6 questions with Yamiche Alcindor from The New York Times

Nov 02, 2017
6 questions with Yamiche Alcindor from The New York Times

PR pros love a peek inside the minds of the journalists they pitch and work with on stories. 

Muck Rack had the opportunity to chat with Yamiche Alcindor, a reporter at The New York Times reporting on Congress, race & social justice issues.

"I feel particularly blessed to be a reporter because I feel a real sense of duty to write about the truth and to shine a light on vulnerable populations," said Alcindor. "It’s an awesome opportunity to tell stories and I’m grateful everyday."

Read on to get to know Alcindor a bit better -- we asked her six quick questions on her beat, working out of Washington D.C, fake news and the insane number of emails that hit her inbox each day.

1. Give us a brief Twitter-sized (140-character) history of your journalism career.

I started as an intern interested in civil rights journalism for The Miami Herald. I then worked for Newsday, USA Today and The NY Times.

2. You cover Congress, race & social justice issues at The New York Times -- that's a pretty big beat! Can you tell us a bit more about your day-to-day and the types of stories you're seeking and covering?

I write about how politics impacts everyday lives and how racism and inequality can permeate American institutions like courts and policing.

3. Can you point us to a recent piece you’re particularly proud of? Tell us about the process -- how did this story idea come about from pitch to publication?

I was really proud of this story: "In Sweltering South, Climate Change Is Now a Workplace Hazard."

After President Trump pulled out of the Paris Agreement, I wanted to know how poor and working class people might be impacted. That led me to Texas where I learned black and Latino neighborhoods as well as people who work outside might be the hardest hit.

4. How has the prevalence of fake news impacted you as a reporter over the past year?

I think I am more vigilant about making sure people I know personally or on social media are not spreading fake news.

It hasn’t impacted how I report or frankly how I am received much, including at Trump rallies where people generally are respectful to me.

5. What is it like working out of D.C. for an NYC-based publication? What tools do you use to communicate with your team and sources?

My direct editor also lives in D.C. but I work out of the US Capitol building so we spend a lot of time calling, emailing or messaging each other. Like in NYC, I spend a lot of time talking to some sources on the phone but others in person over coffees or dinner.

6. Walk us through your email inbox. How many emails do you get a day? Approximately how many of those are from PR pros?

My email box is overflowing with emails. I would estimate I get at least 300 a day.

I would say about a third of my email is from public relations profesionals pitching stories, a third is about breaking news and a third is my correspondence with sources and my editors.

Our thanks to Yamiche Alcindor for taking the time to chat with Muck Rack! Have a journalist you'd love to hear from? Let us know on Twitter!

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