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@JessicaHuseman @ShaunKing @marimolina385 @DrBeagleman1 @CatStaggs I think that was his point, not that there were literally no stories about it or that he was the first person to ID the victims.
@JessicaHuseman @ShaunKing @marimolina385 @DrBeagleman1 @CatStaggs After some loser shoots up a school, his photgraph ends up on every loal news channel and reporters are flown out ro his home town to learn how he got radicalized. Why aren't the same resources devoted to these victims?
Remembering the time last year when United Airlines offered another woman whose dog died after a flight $1,100 in exchange to keep quiet.  https://www.consumeraffairs.com/news/how-united-airlines-handled-the-death-of-a-dog-they-were-unable-to-accommodate-041217.html 
RT @Asha_Suzanne: If the primary gateway to child sex trafficking is childhood homelessness perhaps the appropriate response would be… https://t.co/igyHQNK9ys
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