The best of Muck Rack: 8 popular posts written by journalists

Mar 24, 2015
The best of Muck Rack: 8 popular posts written by journalists

Here at Muck Rack, we've been publishing useful content for PR professionals and journalists for years.

With 40+ individual contributors and more than 100 posts to the Muck Rack blog just in the past year, we've got a lot of great posts to share on topics that impact those who work in the communications industry like media relations, social media, content marketing, journalism and more.

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In our newest feature, "The Best of Muck Rack," we'll share some of our favorite Muck Rack posts around a certain topic.

Today, let's take a look at Muck Rack's most popular posts written by journalists.

Newspaper reporters aren't endangered, they're evolving by Andy Paras: "What do blue whales, mountain gorillas and newspaper reporters all have in common? They are all endangered species struggling against drastic changes in their environment, according to a new report. A jobs website called CareerCast recently put ‘newspaper reporters’ on its list of Most Endangered Jobs in 2014, alongside postal workers and lumberjacks."

The 10 commandments of pitching by Austin Cross"The Newsgods have bestowed upon me these 10 commandments of pitching, which I now share with you. Heed these things and you will prosper!"

Five ways to help us (journalists) help you (PR pros) by Sierra Shafer: "Often times, we drive each other crazy, and it can be hard not to take it personally. But many journalists have positive, working relationships with people in PR and we rely on each other to do our jobs well. If we work to understand each other, this can become the norm."

5 ways journalists actually use Twitter to source stories by Grant Marek: "I have FIFTEEN active columns on TweetDeck. At any one time I have a DOZEN Twitter app push alerts on my locked phone. I probably spend more time crawling through Twitter day-to-day than I do watching TMNT trailers and I spend a LOT of time watching those. So what the hell am I doing and how do I source stories without even tweeting all that much?"

The 10 cats who are getting tired of bad pitches from PR pros by Austin Cross: "Having tackled similar gaffes for Muck Rack before, I believe that the time is ripe for another look at some of the biggest blunders that I have witnessed in the past few months, but this time ... with cats."

The accidental journalist: how a lawyer inadvertently blogged his way into a journalism career by Jonathan Handel: "Some say blogging will be the end of journalism. Maybe – but for me, at least, it was also the beginning."

Why one journalist is grateful for PR pros by Rebecca Isenhart: "Let’s all of us in the news business remember to say “thanks” to the media professionals who have more in common with us than we’d sometimes like to admit. Here are seven reasons to thank PR pros."

Why journalists don't respond to your emails by Andy Paras"We don’t dislike you. Some of our best friends–and former colleagues–are in PR. We know your job comes with its own set of challenges and deadlines and we really do appreciate it when you make our job easier because it’s definitely better than trying to go around you."

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