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A new western battleground and an old problem in Ohio?

cnn.com — Is Hillary Clinton conceding Ohio? The official answer from her campaign team is an emphatic 'no.' But Donald Trump has opened up a small lead in the Buckeye State, and even as they insist they are still in play, Clinton aides are quick to tell inquiring reporters that she can get to 270 electoral votes and the presidency without it.

Trump's debate prep strategy

newsok.com — Donald Trump's debate study habits, Hillary Clinton's strategy on millennials and the latest electoral trends in swing state Ohio -- they're just some of the future headlines in our "Inside Politics" forecast this week. The first presidential debate is a week from Monday, and Donald Trump has made time on his Sunday schedule for prep sessions with senior advisers.

Trump's debate prep strategy

cnn.com — The first presidential debate is a week from Monday, and Donald Trump has made time on his Sunday schedule for prep sessions with senior advisers. But the unconventional nature of his candidacy extends to his study habits, and some on his team are a bit worried.

Pence offers to help embattled GOP senators

newsok.com — SEP 4, 2016 - Donald Trump's fund-raising dilemma, Hillary Clinton's return from summer "vacation," competing election forecasts and how Mike Pence fits into the GOP Senate strategy filled the final Sunday trip around the Inside Politics table this summer.

Pence offers to help embattled GOP senators

cnn.com — Hillary Clinton's big fund-raising edge has a lot of Republicans worried -- and they say the clock is ticking as Donald Trump labors to close the gap. CNN political reporter Sara Murray reports that Trump's children are part of the campaign plan to bring in more money over the next month to six weeks.

Clinton's debate strategy: It's about setting low expectations

cnn.com — These stories and more are a part of the "Inside Politics" forecast this week. Hillary Clinton's campaign has an eye on the 2000 presidential race as it tries to frame the expectations for her upcoming debates with Donald Trump. Back then, Democrats think they made a mistake by ridiculing George W.

Why there could be more Trump turmoil to come

cnn.com — Additions in politics often bring subtraction. Paul Manafort, for example, resigned Friday as chairman of the Trump campaign, just days after his role was significantly reduced with the hiring of a new campaign manager and chief executive. And there's word that more of the team Manafort brought in is thinking about leaving.

The winding road: A Q&A with Joann + The Dakota

leoweekly.com — Joann Jene is the lead singer and songwriter for Joann + The Dakota, formed in 2013 with Lyle Edward from Discount Guns, Nick Stinnet from Frontiers, as well as Jason Sturgill and Megan Bridges. Their first album, Junk Drawer, was released last year. LEO: You are from the northern Indiana town of Hobart, just outside ...

GOP tries to move beyond 'week from hell'

cnn.com — We look at these stories and more in this week's "Inside Politics" forecast. Charles and David Koch are infamous in political circles for their big-money donations, usually to GOP causes. The two conservatives are snubbing Donald Trump this cycle. Younger brother Bill Koch, however, is helping the Republican nominee.

Why Trump is campaigning in blue states

cnn.com — Those stories and more are all part of today's "Inside Politics" forecast. Election Day is 100 days from Sunday, and so the candidates are getting more serious about where they spend their time and money. But there is still a bit of experimenting going on -- or in Trump's case, maybe a little bit of pride and stubbornness.
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