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Ashley Monae

Brooklyn, NY
Assistant Music Editor, BET and Freelance Writer — Black Entertainment Television (BET), Freelance

Finessin' the English language in my spare time: @BET, @PaperMagazine, @Billboard, @NylonMag.

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Ashley Monaé is a writer with a passion for storytelling on a digital platform. She writes about music, entertainment and fashion, and the intersections of the aforementioned.

Have you ever used a typewriter?

Yes. I'm too anal about mistakes though to use one IRL today. It would take me forever to perfectly type out an article, LMAO.

What tools and software do you use to do your job?

Wordpress, SEO, Google Docs, Google Analytics, etc.

Did you work for your high school newspaper? If so, what did you do there?

Nope. I still turned out as a pretty trill writer. Who would have thought?