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@Marilynajohnson From a sybaritic point of view or based on how a shutdown could trigger an outbreak of Japanese Type-B encephalitis in Washington?
@ChefQParis @WholeFoods @amazon Be careful, Chef. Asking America to "arêtes un peu et sois sage" will result in being served a healthy JELL-O salad. Fun for the entire family.
America Inconvenienced. Yes, we have no bananas. The @WholeFoods "hot bar" is empty. Those @amazon lemons look Soviet. Spiritual decay, moral narcosis ensues. The revolution turns bloody when the snacks run out. 
French is an official @UN language, b/c it's the language of diplomacy. Translate this: L'ONU est comme Gros Jean comme devant. Clearly, the N in ONU is an acronym for nigauds.
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