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Key takeaways: big, giant federal subsidy program and public investment in research is working. (Every outlet that covered the right’s contrived Solyndra bullshit should be all over this story instead.) And all those coal jobs are going to disappear even faster than expected.
The wild thing about this is that the math will only get better — solar & wind are going to keep improving and getting better in leaps and bounds the way smartphones did early on. Extractive non-renewable energy sources often get more expensive as they age, by contrast.
This is really extraordinary: renewable energy is significantly underpricing coal, already. And it’s getting cheaper fast. Obama-era clean energy subsidies & tech breakthroughs in the U.S. & China are changing things *faster* than even optimists predicted. 
RT @eorlins: I thought @ManhattanDA wasn’t prosecuting theft of services cases anymore. Have already arraigned multiple cases to…
RT @lil_mermaid: i came to the bathroom at work to do two things: pee and play animal crossing on my phone. and i’m all out of pee
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