Wait, who are you again? Five networking apps for remembering and connecting at events

Sep 04, 2013
Wait, who are you again? Five networking apps for remembering and connecting at events

In honor of the 2013 PRWeek Conference we've compiled a list of the best apps to remember all those people you happen to run into along the way, and meet new people in the meantime. Use these apps to connect, remember, and meet people in your networking circles:

1. LinkedIn (iOS, Android)

This one may sound like a give-in, but there are plenty of people out there not utilizing this tool to its full potential. Join groups and share articles on LinkedIn to give your connections updates about what you have in the works. Search for people you've met at conferences, or connect with them right away so you don't forget who they are. Don't remember someone's name but remember where they worked? Search by company first. Be weary though, some people won't connect on LinkedIn unless they've actually met you face to face. Don't abuse the power of this connection tool. 

2. CardMunch (iOS)

This business card-collecting tool, which syncs with LinkedIn, saves you the trouble of manually adding information to your contact lists later on. Scan business cards and upload the information right to your phone. You have to have LinkedIn to use this tool, but per the previous app recommendation, you should already have it! If you aren't on LinkedIn, you can use Bump (iOS, Android). To collect someone's information by 'bumping' they have to have the app installed on their phone as well. 

3. Evernote Hello (iOS, Android

This app is very similar to CardMunch or Bump in that it scans business cards. But, Evernote works on a cloud-based system, letting you sync the information to your desktop. To save you the trouble of remembering how and where you met this person, Evernote Hello will also populate your location. Once uploaded, the business card is matched up with a LinkedIn and Facebook profile. 

4. HootSuite (iOS, Android)

Never miss a beat with HootSuite on your Android or iPhone. This social media manager lets you sync your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare, and more all to your mobile device. You can't miss a mention, message, or Tweet if someone is trying to reach you after a face-to-face meeting at an event. On your Twitter stream you can even add a search feature that will gather mentions of a term, like the title of the event you're at, or a trending hashtag that you want to be on the lookout for. 

5. MeetMe (iOS, Android)

So, you've met someone at a conference and followed up, but they work on the other side of town. MeetMe will let you select a point A and a point B, and give you options for meeting in the middle. This will ensure that no one has to travel too far out of the way for a coffee shop or restaurant meeting. 


With the rise of social media and smartphone apps it's difficult to have an excuse for not connecting with someone or following up, so start making connections. What kind of apps do you use to network during or post events?

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