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Listen, I get it’s unfair to pick on someone like Greg, but implying Dreamers somehow “refuse” to become citizens is so ignorant, so reprehensible, and so imbecilic that I cannot help myself. #mtpol  https://twitter.com/gpstberg/status/954408688151814144 
"We haven't heard crickets from them, until the last day or two," says @SenatorTester, on R's like @SteveDaines who suddenly remembered 9 million kids who need health insurance when it became convenient to them. "Where ya been?" #mtpol
Daines’ hypocrisy has, against all odds, climbed to a new, sickening height. Hard to imagine something worse than ignoring CHIP for 110 days, attaching it to another controversial bill, then blaming Dems for not supporting it. #mtpol  https://twitter.com/stevedaines/status/954385459291000832 
Watching outfielders play catch with each other in between innings is my favorite part of going to pro baseball games.  https://twitter.com/BMcCarthy32/status/954141125144530944 
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