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Storing and Re-Heating Tricks and Tips to Survive the Holidays

chowhound.com — Maybe you're superhuman, but the rest of us mere mortals can't possibly make an entire, elaborate holiday dinner all on the big day and have everything as warm or cold as it should be, all at the same time, just as guests are ready to eat. And maintain our sanity.

Who Knew That 'Shark Tank' Was Such a Delicious Food Incubator?

chowhound.com — The food industry is freakin' tough, what with low profit margins, perishable products, competition from me-too companies, and food safety and ethics scandals. Kudos to those who try and especially to those who are succeeding, like those gutsy contestants on ABC television's Shark Tank.

3D mammography new tool in fight against breast cancer

lohud.com — Prevention and early detection are watch words in the fight against breast cancer and there's a new tool to help with both. On Sept. 28, Nyack Hospital began using a new breast imaging machine that performs 3D mammography, known in the medical field as breast tomosynthesis, which has proven to have better accuracy than digital mammograms alone.

What’s the Difference Between Cold-Brewed Coffee and Iced Coffee?

chowhound.com — When it's too hot outside to swallow a steaming caffeinated beverage, much less hold it, you're more likely to choose a cold cup of java for your morning jolt or afternoon pick-me-up. You've seen this cold brew coffee trend the last several years.

67 Most Delicious Comfort Foods You Can Find In Westchester

westchestermagazine.com — by Amy Sowder | Photography by Andre Baranowski Comfort food is the edible equivalent of your childhood blankie: Its warmth envelops you, making you feel cozy, lethargic, and contented. These typically warm, soothing, and traditional meals and snacks evoke a sentimental, sometimes nostalgic, feeling of well-being.

Goodbye To Waste

westchestermagazine.com — The peels and ends of the vegetables at Blue Pig in Croton are not thrown away but used to make stock Food "scraps" are playing more imaginative roles these days, as awareness rises that one-third of the food produced for human consumption in the world gets lost or wasted every year, according to the United Nations Environment Program.

Orthopedics: Got pain? New surgeries, treatment options speed healing and recovery

lohud.com — Got pain from arthritis or a sports injury? Maybe it's genetics or perhaps a car crash contributes to an aching neck or back. Whatever the orthopedic ailment, patients in Westchester and Rockland now have more less-invasive options than ever before.

Orthopedics: Finding the right surgeon is key

lohud.com — Florence "Flo" Hannes was a tough customer, but Dr. Arup K. Bhadra won her over. Hannes, 70, is an occupational therapy professor at Orange County Community College/SUNY, and her husband is a pediatrician. Ten years after a doctor told her she'd be a candidate for total knee replacement surgery, she finally decided to do it and started interviewing doctors.

Orthopedics: After double hip surgery, Yonkers man is dancing in the streets

lohud.com — Orazio Saraceno could deny it no longer when he watched himself on a YouTube video, walking his daughter down the wedding aisle in Mexico. He was limping and shuffling. "I was wobbling. Ah, I was horrible. I knew I was in bad shape, but seeing it, I was like, 'I have got to do the surgery.'

Orthopedics: Physical therapy plays crucial role in recovery

lohud.com — Tracy Urvater is not a massage therapist. Don't think of her as a personal trainer either. Her treatment plans may involve manual therapy and exercise, but she's a medically trained physical therapist who specializes in orthopedic patients. Often, people go to physical therapists first when they injure a shoulder, hip or knee joint, and if that doesn't work, they turn to an orthopedist.
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