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On holidays for a couple of weeks. All correspondence to @Rabe9
@AustralisTerry Is it just one of you who's putting this stuff out there? Hopefully those who aren't responsible will tell the person who is to pull their head in. Can't really take you seriously otherwise.
@AustralisTerry That sentence makes no sense. I at least understand using the word prostitute as a verb, but don't pretend you weren't using sex worker stigma to score points. The issue for me is seeing 'progessive' voices happily turn to misogyny when it suits their politics
@stationmum101 @WhoresofYore To me it's duplicitous if you're happy to back women up when it reflects your politics, but then throw certain types of women under the bus when making other political points.
Can I expect a response on this @AustralisTerry or is this something else you're going to ignore because it doesn't suit your narrative? Happy to take it to the DMs or even discuss over the phone if you want.
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