The best of Muck Rack: 9 posts on working with the media

Oct 16, 2014
The best of Muck Rack: 9 posts on working with the media

Here at Muck Rack, we've been publishing useful content for PR professionals and journalists for years.

With 40+ individual contributors and more than 100 posts to the Muck Rack blog just in the past year, we've got a lot of great posts to share on topics that impact those who work in the communications industry like media relations, social media, content marketing, journalism and more.

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In our newest feature, "The Best of Muck Rack," we'll share some of our favorite Muck Rack posts around a certain topic.

Today, let's take a look at Muck Rack's best posts about: working with the media.

A 10-step action plan for winning over reporters by Julia Sahin: "Since reading and writing for the blog (Muck Rack) that helps foster journalist/PR pro relationships, I’ve decided to put everything that I’ve read and written to the test. Here’s a 10-step action plan for winning over reporters."

Think like a reporter by Kathryn Conda: "While professionals on both sides of the PR/media fence like to joke about the “dark side,” I often find myself empathizing with my media counterparts as they tick off the same exact 'do’s and don’ts' to PR pros at media panels and events."

The 10 commandments of pitching by Austin Cross"The Newsgods have bestowed upon me these 10 commandments of pitching, which I now share with you. Heed these things and you will prosper!"

Don't ditch my pitch: 5 ways to get a 'yes' from an editor by Alicia Lawrence"There are a number of ways to increase your chance of getting a positive response. Here are five tips to help get bloggers and journalists to say yes to your pitch."

Why journalists don't respond to your emails by Andy Paras"We don’t dislike you. Some of our best friends–and former colleagues–are in PR. We know your job comes with its own set of challenges and deadlines and we really do appreciate it when you make our job easier because it’s definitely better than trying to go around you."

Before you hit send- a press release checklist by Amanda Kane: "It’s easy to get so excited about your company or client’s latest news announcement, but the eagerness to get news out quickly has to be balanced with a commitment to accuracy. Here are a few things to keep in mind before sending your next press release."

How to avoid being labeled a PR spammer by Adrienne Erin: "Every day, without fail, dozens of press releases land in the inboxes of bloggers and journalists, sent by PR professionals trying to spread the word about the new services, special deals, fresh content or other things their companies or clients are hoping to gain coverage for. And every day, without fail, most of those pitches end up in the trash. "

I won't respond to your pitch if... by Austin Cross: "There’s a better way for publicists to get their calls taken, emails read and guests booked. Much of their success comes down to having two important tools: the right guest and a personal approach. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done, as is evident by my packed inbox. So today I’m going to break it down--journos, feel free to add on."

The tables have turned! How journalists can avoid spammy pitches by Julia Sahin: "Want to know how you can decrease the amount of bad pitches you get (and in turn, decrease the amount of emails you have to delete)? Here are some tips."

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