Here’s what you missed on the Shorty Awards red carpet

Apr 5, 2014
Here’s what you missed on the Shorty Awards red carpet

Monday night was social media’s biggest night. And if you missed the Shorty Awards, you missed social media celebs, big screen celebs, journalists, entrepreneurs, industry professionals, great food (shout out to the Cupcake Guy who baked cupcakes for the show and took home a Shorty), hard partiers, lots of selfies, Will Ferrell, Jerry Seinfeld, great music, tech tips from Silicon Valley’s Thomas Middleditch, drinks and entertainment.

Muck Rack sponsored the Shorty Award for social media’s best #journalist. Congratulations to Sarah Jones who won and would not let her Shorty out of her sight after the show!

The Shorty Awards red carpet was everything you would expect it to be: chaotic, entertaining, stressful and fun. It was my first time managing one (with a great team) and I walked away with a new experience and a lot of lessons learned.

1. The best moments are unplanned, so be flexible. Especially when dealing with social media celebs, be prepared for them to go somewhat crazy. And be prepared to let it happen. Our photographers got some of the best shots when people were just being themselves on the red carpet, and if I ushered them away, we wouldn’t have captured some of the best moments of the night.

2. Don’t micromanage. Have a general sense of timing and what should be happening, but don’t try to micromanage everything that’s happening. You’ll get flustered and frustrated and you’ll lose sight of the big picture.

3. Constant communication. I can’t stress this enough. You’re problem-solving on the spot, with a limited amount of time to make a decision. Everyone on the team needs to know what’s going on, when something is changing and it needs to be communicated clearly. The last thing you want is to be caught off guard by your own team.

4. Press: please don’t try to reorganize the red carpet yourselves. And PR pros: Don’t let them. One of the more interesting moments of the evening.  

5. Learn to talk and listen at the same time. There will be a million things happening at once. Many people will ask you questions at the same time that they expect you to answer. Everyone will want something. You have to learn how to listen and respond, and at the same time, listen while responding. It’s helpful in crazy situations.  

6. Have fun. Seriously. It’s stressful, but in retrospect, it’s a fun experience. Try to enjoy it when you can and interact with your team and the press/PR pros.  And most importantly, make sure you learn something from each new experience.  

Check out all the winners here and photos from the red carpet, ceremony and after party here.

And if you didn’t attend, you won’t want to miss out again next year!

Julia Sahin is a Public Relations and Corporate Communications graduate student at NYU graduating in May. She is a communications freelancer and a monthly contributor to Muck Rack. She plans on doing big things. 

Photo: Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for Shorty Awards

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