The official list of journalists not going to SXSW 2015

Mar 05, 2015

Well, March is finally upon us. 

The legendary South By Southwest is only one week away. As the tents are raised, congregrations of marketers, PR people, musicians and taco lovers make their way south to the capital of keeping it weird (Austin, Texas). While there will certainly be a few journalists making the trip, many will not. 

Without further ado, here's your list of journalists that will not be attending SXSW (i.e. probably not a good idea to repeatedly invite them to your party):


Brenna Ehrlich, MTV News

Everyone else not going to SXSW, wanna get aggressively drunk and then stand in the middle of Bedford and push each other?

— B®enn▲ €h®lich ⚓ (@BrennaEhrlich) February 26, 2015

As far as I know, I'm not going to SXSW, publicists, but if you want to bring beer and BBQ to my house and leave them outside my door, mmk.

— B®enn▲ €h®lich ⚓ (@BrennaEhrlich) February 26, 2015


Lars Gotrich, NPR

I'm not going to SXSW, but my colleagues are wondering about metal shows. Looks like slim pickens. Anything I'm missing or is unannounced?

— Lars Gotrich (@totalvibration) February 26, 2015


Rachel Rodriguez, CNN

Actual conversation: @SariZeidler: You going to SXSW party on Thurs? Me: No I'll be at Parliament. #lovelondon #spoiledforchoice

— Rachel Rodriguez (@rayrod) January 26, 2015


Matt Rosoff, Business Insider

I'm not going to SXSW, thanks.

— Matt Rosoff (@MattRosoff) March 4, 2015


James Temple, Re/code

Reply All: I'm not going to SXSW.

— James Temple (@jtemple) March 4, 2015


Neal Ungerleider, Fast Company

Publicists - Friendly heads up that I won't be at SXSW this year. Thank you.

— Neal Ungerleider (@nealunger) February 26, 2015


Charlie Warzel, BuzzFeed

i won't be at sxsw but I'm getting invites to parties that literally don't say who/what the party is for

— Charlie Warzel (@cwarzel) March 2, 2015


Patrick Coffee, Mediabistro

This is the money I will not be spending when I don't attend SXSW cc @Rob_Shap

— Patrick Coffee (@PatrickCoffee) March 5, 2015


Jess Hullinger, Freelance

ME. No more emails plz! RT @Rob_Shap: Just dropped the official list of journalists not going to #SXSW on @MuckRack

— Jessica Hullinger (@JessHullinger) March 5, 2015


Peter Sterne, Capital New York

@Rob_Shap @MuckRack Hi Rob, I’m also not going to SXSW this year!

— Peter Sterne (@petersterne) March 5, 2015


Chris Rauber, San Francisco Business Times

@Rob_Shap @jtemple You can add me to that list, Rob. They keep me chained to my desk. @jtemple can vouch for that.

— Chris Rauber (@SFBTchris) March 5, 2015


Rachel King, ZDNet

FYI, just like #MWC, I’m not going to #SXSW2015. (I’m not bitter.)

— Rachel King (@rachelking) March 5, 2015


Elise Hu, NPR

For the publicists emailing re: whether I'm attending SXSW, no I'm not going to make it bc I moved to Seoul. Will miss all the tacos...

— Elise Hu (@elisewho) March 5, 2015


Alex Wilhelm, TechCrunch

I demand to be added to this list

— Alex (@alex) March 5, 2015


Ed Bott, ZDNet

I'm continuing my unbroken 20-year string of not going to #sxsw @Rob_Shap @rachelking

— Ed Bott (@edbott) March 5, 2015


Zack Whittaker, Freelance

Me? SXSW? No.

— Zack Whittaker (@zackwhittaker) March 6, 2015


John Paul Titlow, Fast Company

@Rob_Shap Samesies.

— John Paul Titlow (@johnpaul) March 6, 2015


Nisha Chittal, MSNBC

I am not going to SXSW, but thanks for all the party invites, PR people

— Nisha Chittal (@NishaChittal) March 6, 2015


Alex McDaniel,

Me too. : ( RT @muckrack: The official list of journalists not going to #SXSW2015 via @Rob_Shap

— Alex McDaniel (@AlexMcDaniel) March 6, 2015


Erin Street, Southern Living

Count this journalist out too. RT @muckrack: The official list of journalists not going to #SXSW2015 via @Rob_Shap

— erinshawstreet (@erinshawstreet) March 6, 2015


Elizabeth Lowder,

@Rob_Shap won't be at #SXSW this year because news will still happen in Alabama, and someone's gotta be here for that.

— e(liz)abeth•lowder (@getlowder) March 6, 2015


Carla Jean Whitley,

I don't wanna hear it! #envy RT @muckrack "The official list of journalists not going to #SXSW2015 via @Rob_Shap  …"

— Carla Jean Whitley (@inkstainedlife) March 6, 2015


Peter Bright, Ars Technica

I'm not going to SXSW, but please, continue shitting up my inbox with your fucking pitches.

— Peter Bright (@DrPizza) March 6, 2015


Tim Donnelly, New York Post

I'm not going to #SXSW this year again but I will listen to indie music in a local mcdonalds if you want to pitch me stories about that

— Tim Donnelly (@timdonnelly) March 6, 2015


Peggy Heinkel-Wolfe, Denton Record Chronicle

Add me to list of journalists not going to @sxsw. Because Denton. @muckrack

— Peggy Heinkel-Wolfe (@phwolfeDRC) March 6, 2015


Roberto Baldwin, The Next Web

I signed up for SXSW, but now I’m not going. Thankfully all these pitches make me feel like I’m there already.

— Roberto Baldwin (@strngwys) March 6, 2015


Chris Gayomali, Fast Company

•*´¨`*•.¸¸.•*´¨`*•.¸¸.• Not going to SXSW •*´¨`*•.¸¸.•*´¨`*•.¸¸.•*

— Chris Gayomali (@chrisgayomali) March 9, 2015


Alison Fensterstock, Noew Orleans Times-Picayune

I feel more relaxed by the fact that I'm skipping SXSW than I do from going to a spa last week.

— Alison Fensterstock (@AlisonF_NOLA) March 11, 2015

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