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Yuneec Breeze: The idiotproof $500 drone with 4K video — There's no shortage of drones to choose from. What's weird, though, is that the drones available to us normal people tend to fall into two categories. With its new Breeze drone, Yuneec has attempted to create a drone for the rest of us.

The Bright Side of Internet Shaming — Brian Williams. Anthony Weiner. Social media mogul Sean Parker. Plagiarist Jonah Lehrer. Walter Palmer, the dentist who shot Cecil the lion. The woman who sued her nephew in Connecticut for knocking her down with a hug at his eighth birthday party. The tourist who gave the finger to a "Silence and Respect" sign at Arlington National Cemetery.

MacOS Sierra: A small, sweet upgrade, yours free — Every fall, Mac fans receive a gift from Apple ( AAPL): a new, free version of the Mac operating system and its apps. This year, it has a new name: macOS Sierra. ("macOS" will be the replacement for the now-retired name OS X. Well, good; that always sounded like you were saying something about sex.)

Life Without iPhone Headphone Jacks: Q&A | RealClearMarkets

Life Without iPhone Headphone Jacks: The Q&A — It's official now: There's no 3.5-millimeter headphone jack on the latest iPhones. Or the latest Motorola phones. Or LeEco phones in China. And it will be disappearing from other brands, too. "WHY!?" scream the masses. "WHY!?" Actually, that's not the masses' only question.

Apple iPhone 7 and 7 Plus hands-on: Better, faster, stronger — Today, for the tenth consecutive year, Apple unveiled a new iPhone. This time, it's called the iPhone 7. After the presentation, the 500 invited journalists crammed into a hands-on room, where we got to spend about an hour with the new phones.

Gadgets Are Garbage—So Here's How to Keep Them Out of the Landfill — Every now and then the public rises up to make an industry clean up its environmental act. As a result, car companies now offer hybrids, electrics and alternative-fuel cars. Beverage companies are making their bottles with a lot less plastic. New laws have reduced the chemicals that cause acid rain by 76 percent since 1980.

Why the headphone jack must die — Wednesday morning, Apple ( APPL) will unveil the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. As you've probably heard, they won't have headphone jacks. Yes, that's right: The headphone jack is going away, starting now. And not just on the iPhone. In fact, Apple's not even first.

Digitizing Your Analog Movies Is Just the Beginning — In my Scientific American column this month I mused on the increasing urgency of our need, as a species, to rescue everything we've ever recorded on magnetic tape. All those billions of hours of VHS tape, camcorder tape and audio tape are slowly rotting in our basements and attics.

My quest for the world's best e-bike — You'd swear that the Faraday Porteur is some European-designed import: Light and small, and with minimal clutter, no visible motor, bamboo fenders, classic steel frame, leather handgrips and seat. There's a nice chain guard to keep the smudges off your pants, and a shock absorber in the front fork.
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Sep 25, 2016

Here’s my complete poetic farewell to Charles Osgood, who’s stepping down from “CBS Sunday Morning”… 

Sep 25, 2016

This morning, in rhyme, I joined other “CBS Sunday Morning” teammates in bidding adieu to our host, Charles Osgood. 

Sep 24, 2016

@Geoff_Terp86 @nina_marie_ but the movie is in Dolores Park! Can you imagine the nostalgia I'm feeling?

Sep 24, 2016

@Geoff_Terp86 @nina_marie_ i'm here for less than 24 hours this time – but I'm here all the time. I'll definitely let you know!

Sep 24, 2016

So great! Free "Star Wars" in the park on a warm joyous San Francisco summer night!

Sep 21, 2016

RT @YahooNews: Here’s @pogue’s guide to all the slick things you can do with Apple's overhauled messaging app…

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