Q&A with the New York Daily News' Tracy Miller: "There's always something new to learn"

Sep 11, 2013
Q&A with the New York Daily News' Tracy Miller: "There's always something new to learn"

This month, we're taking on health and medical news with Tracy Miller, health reporter at the New York Daily News. She's the guest for our September How to Pitch a Journalist event, and will be offering insights in how to pitch a journalist, particularly those who target the health and medical beats. 

Tracy has been a health and medical reporter at the Daily News since January of this year, and worked previously a senior editor at NYDailyNews.com. She also periodically covered health and wellness as a senior online editor and video producer for Prevention magazine. She's a Brooklyn-ite and a street hockey player who still finds time to write about the 'thinspiration" fad among young teens, video games that may help fight cancer, and more.

In an email interview, Tracy gave us the low-down about her inspiration for becoming a journalist and other answers about her life in general. Here's her take on it all: 

Muck Rack: How did you become a medical/health reporter? What drew you to that field?

Tracy Miller: I first worked on health stories as a web editor at the New York Daily News, then got a crash course during my years as a senior online editor at Prevention magazine. It was a lucky accident more than anything, as I never really planned for that to be my beat - but I like it because it's a topic that speaks to everyone and there are always surprising new scientific developments as well as people's stories to tell. There are so many angles from which to cover health, which keeps things interesting as a reporter and editor. 

MR: What's your favorite story you've ever written? Why?

TM: I could never choose one favorite, but this recent story about the organization Back On My Feet stands out. It really underlines the fact that taking care of yourself and making good health a priority is the first step in accomplishing other goals. 

MR: What's your favorite social media tool for journalism? Why?

TM: Twitter! Although I find it distracting at times, it points me to a lot of great stuff. 

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MR: How do you feel about the current state of journalism? Where do you see its future headed?

TM: It's a little crazy how much things have changed since I entered the field. I think the current state is all about experimentation with new platforms, new tools, new business models, and I hope that never stops - I'm glad I found a career where there's always something new to learn. I'm an optimist about the future of journalism. I think there will always be a market for smart, innovative and informative.

MR: Why did you decide to become a journalist?

TM: I love writing, editing, meeting new people and staying up late. 

MR: What do you look for when you receive a pitch?

TM: Timeliness; if the pitcher has a specific or compelling reason for wanting to reach me/our audience; and I especially like when a pitch tells me something I haven't heard before that I wish I had known.

In case that wasn't enough, come see what Tracy has to say during our September event. You may even find out more about her affinity for street hockey.

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