7 ways to wow your boss when you work in PR

Aug 08, 2017
7 ways to wow your boss when you work in PR

Among other PR professionals, it’s sometimes hard to stand out.

Essentially, everyone does the same type of work: counseling clients, media relations, social media activations, developing owned content, crisis management.

You’ll earn recognition for doing quality work, but it’s how you do your job that builds credibility among coworkers, develops trust with clients, allows you to grow your skills, enables you to move up in the company, and really wow’s your boss.  

Here are a few ways to do just that.

1. Be an extraordinary team player

When people work together and break down silos within teams and across departments, building a company’s reputation is easier and the work becomes smarter. Teamwork also creates an environment of encouragement and courage to take risks, which almost always catches a manager’s attention. But it all starts with individuals’ willingness to come together.

2. Do a little something extra for your colleagues

The speed with which media, digital, and communications changes means learning is critical to staying ahead. I’m lucky to work at a firm that really values knowledge-sharing and it makes an impact on our industry knowledge and expertise.

Sharing what you’ve learned, an opportunity you’ve secured, or an interesting event to attend demonstrates that you care about your colleagues and your boss will see that.  

3. Push yourself to overcome challenges

Getting out of your comfort zone is so….uncomfortable.

But challenges force you to step into the unknown and really think strategically. When you come out victorious, you’ll find that you’ve grown as a professional, expanded your skills, and earned valuable experience for future scenarios. Grit is a characteristic that’s valued by leaders and earns you gold stars along the way.

4. Trust your instincts

How often do you find yourself asking your managers questions when you likely know the answer? I’ve been guilty of relying on my managers too much and I still see it happen now that I’m in a higher position.

It’s important to trust your instincts when you’re confident in a decision. But also...

5. Seek counsel when facing an important decision

Something that’s undervalued is the ability to ask questions and seek counsel when you really need it. When faced with an important decision you need to take on behalf of your company or client, having the courage to gut check your proposed action is viewed very highly by leadership.

6. Think macro and connect the dots

Sometimes clients rely on outside partners to help integrate efforts where they otherwise would not have seen synergies. They find this counsel valuable and cost and energy-efficient.

From a media relations perspective, if you’re able to connect a company’s initiative or milestone to larger industry trend, it increases the chances of interest from journalists.   

7. Be a knowledgeable resource

When you position yourself as a resource and share knowledge about your areas of expertise, peers and managers will view you as a credible and a reliable team member. They’ll count on you when they’re in need of help and will bring you on to interesting and challenging projects.

What else would you add to this list?

Julia Sahin works in financial communications at one of the largest PR firms in New York and is a monthly contributor to Muck Rack. She plans on doing big things. Connect with her on Twitter. All opinions should be seen as her own and do not reflect her employer’s.

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