Using social media analytics in PR

May 12, 2015
Using social media analytics in PR

PR has been notoriously difficult to measure, but as new technologies and platforms emerge it is becoming easier to quantify. And while it is no doubt still a profession that takes creative thinking, analytics have become more robust and easily accessible, allowing for more actionable insights and the ability to shape strategy and measure ROI. I recently caught up with Ariella Steinreich where we talked about measuring PR and how she uses social media analytics to deliver results for her clients.

Muck Rack: Which social media measurements do you consider to be the biggest markers of success?
Ariella Steinreich: We believe that the biggest measurement of success is engagement. It isn’t just about having thousands of followers but it’s about how those followers engage with a brand on social media.
MR: Content is created with the expectation to drive engagement. How do you incorporate stats like social media shares into your campaigns?
AS: We use social media analytics to analyze which social media platforms our clients should be focusing on and the type of content. For example, if we see that a client’s videos tend to get tons of views on Facebook then we work with them to develop additional video content for their Facebook audience. For another client, we saw that they get a lot of positive engagement on Twitter and recommended that they do a TweetChat to allow followers to participate in a real-time conversation.

MR: Which social networks do you include in reports to your clients?
AS: In late 2014, we developed an offering called “The Steinreich Communications’ Social Media Report Card” which we prepare for clients showing them the engagement they are getting across Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, StumbleUpon, Pinterest and Instagram. These report cards are customized for each client depending on which platforms they are focusing on. We’ve received a fantastic response from our clients across our global network and they often use the insights from the report card with their stakeholders.

MR: How can teams use social media analytics to leverage traditional media efforts?
AS: Our teams are all focused on the integration between traditional and social media and so when we share traditional media coverage with our clients, we also prepare a “Social Media Report Card” to show the clients how far and wide that article was shared via social media channels.

MR: Sponsored content/ native advertising is a hot topic in the media industry, is it making its way to the social media arena too?
AS: Absolutely. As the media landscape continues to evolve so do the sponsored content opportunities. We are working with some of our clients and media companies to develop sponsored TweetChats and Google Hangouts. For others, we are working on video blog series. The opportunities are endless and as new platforms pop up, new sponsored opportunities do as well.

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