguson, The Democrats Have Blood on their Hands

theblaze.com — The grand jury for the Michael Brown shooting will announce its decision within weeks, perhaps even days- and among those in the Ferguson area, there seems to be little doubt about what is coming if no indictment is handed down. Businesses and residents are boarding up windows, hoarding...

Iraq Is a Catastrophe, but Not Yet a Caliphate: Four Big Predictions of What Will Happen Next

theblaze.com — The world watched in horror as jihadist terrorists swept across large swathes of Iraq last week. The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria ("Sham"), referred to as ISIS, launched a bold jihadist invasion, seizing substantial war spoils and reportedly executing large numbers of captured soldiers. There is panicked...

MARK LEVIN: ‘Anti-Semite’ Kerry Should Resign

The Buck Sexton Show 04/23/14

soundcloud.com — Will Cain fills in for Buck The Buck Sexton Show is LIVE weekdays from 12pm - 2pm ET, only on TheBlaze Radio Network. www.theblaze.com/radio Twitter: @BuckSexton Facebook: Buck Sexton

Five Questions and Answers That Tell you Everything You Need To Know About US Response to the Ukraine Crisis

theblaze.com — Vladimir Putin has already won in Ukraine. The pro-western movement in Kiev is basically on its own. The only question left is how far Putin will go with his intrusions, including a possible invasion of the pro-Russian East and the de facto bifurcation of the Ukrainian state. Either...
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Oct 21, 2016

RT @beckycliffe06: American sloth lovers - I'll be live on @theblaze with @BuckSexton today at 12:30 to discuss all things sloth! Perfect lunch time listening💚

Oct 20, 2016

@gabriellahope_ this is among the greatest trump quotes of all time. And that's saying something.

Oct 20, 2016

@Isla_78 correct. A life vs a life conflict is a morally consistent position to hold.

Oct 20, 2016

The national poll I want to see is Hillary vs Generic American, pulled off street at random without criminal record or history of violence

Oct 19, 2016

That this is the final presidential debate of this election should be considered a big win for all Americans #debatenight

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