Just launched: new Coverage Reports

Jul 27, 2015

Muck Rack’s Coverage Report tool makes it easy to collect press hits in one place and show the results of your PR campaigns.  Our newest Enterprise feature will not only save your team hours of copying and pasting, but they’ll allow you to incorporate new data from social media and elsewhere to show the impact of your work.

More data

If you’ve used Muck Rack’s Who Shared My Link tool, you know how beneficial it is to understand where content is shared and which journalists are most engaged with it. Now you can avoid running multiple Who Shared My Link reports and instantly evaluate how articles perform on social media in bulk. You can even sort articles by total shares or shares on an individual network to drive strategy and develop an understanding of where your PR efforts resonate most.

Expanded analysis

Comparing press campaigns has never been easy – until now. We built this tool to give you more flexibility as you’re evaluating your past campaigns and setting strategy for the next. Every coverage report is now complete with a section that totals the metrics for each article so you can quickly understand how effective your overall campaign has been. You’ll also discover which social networks are driving the most results, making campaign and client reporting as efficient as possible.

Combine article information and social data

Muck Rack now allows you to view article information, social media share data and traffic estimates about your press hits in one place, so you and your colleagues can find the most relevant metrics to evaluate multiple articles in seconds.

For every article you add to your Coverage Report, Muck Rack will show details about its author, outlet, total social shares, estimated outlet unique visitors per month (UVM), journalist shares and journalist reach. You can also analyze social share data for each article, so you can quickly identify which articles perform best on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, StumbleUpon and Pinterest.

Automatically add articles based on keywords

Even Johannes Gutenberg would be shocked at how much content is produced every day nowadays. With so much press happening so quickly, manually tracking press hits is even more difficult than ever (and it was never fun). Muck Rack will alert you when your brand or keyword is mentioned and automatically compile press clips into comprehensive reports. This will save you hours and ensure you don’t miss anything.  

Instant reports you can use to build charts, graphs and presentations

Today’s media environment demands instant reporting. We’ve rebuilt the report downloading feature within Coverage Reports to export the data necessary for you to make charts, graphs and decisions in a matter of seconds, not hours.

We have even more exciting updates in store soon too. If you have any feedback on Muck Rack, or features you would like to see, feel free to send them to hello@muckrack.com, comment below, or send us a message via the in-app messenger in Muck Rack.

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