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Columnist at New York Times... writer elsewhere, plus a novel underway. It's Doctor Kit, not Mister. Tweets=my own, red hair=not

Red-haired, recovering scientist, writer, photographer, thinker, not a dancer, but am terribly unhappy with filling in biography sections on sites like this. Feeling compelled to make a joke. Can't think of one. Hence will just waffle on a bit about my rather zig-zag career to journalism, mention my novel-in-writing, point out that explaining complex things in accessible ways is a specialty of mine, and close with a brief reminder ...

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What was your first job as a journalist?

Writing for Gizmodo

Have you ever used a typewriter?

Yes. I loved typing on one.

How is social media changing news?

Astonishingly, irrevocably, and from the inside out. Immediacy, access and un-verifiability are the watchwords.

Your Phone Can Help You Get Fit — YOU don't need to strap a fancy Fitbit or Apple Watch around your wrist to get fit. All you need is your phone and the right apps to track exercise sessions, get motivated or take tips on what exercises to do to achieve your health goals.

To learn music, pick up your phone — Some inexperienced musicians can't resist strumming a guitar or plunking out a few bars of "Chopsticks" on a piano. But it's easy to start learning an instrument right on your smartphone. Yousician Yousician, free for iOS and Android, is a fabulous way to start learning piano, guitar, ukulele or bass.

Keeping the Political Wool From Being Pulled Over Your Eyes — DO you know a logical fallacy from a statistical improbability? Do you know correlations from causations? This year's presidential election is full of facts, figures and arguments spouted by the candidates, pundits and many others. To sort through all the noise, there are apps to help you understand logic and basic math, which may well be worth brushing up on before casting your vote.

Answering the Call of the Election Season — DISCUSSION of the presidential election is everywhere, from TV to water-cooler conversations. So you might as well embrace it on your phone, with apps to help understand the political positions of candidates and keep up on election issues.

After You Strengthen Your Passwords, Here’s How to Store Them — THE recent revelation that the account information of at least 500 million Yahoo users was stolen in 2014 was a big reminder that we all need to be smarter about our digital security. That includes our smartphones, which are increasingly the repositories for all sorts of information about our digital lives.

More Fun on Your Wrist With New Apps for the Apple Watch — APPLE this month released a faster, smarter Apple Watch and also sped up its first-generation smartwatch with a faster chip. The speed increase will help watch apps run more smoothly, and plenty of great software is available to take the improved watches for a test drive.

Here Come the iPhone 7 and iOS 10 Apps: What to Try First — APPLE released the iPhone 7 last week along with iOS 10, a major upgrade for its popular mobile operating system. What better time to download some apps to take the new hardware and software for a spin? In one update, Apple's messaging system, iMessage, got a turbo boost.

To Take Up a Musical Instrument, First Pick Up Your Phone — WHEN given the opportunity, some inexperienced musicians can't resist strumming a few chords on a guitar or plunking out a few bars of "Chopsticks" on a piano. But with the right app, it's easy to start learning an instrument right on your smartphone.

Apple Didn’t Invent The Headphone Jack — Look... don't even talk to me about the Lightning headphones on the iPhone 7s. No matter what Apple chose to do, no matter what you think about it, the 3.5mm headphone socket is gone gone gon e.

Organizing Your Thoughts With Note-Taking Apps — MANY of us use our phones to jot down notes, whether we're in a class, at an interview or trying to remember a shopping list. And many apps are available to help. One fabulous option for both students and professionals is Noteshelf.
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Oct 26, 2016

@WIRED "Would you be so kind as to pass me my brains? They're in that jar over there"

Oct 26, 2016

@WillOremus You can try this tech out now, via the 123D Catch app (works similarly) 

Oct 26, 2016

RT @htsuka: Apple: "We're not just for play. You can get real work done!" Microsoft: "We're not just for work! You can really…

Oct 26, 2016

Next #windows10 will be called the "Creators Update" ... due early 2017. Noteworthy that Apple is traditionally the creator's friend #3d

Oct 26, 2016

In other words, it's a commodity, largely ignored, not especially interesting, just something you use without thinking about all the time

Oct 26, 2016

@BrianRoemmele Yup! Going to be an interesting near-future for payments (am watching from here, where digital pay is quite common but not 🍎)

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