Cassey Ho from Blogilates on how to improve your YouTube presence

Oct 18, 2013
Cassey Ho from Blogilates on how to improve your YouTube presence

For Cassey Ho, Fitness superstar, YouTube famous workout guru and Blogilates founder, the buzz doesn't stop on her social media platforms. She isn't just known for her skills at the gym, but also for her online presence (She was a Shorty Awards winner for the Social Fitness category!). Some journalists are talking about her inspiration, especially with a widely shared New York Times article written by Brooks Barnes about Richard Simmons joining the online fitness craze. Not only that, but some journalists like to take part in the Blogilates routine, like Silicon Valley Reporter Elisabeth Oberndorfer. Orberndorfer tweeted about going to the Fitness Blogger Meet and Tweet, hosted by Fitness Magazine. Tori DeGhett, freelance journalist who has been featured in the Guardian, was featured in a post with Cassey for the "5 Must-Read Tumblrs Run By Women"

Cassey has over 90,000 Twitter followers, over 200,000 Instagram followers, and over 800,000 YouTube subscribers. Her blog includes full fledged workout and meal plans, and even a store for all your fitness gear. Recently, Cassey launched an app that became the #1 free app in the iTunes Fitness &Health section overnight. So, if you're looking for inspiration on how to brand yourself or grow your social networks, as a PR firm or a journalist, it may be worthwhile to take a page out of Cassey's book.

Here's our Q and A with Cassey to help journalists and PR professionals alike better brand themselves on YouTube and beyond. Maybe you'll be able to wrangle over 90,000 Twitter followers too.

Muck Rack: What are some tips you would give a journalist or PR company on improving their YouTube presence?

Cassey Ho: Be personal and be genuine! For me, it is so easy to see right through the eyes of the person talking to me on YouTube. I don't know what it is exactly, but someone who is just trying to sell me something totally turns me off. People who want to give or teach hold my attention. 

MR: What do you think is the biggest challenge in creating good YouTube content, fitness related or not?

Ho: Consistency and creativity! I put up a 2 videos a week which is pretty tough. A workout video for Motivational Monday and a Cheap Clean Eats cooking video on Thursday. Coming up with new recipes and new workout ideas weekly challenges me creatively. So far I've been able to do it without repeating anything! 

MR: Why did you personally decide to create an app?

Ho: My POPsters (Blogilates fans) have been asking for an app for a LONG time and it was the next step that I needed to take to further connect the Blogilates community closer together. Everyone's doing the workouts mobile now. They take me with them to the gym. So why not support an on-the-go healthy lifestyle with workouts and recipes you can take with you anywhere? In addition, I also designed an Instagram-like forum called the "POPstergram" that allows the fans to post their food logs, top music playlists, progress photos etc. for everyone to be motivated by. It's a great way for everyone to check-in and stay accountable amongst their fellow workout buddies.

MR: What have you learned from creating an app? What would you maybe do differently next time? 

Ho: I was so excited to tell my fans that the new app was live that I made a HUGE YouTube video and many social media blasts without going through a live testing period. BIG MISTAKE. We found so many bugs that did not occur during the internal testing period. This made me get more low ratings than I wanted, but because of my strong following and the other awesome features of the app, it got to #1 in Health and Fitness. 
MR: What's your favorite social media tool? Why?

Ho: Currently I am addicted to Instagram though I wish it would link. Obviously YouTube is my favorite because my whole career is based on it! 


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