The best of Muck Rack: 5 more popular posts written for journalists

Oct 25, 2016
The best of Muck Rack: 5 more popular posts written for journalists

Here at Muck Rack, we've been publishing useful content for PR professionals and journalists for years.

With 50+ individual contributors and more than 100 posts to the Muck Rack blog just in the past year, we've got a lot of great posts to share on topics that impact those who work in the communications industry like media relations, social media, content marketing, journalism and more.

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In our feature "The Best of Muck Rack," we'll share some of our favorite Muck Rack posts around a certain topic. See past Best of Muck Rack posts:

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Last week, we brought you five popular posts written for journalists. Today, let's take a look at five more popular Muck Rack posts written for journalists.

The “Blah Blah Blah” behind AP Style and the language of disabilities by Tim O'Brien: "The AP Stylebook has already done the heavy lifting on how we should characterize people with disabilities in our writing. While some may or may not adhere to the style guide on this, it is good to know the thinking behind the writing style on this issue and why it should matter."

Back to school: continuing education for journalists by Cherise Henry: "Just when you thought you were all done with late-night studying, college papers, endless exams and final theses, some journalist is telling you to get back into the classroom. “But I’m an experienced journalist,” you say. Or “I’m already an expert in XYZ, why do I need to take a class?” I’ll tell you why."

Five AP stylebook rules media writers should ignore by Kenna Griffin"Despite what some may think, not all changes or rules are good. In fact, there are some AP Style rules that writers choose to shun. Here are five Stylebook rules professional writers should ignore on purpose."

What every journalist can learn from Ernest Hemingway by Andrew Howe: "It is a world-known fact that learning from gurus is important, so every journalist can make the most out of Hemingway's writing career to find out some actionable tips and pieces of advice."

Better ways for PR pros & journalists to make the most of HARO by Tim O'Brien"While it is still understood there are no guarantees (that never changes), it’s a better basis for clients to decide how to invest their time and energies doing research or preparation. Here are a few tips for public relations professionals and journalists to help ensure both are getting the most out of their HARO relationship."

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