2014 Year-End Social Journalism Report

Dec 29, 2014

In continuing with our previous year-end data reports, the Muck Rack team has once again analyzed the world of social media journalism to see how media outlets and individual journalists stack up against one another as we ring in the new year.

Muck Rack's community of journalists has grown to more than 30,000 spread throughout the world. For our 2014 year-end update, we analyzed these journalists, their organizations and how some of the newest members of the social journalism community have engaged audiences worldwide. 

The most followed broadcast journalists on Twitter

This list probably won't surprise you as little has changed since our last update; the best way for a journalist to get millions of followers is still to get some serious airtime. There are a few noteworthy additions to the list this year, however, as two broadcasters from India have broken into our Top 10 for the first time. 

TV Journalists with the most followers on twitter

  1. Anderson Cooper: 5,421,631
  2. Adam Schefter: 3,301,558
  3. Rachel Maddow: 3,057,502
  4. Larry King: 2,528,585
  5. Chris Hardwick: 2,463,621
  6. Erin Andrews: 2,435,580
  7. George Stephanopoulos: 2,017,927
  8. Dr. Sanjay Gupta: 1,908,625
  9. Rajdeep Sardesai: 1,801,817
  10. Barkha Dutt: 1,751,511


The most followed non-broadcast journalists on Twitter

Taking a cue from a reader's suggestion, we decided to separate broadcast and non-broadcast journalists this year to give those who live primarily by the pen the attention they deserve. Nate Silver made our list for the first time, keeping in tune with Twitter's love for sports analysts. 

Print/Online journalists with the most followers on Twitter

  1. Bill Simmons: 3,156,852
  2. Arianna Huffington: 1,705,803
  3. David Pogue: 1,534,932
  4. Nicholas Kristof: 1,532,780
  5. Peter King: 1,405,442
  6. John Dickerson: 1,357,540
  7. Ana Marie Cox: 1,305,112
  8. Paul Krugman: 1,279,985
  9. Nate Silver: 1,100,148
  10. Kara Swisher: 995,281



Media outlets with the most journalists on Twitter

The Associated Press has overtaken The New York Times as the media outlet with the most journalists on Twitter by adding an unprecedented 348 affilliated tweeting journalists to its roster in just one year.  CNN also made significant additions to its team, growing by 75% in 2014. 

Media outlets with the most journalists on twitter

  1. Associated Press: 841
  2. New York Times: 557
  3. Wall Street Journal: 540
  4. Reuters: 520
  5. Bloomberg News: 508
  6. CNN: 427
  7. BBC: 362
  8. LA Times: 333
  9. Guardian: 329
  10. CTV: 303



Media outlets with the most collective followers

We added up all of the followers of all of the journalists at each media outlet (excluding the following of the media outlets' brand accounts like @CNN). CNN held the top spot despite losing a sizeable group of followers with the departure of Piers Morgan from the network. Yahoo! News' reach increased significantly with the addition of Katie Couric, but BBC grew the most among any of our Top 10 most followed outlets by gaining followers across the board rather than adding any single journalist. 

  1. CNN: 20,199,433
  2. ESPN: 12,726,213
  3. New York Times: 12,290,015
  4. ABC News: 8,519,992
  5. Guardian: 7,040,465
  6. BBC: 6,815,605
  7. MSNBC: 6,804,372
  8. Fox News: 6,746,574
  9. NBC News: 5,953,356
  10. Yahoo! News: 5,639,255



Most followed journalists who created their account in 2014

When it comes to having a large following, it's no secret that it helps to have been on Twitter for a while. So we'd like to give a special shout-out to the journalists who've joined Twitter this year and have quickly built an audience. Ta-Nehisi Coates, a national correspondant at The Atlantic, took this one by a landslide, gaining almost ten times as many followers in 2014 as the next closest journalist, Orla Guerin (BBC). Koran Addo of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch was able to quickly build a following thanks to his insightful on-the-ground coverage of #Ferguson. 

Most follower journalists who joined Twitter in 2014

  1. Ta-Nehisi Coates: 96,962
  2. Orla Guerin: 9,923
  3. Gideon Levy: 8,777
  4. Greg McArthur: 2,098
  5. Koran Addo: 2,025
  6. Regina Kenney: 1,967
  7. Steve Capus: 1,937
  8. Dave Scwhartz: 1,925
  9. Sandy Hendry: 1,818
  10. Chioma Nnadi: 1,650


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We'd like to thank Sree Sreenivasan who had the original idea to analyze this data in his CNET column, and Joe Geoghan from the Muck Rack team who worked on this project.

Note: In our original post we listed Adam Schefter as a non-broadcast journalist. He has been moved to the broadcast list. While some other members of the non-broadcast list do appear on broadcast media, we consider their primary occupation to be in non-broadcast journalism.

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